The top 5 major pillars for how to acvivate your life beyond extraordinary

- Hey guys. Welcome to Transformation Tuesday again. Hope you guys are having a beautiful week. I'm just going to wait for a few of you to jump on tonight. And while I wait for you guys to jump on I am going to share what is tonight's topic. Tonight's topic is how to live more »

Ep #19: Understanding and increasing your conscious awareness

- Happy Tuesday, guys. Welcome to Transformation Tuesday. Tonight I'm diving deep into consciousness. If you guys are watching the replay, hello, good to have you here. If you guys are jumping on live, give me some love, give us a shout out, and I look forward to answering your questions as we get into more »

Ep #18: How to overcome your limiting beliefs

- Good evening everyone, happy Transformation Tuesday. Thanks for tuning in, tonight I'm going to dive deep into how to hack your reality. And what I'm covering tonight is one of the most powerful things that I wish I knew about when I was, as early as I possibly could have learned about, which is more »

Ep #17: How to be more productive and increase your impact

- Good evening, everyone. Welcome to Transformation Tuesday. Hope you're having a fantastic day. I'm going to be dropping deep today into impact. How do we make more impact, how do we be more productive, how do we get more shit done, how do we, how do we extract the greatest amount of productivity from more »

Ep #16: Life lessons from Burning Man (and what I actually did about it)

- Good evening. Welcome back to transformation Tuesday guys. I'm back from Burning Man. And I had an incredible eight days in the middle of the desert in Nevada, and I got some amazing stories and learnings to share with you around business, around life, around self-expression, around hacking reality, around getting the most out more »

Ep #15: Secrets to developing emotional mastery

- Hey guys welcome to Transformation Tuesday. It's Chris Action Jackson coming to you. I love that, Chris Action Jackson. I trust you guys are having a great evening. And I've just been having some incredible conversations today with clients about some of the biggest challenges that they're having in business and in life. And more »

Ep #14: Secrets to developing emotional mastery

- Good evening guys, happy transformation Tuesday. Chris Jackson here coming to you live, if you guys are watching the replay, hello. If you guys are coming to me live right now, appreciate your comments, give me some love, say hello. Tonight I'm going to diving deep into emotional mastery, Hey May, how you doing more »

Ep #13: How to overcome the fear of public speaking

- Happy Transformation Tuesday, guys. How are you? Tonight I'm going to dive deep into some of the major obstacles to progress and this is going to be powerful because pretty much any problem that we have in life, we can distil it down to two major categories and then within those categories we can more »

Ep #12: How to realign and enter a ‘Flow’ state

- Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Happy transformation Tuesday. Hope you guys are doing well. I've had an awesome day today. I've got a big week coming up between now and this weekend where I'm delivering a two day transformation workshop. So for those of you guys that coming to that event in Melbourne, I'm more »

Ep #11: Secrets to Developing Emotional Mastery

- Good evening guys. Happy Tuesday. Happy Transformation Tuesday. Welcome back. Let's wait for a few people to jump on. Good evening. If you're tuning in give us a shout out. Give me some love. Great to be back here for Transformation Tuesday. And for those of you joining on the replay, feel free to more »