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Based on the work of Chris Jackson, his advanced personal development training program Project Limitless has created breakthrough experiences for many individuals.

Whether you need support in the area of integrated leadership, boosting your productivity, experiencing emotional mastery or getting clear on your True Purpose around what you are here to do and express and who you want to evolve into, then this training program, along with transformational coaching, are designed to help you evolve and create the next awakening of yourself.

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Chris Jackson is a passionate, knowledgeable and driven coach and facilitator who has helped myself and our team perform at high levels of personal effectiveness. Chris has gone the extra mile to provide myself and my entire finance team at Mercedes-Benz with executive one-on-one coaching and group training help us make great business decisions. Chris is supportive, empathetic and enthusiastic and has helped us evolve our mind set and behaviour to developing a culture of high

Peter Kendzorra
Peter Kendzorra, Chief Financial Officer, Mercedes Benz Australia

Having initially met Chris at a Tony Robbin’s event I was inspired by his passion for coaching and having an impact on the people in his life. Having worked with him since, Chris has been instrumental in enabling me and my team to get clear on our business objectives, while facilitating discussions on our core values and culture. Additionally, Chris also provided my team with the tools and techniques they can use to increase their productivity, both in work and life. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Chris, as he is extremely knowledgeable in his field and is passionate about helping his clients achieving their goals! Thanks for all your support Chris.

Shehan Alwis
Business Owner of Plan Logic


Chris Jackson