What our Clients say


"Chris, I honestly can't thank you enough for serving the room the way you did this morning in your Life Mastery workshop! What an AMAZING way to start the weekend! I feel inspired, focused and excited about my own journey and have "found my mojo" again - reconnecting with my life's purpose, and I will definitely be recommending others to come and see you. A worthwhile investment for anyone who wants a deeper level of engagement and amazing value!!:) Thank you again!!"

Amy Haggerty - Empowerment Coach, Amy Dee Coaching,

"Chris Jackson is one the most authentic business & life coaches that I have ever met. He has helped me personally grow my own business to new levels and deal with personal day to day life issues that were holding me back. Chris is helpful, understanding, listens carefully and focused on your success. I can highly recommend his services."

Andrew Caetano - Director / CEO - Think Structural, 16 May, 2017

"Chris Jackson is a passionate, knowledgeable and driven coach and facilitator who has helped myself and our team perform at high levels of personal effectiveness. Chris has gone the extra mile to provide myself and my entire finance team at Mercedes-Benz with executive one-on-one coaching and group training help us make great business decisions. Chris is supportive, empathetic and enthusiastic and has helped us evolve our mind set and behaviour to developing a culture of high performance. I have noticed important shifts in my team’s thinking and behaviour and Mercedes-Benz has every intention of utilising Chris to develop our expanding team. My team have commented on how impressed they were with how much empathy and wisdom Chris shared with them. Chris has helped me develop my leadership abilities across many areas including emotional intelligence, decision making as well as giving me self-awareness of how to better influence and create higher quality relationships with my team. All in all, I have found working with Chris extremely valuable. His expertise and guidance has given myself and my team the support we need to upgrade our performance. I would definitely recommend Chris to any individuals or businesses who want to improve their ability to achieve sustained levels of high performance, become better leaders, or who want to develop a highly engaged, inspired and high performing team"

Peter Kendzorra - Divison CFO, Mercedes Benz Australia, 21 June, 2017

"Working with Chris over the past year has completely transformed my outlook in life and in turn, I've experience really positive effects on my career! He’s shown me new effective ways of approaching time management and leadership, so that I'm getting more out of myself and feeling much more confident and empowered in my role. I’ve learnt so much about myself and human behaviour that I’d never acknowledged or appreciated before and this is particularly useful for team leadership. Chris is really brilliant at approaching situations from a completely different perspective, deconstructing my challenges and empowering me with innovative ways of thinking and problem solving. I’ve had several epic moments of realisation during our coaching journey  – it’s been  truly mind blowing! Thanks so much for helping me develop the mindset and strategies to feel truly confident and authentic in my leadership role."

Anna Start - Business Director, Geometry Global, May 25, 2016

"Before being coached by Chris I had a long standing issue that was impacting the value I placed on myself. Naturally this flowed through to many areas of my life. I was even aware of the issue and had tried many different approaches to overcome it, yet it was still there. Within minutes Chris was able to facilitate a major breakthrough for me. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I’m excited about the future this change will bring. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."

Rachel Karren, Cairns, QLD, May 25, 2016

“Chris has brought so much light in to my life and dedicated a lot of time and energy into assisting me see things more clearly, he has helped inspire me to be a better person and to follow where my heart guides me. I am forever grateful for his time, his energy and his words of wisdom.”

Hayley Grammemos, Perth, WA, May 25, 2016

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris to assess my values and investigate why I was having trouble progressing with my goals. He offered great tips to increase my productivity which really helped my progress. He also assisted me with time management and helped me prioritise my daily tasks and goals. It helped having Chris look over my shoulder and offering me guidance. He is extremely passionate about what he does and also has a really strong positive mindset, which rubbed off on me."

Luke Aram, Perth, July 12, 2016

"Having initially met Chris at a Tony Robbin’s event I was inspired by his passion for coaching and having an impact on the people in his life. Having worked with him since, Chris has been instrumental in enabling me and my team to get clear on our business objectives, while facilitating discussions on our core values and culture. Additionally, Chris also provided my team with the tools and techniques they can use to increase their productivity, both in work and life. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Chris, as he is extremely knowledgeable in his field and is passionate about helping his clients achieving their goals! Thanks for all your support Chris."

Shehan Alwis – Business Owner of Plan Logic, January 20, 2017