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Organisational Change

Transforming an organisation is often a big task. My approach to organisational change is where change can be fun, and the greatest opportunities for any Business Leader or Team are yet to be discovered. Anything is possible and in order to achieve the seemingly impossible all change starts with the leaders and people who are responsible for the results.

I work with many organisations on a wide range of objectives including;

  • Developing the Organisation Vision, Mission and Values
  • Leadership Development
  • Establishing Team Culture 
  • Optimising Business operations
  • Conflict resolution and non-violent communication
  • Enhancing communication effectiveness
  • Developing management
  • Communication Skills
  • Relationship building
  • Improving the Positioning and thinking behind winning more proposals & bids
  • Sales Process Improvements
  • Improving Team Productivity
  • Client Experience and Value Improvement
  • Finding your Unique Value Proposition & Competitive Advantage
  • Business Systems and Processes

How I Work With Businesses

I deliver a range offer face-to-face and virtual facilitated trainings such as retreats, and workshops. These trainings can be custom designed to solve your organisations biggest problems and/or achieving your most valuable goals.

I offer private 1-1 executive leadership coaching, to leadership teams and individuals to address the specific needs of the business.

I offer complete training programs that work on the objectives of the organisation that includes leadership, management, culture, business strategy, mission, values and team.

  • Half Day / Full Day / Multiple Day Facilitated Workshops & Trainings
  • Team Building Trainings and Retreats
  • Business Coaching (Hourly/Retainer)

Next Steps

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