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At Chris Jackson Coaching we are unique in how we approach your business growth.

We aren't just here to grab your money - we are here because we want to help you make more money. We are a results-based business coaching company, driving business growth through leadership and high performance. That is why we are selective in partnering with businesses, and will only work with those who we know we can help.

We will choose to work with you if we believe we can achieve phenomenal results for your business. We are so confident in the services we provide, that our payment relies on your success.

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Does your business have any of these challenges that you would like to gain control over?

  • Do you feel stuck working IN the business, rather than working ON the business?
  • Do you feel like the business can't run without you?
  • Do you feel like if you stepped away from your business, that it would cease to grow?
  • Do you feel like your business turn over is less that you believe possible?
  • Do you feel like your business is lacking quality leadership?
  • Do you feel like you are in this alone, and you need someone to lean on build & develop your team?
  • Do you feel like you lack the leadership skills to know exactly what to say to get the results you want from your team.
  • Do you feel like you never have any downtime, can't switch off from your business & constantly worry that things will go wrong?

Work with us to help your business develop:

  • Sustainable business growth strategies
  • Improvements in profitability
  • Increased sales
  • The ability to stand out from the crowd by finding your point of difference, then amplifying and leveraging off this.
  • Increased personal effectiveness and productivity
  • Empowerment for your team with increased performance leadership capabilities
  • Empowerment for your team to self lead

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I approached Chris Jackson because I have long been interested in learning more about NLP and because I was drawn to his style of delivering quality information. Chris helped me by breaking complex information down into easy to understand segments, that became very practical to apply. The result was that I was able to immediately use my NLP training to transform areas of my own life as well as the lives of my coaching clients. A few things I liked was his attention to detail, and his passion for the subject and developing others to live their best lives. I found the experience to be transformational, inspiring and of significant value. I would recommend Chris and his training to anyone looking to develop themselves in any area of their life or business, but especially professional coaches looking for an extra tool to maximise their results with clients. Thank you Chris! You're awesome.

Matt Brown

Success Coach

"Chris Jackson is a passionate, knowledgeable and driven coach and facilitator who has helped myself and our team perform at high levels of personal effectiveness. Chris has gone the extra mile to provide myself and my entire finance team at Mercedes-Benz with executive one-on-one coaching and group training help us make great business decisions. Chris is supportive, empathetic and enthusiastic and has helped us evolve our mind set and behaviour to developing a culture of high performance..."

Peter Kendzorra

Peter Kendzorra, Chief Financial Officer, Mercedes Benz Australia

Chris Jackson is one the most authentic business & life coaches that I have ever met. He has helped me personally grow my own business to new levels and deal with personal day to day life issues that were holding me back. Chris is helpful, understanding, listens carefully and focused on your success. I can highly recommend his services.

Andrew Caetano

Andrew Caetano - Director / CEO - Think Structural

"Working with Chris over the past year has completely transformed my outlook in life and in turn, I've experience really positive effects on my career! He’s shown me new effective ways of approaching time management and leadership, so that I'm getting more out of myself and feeling much more confident and empowered in my role. I’ve learnt so much about myself and human behaviour that I’d never acknowledged or appreciated before and this is particularly useful for team leadership...

Anna Start

Anna Start, Business Director, Geometry Global

Having initially met Chris at a Tony Robbin’s event I was inspired by his passion for coaching and having an impact on the people in his life. Having worked with him since, Chris has been instrumental in enabling me and my team to get clear on our business objectives, while facilitating discussions on our core values and culture. Additionally, Chris also provided my team with the tools and techniques they can use to increase their productivity, both in work and life. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Chris, as he is extremely knowledgeable in his field and is passionate about helping his clients achieving their goals! Thanks for all your support Chris.

Shehan Alwis

Business Owner of Plan Logic