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Life Philosophy Statement


A “Life Philosophy Statement” is a statement written mostly in the present tense which summarises what your life is about. It encompasses a series of statements including your mission statement, your vision statement, your values, the virtues you hold dear, your attitude to life, your sense of identity, your ideal self, ideal personality, ideal characteristics, favourite quotes about life and beliefs about what life means for you. It represents your philosophy for how you wish to live and who you aspire to become. It is how you want to show up in life and what life is really about for you. 

This is the ultimate affirmation that helps transform your sense of certainty about who you are and the aspirations for who you wish to become. This is the ultimate addition to supercharge your morning ritual affirmations. And just like bathing it is recommended daily. Start developing your Life Philosophy Statement and notice the powerful transformation this has on your life.

Here is my Life Philosophy Statement as an example:

Thank you! I am so grateful for this new day! I love being me!

I am grateful for my passion, and my vitality.

I’m grateful for an abundance of opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive in life.

I’m grateful to be able to be supportive, loving, kind, to myself and the people I cherish in my life.

My purpose is to share happiness, positivity and be a supportive role model.

My mission is to become the best version of myself, and also be perfectly imperfect.

My family are my best friends, my team mates, my support network and I have a responsibility to support, nurture and love them unconditionally.

I am eternally grateful for my friends, my family and all the amazing relationships I have now and those I am yet to experience.

My mission is to make a massive positive difference in this world.

My philosophy for living is to never settle for mediocrity and always strive to do my absolute best.

I am courageously living my dream.

Life is the most precious gift and I will get the most out of every second.

Life will keep testing me and teaching me how to become the person I was always meant to be.

Life is working for me, constantly conspiring in my favour and giving me what I need even when it sometimes hard to understand how.

Life will keep teaching me lessons until I actually learn from them.

I choose to respond deliberately and consciously to life.

I live life powerfully on my terms.

I always seek to understand first, then seek to be understood.

My focus for living is to work on myself first to then responsibly and sustainably give more to others.

I always continue to develop myself awareness and seek the truth.

I always focus on developing my strengths and weaknesses so that I can achieve self-mastery.

I act with kindness, and compassion.

I challenge the status quo and do the right thing always.

I act as if the whole world is taking its lead from me.

I am a force for good, I am a role model and I lead from the front by example.

I am a massive action taker that walks my talk, anticipates, and acts with intelligence.

I hold myself accountable to standards of excellence and constand and never ending improvement.

I never give up!

I am my own best friend, I am doing the best I can, and I am proud of the person I am.

I am excited about the person I am yet to become.

I always believe in myself to handle whatever life throws at me.

When I get knocked down I will jump back up and keep fighting.

I am humble when I shine, and celebrate and champion the achievement of others.

Life is not a dress rehearsal this is the real deal!

Life is too short to live a quiet life of desperation!

When the time comes to leave this earth I will be saying I gave it my very best shot and I wouldn’t change a thing!

This life is magical, special, awe inspiring and the most beautiful experience I could ever hope for. The full spectrum of human thoughts, emotions and experiences is what makes life special.

Life is like a rollercoaster, an awesome adventure, a great mystery, and life can only be understood looking backwards, but must be lived forwards.

I trust in the journey ahead of me, and have faith in my own ability and where this life will lead me.

Life is Perfectly imperfect, and life is unfolding exactly the way it was always supposed to.

I was the one who chose to live this life long before I was born.

I am the universe seeing itself through the experience of human form. I am participating in and creating the ultimate virtual reality experience of life.

When this life is all said and done I will be able to say I lived a life of passion, love and purpose.

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