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Do you believe your future is mostly within your internal influence to create a life on your terms?

Do you believe that your future is beyond your control and determined mostly by things external to yourself?

Do you experience your future mostly through the feelings anxiety, stress, or worry?


Do you experience your future from a place of excitement, creativity and hope?

Don’t feel bad if you’re not always positive about the future. It is easy for the future seem scary sometimes. But the truth is that the FUTURE is neither scary,


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The beautiful and yet humbling truth about life is that there is more knowledge that exists in the universe than could ever be known in a single human life. The challenge with being human is that we don’t know what we don’t know. And what we don’t know is VAST!

‘OMNISCIENT’ means having ‘complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness, or understanding; perceiving all things’

Humans by definition are NOT OMNISCIENT.  The fact that we are NOT OMNISCIENT, means we are IGNORANT. That is true for all humans! Myself included.

I do not

The Great Coronavirus Awakening of 2020

What a strange last few weeks it’s been in the world!!!

We’ve had…

MASS HYSTERIA fuelled by antagonizing news reports of armageddon…

People stockpiling tinned food like we were among the world’s worst famine…

People stealing hand sanitizer like it’s the secret elixir to life…

When you see fistfights in the supermarket over toilet roll (and it has nothing to do with eating the hottest curry on the planet) society gets to see an unavoidable reflection in the mirror.

This all makes me laugh!

Realise, there is nothing wrong with this picture.

It’s just a REFLECTION of where


The universal purpose of this life is to

seek to live in alignment with our true self
honour our desires and live in accordance with who we truly are at our core
authentically honour our sovereignty
be the authentic expression of our spirit
live out our own unique individual purpose

This purpose is a universal truth meaning it is the same for all people. Your purpose in this life as a human is to honour your sovereignty and be the most authentic expression of self. Living your authentic expression means where you are aligned and connected

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My Best Year Yet

Not that many years ago, I used to be an atheist. I also used to diminish and scoff at concepts like our “Soul”, “Spirituality”, “Emotional Expression”, “Heart space”, and “Self Love”. I used to say things like “suck it up princess and just hustle, work hard, and strive to create a successful business!”

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Are you green and growing or ripe and rotting?

A “Life Philosophy Statement” is a statement written mostly in the present tense which summarises what your life is about. It encompasses a series of statements including your mission statement,