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How to transform your relationship with the future?

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Do you believe your future is mostly within your internal influence to create a life on your terms?
Do you believe that your future is beyond your control and determined mostly by things external to yourself?
Do you experience your future mostly through the feelings anxiety, stress, or worry?
Do you experience your future from a place of excitement, creativity and hope?
Don’t feel bad if you’re not always positive about the future. It is easy for the future seem scary sometimes. But the truth is that the FUTURE is neither scary, or joyful.
By definition, the future is what DOES NOT exist.
The future is pure UNREALISED potential.
The future is a conceptual imaginary power that uses the present moment to project a make-believe world that looks real. Our sense of the future is only made possible with the power of imagination that gives us access to re-negotiate how we experience the PRESENT MOMENT like a blank canvas that has the power to become our life’s masterpiece. Our choices are like brushstrokes that we can paint from the palette of infinite possibilities that await as potential in the quantum field.
Your future may appear as either a dark limited scary place, or it may appear to you as the ultimate resource for creating the life of your dreams.
How you experience the future is one of the greatest opportunities for growth.
Over the years of working as a transformational coach, mentor, trainer and facilitator; I’ve witnessed just how powerful TIMELINE shifts can be for thousands of clients.
No matter what challenges you\’ve experienced in life up until now, everything can shift in an instant for the better!
So remember, your future timeline is not set in stone.
Your future is pure creative potential that you GET to be the author of.
Your future is an ever-unfolding, fully variable series of moments, that are guided by your choices made from moment to moment.
There is no CHOICE that can ever be your undoing.
Very few choices lead to irreversible damage, most choices are like brush strokes on a canvas and they can always be touched up and remodeled.
Most artists don\’t get their masterpiece perfect on the first attempt.
And just like in life, all of our progress can be remedied and refined greatly by all remaining choices that follow. We get another choice in each and every moment that we are given.
The present moment is abundant in its own nature because each passing moment comes with another possible choice.
When I left my engineering career to follow my dream as a life coach back in 2015 I shifted timelines dramatically. After I spent a decade of my life working as a highly-skilled, but a highly disenchanted cog in a machine, with no deep sense of meaning, purpose or fulfillment, working hard, stressed and feeling under pressure to simply to make ends-meat to then rinse and repeat my week.
Through embarking on a diverse transformational education curriculum, I soon discovered powerful hidden secrets about how we create our reality. I soon learned where my life could be lived as a conscious, deliberate, expansive creator where I have more influence over my life than I ever realised was possible.
I upgraded the trajectory of my life forever when I walked away from decade long career. However, making that change needed to be initiated by me. It was up to me to take a STAND for what was important to me, and I CHOOSE a better future.
And 6 years later after sharing these same codes I learned, with thousands of people at retreats, workshops, trainings, and working as a consultant, coach, mentor and facilitator all over the world, I see the immense power of what I inadvertently stumbled upon back in that day in 2015 when I chose to create a brand new timeline for myself through CHOOSING A NEW TIMELINE.
What we believe to be ‘possible\’, or \’likely, for our future is being determined by the perspective that we hold about reality. It’s not based on what is actually TRUE. The truth is all possibilities are available for us. Believing our dream life is possible is a jump that is sometimes a leap too far for many to trust in.
However, when we have a healthy relationship with the future, we begin seeing the infinite possibilities for our life.
Simply seeing the infinite possibilities that exist for our future is one of the greatest breakthroughs in improving our life.
So as you look forward into the future, one of the most powerful questions you can ask is “If my life was a blank canvas and I could wave a magic wand, what would I want to create in my life?”
Asking this question helps bypass your analytic mind and sciences the skeptic inner dialogue for long enough to touch a deeper space of imagination.
This question allows you to touch a space of quietness where deeper clarity is discovered and you can reclaim your freedom as a divine creative power.
It also helps take you deeper into the magic of what your true essence is here to BE, DO and HAVE.
A brand new relationship with the future that has a different quality and expansiveness is what is required for you to fully realise the infinite opportunities that await you in this life.
And all it takes to renew a relationship is an intention to dig deeper into being more curious about the unknown possibilities that await you and what priceless treasures you might have innocently overlooked.
So I invite you to begin transforming your relationship with the future right now by asking…
\’Am I feeling stuck about moving forward in life in some way\’?
Notice if you are seeing your future in a way that is diminished or in a way that is expansive?
For anyone who wants to create a powerful new future for themselves. I am looking for committed people who know they are overdue for a major shift in their life and want to create a fully aligned, fulfilling, abundant and expansive life that is also the foundation of an entire lifetime of new creative possibilities.
The clients that I look for to have a successful partnership are people looking to create a profound transformation this year working together as a powerful team co-creating your life’s most important goals, dreams, and projects.
If you resonate with me and feel a deeper calling to explore this opportunity, please reach out and I’d love to connect with you on a deeper level to see if we might be a good fit and I’d be delighted to see if I may be the right Coach/Mentor/Guide/Facilitator and Trainer to be of service to your highest good.
Wishing you the most expansive future and most beautiful present moment!
Much Love,
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