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How to Forgive Anyone

Often, one of the things that gets in the way of having deeper and more fulfilling relationships is when we hold onto negative things from the past. The feelings that happen that let us know we are stuck in the past is we feel angry, resentful, hurt or betrayed. The 3 most common ways we get …

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(10 Minute Read) The beautiful and yet humbling truth about life is that there is more knowledge that exists in the universe than could ever be known in a single human life. The challenge with being human is that we don’t know what we don\’t know. And what we don’t know is VAST! ‘OMNISCIENT’ means …


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What Is The True Self

Back in 2014 when I started to figure out what was actually going on in my life, I realised I had quite a lot some disfunction in my mind that wasn’t helping me create what I wanted. The time I was working hard in a meaningless job, I felt hopeless about finding true love, and …

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Coaching Himself out of Engineering

I met Chris at a co-working event in Ubud, Bali, where both of us went. We spoke shortly ahead of the event. When I found out he changed careers, I took the chance to ask him for a quick interview. He accepted and few days later he shared his story with me. His openness and authenticity to talk about his internal struggles made this interview a very special one. One that challenged my perspective on my own believes.

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The Great Coronavirus Awakening of 2020

What a strange last few weeks it’s been in the world!!! We\’ve had… MASS HYSTERIA fuelled by antagonizing news reports of armageddon… People stockpiling tinned food like we were among the world\’s worst famine… People stealing hand sanitizer like it\’s the secret elixir to life… When you see fistfights in the supermarket over toilet roll …

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