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The beautiful and yet humbling truth about life is that there is more knowledge that exists in the universe than could ever be known in a single human life. The challenge with being human is that we don’t know what we don\’t know. And what we don’t know is VAST!
‘OMNISCIENT’ means having \’complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness, or understanding; perceiving all things\’
Humans by definition are NOT OMNISCIENT.  The fact that we are NOT OMNISCIENT, means we are IGNORANT. That is true for all humans! Myself included.
I do not use the word IGNORANT to mean that we are inferior or at fault, but I use the word IGNORANT in a very neutral and factual way to simply point out we are \’lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact’
Our ego likes to I consider ourselves to be intelligent…. We say things like \”I think, therefore I am intelligent”.
Every human likes to think they are wise because they like the feeling of comfort and of certainty that comes with it.
So every human likes to think they KNOW themselves. They know what they know. And very rarely do they question it. It’s too much energy and time to constantly question all their assumptions or conclusions about life.
But the problem is that we are all ignorant to a degree. So we consider ourselves to be INTELLIGENT and we also know we are IGNORANT at the same time. And that can cause a conflict via cognitive dissonance. Which is holding two diametrically opposite thoughts that appear to be true in our mind at the same time that causes a conflict in what we know to be true.
The challenge of IGNORANCE vs INTELLIGENCE leads is an uncomfortable cognitive dissonance for most humans…
If I am so INTELLIGENT… why can’t I have the relationships of my dreams, my dream house, be the best in the world at what I do, solve world hunger, lose weight, get my shit together, etc.
I mean, If Aristotle said: \”Knowing Yourself is The Beginning of All Wisdom” then if us \’being wise\’ holds true, then we should be an expert at knowing ourselves right?
If we knew everything we would be OMNISCIENT.
If we were OMNISCIENT we would be UNLIMITED.
If we were UNLIMITED we would have already have CREATED life on our terms.
I want to introduce the idea that there is nothing to be ashamed or wrong about IGNORANCE.
IGNORANCE is an essential element in the journey of KNOWING.
Acknowledging our own IGNORANCE, therefore, is one of the greatest opportunities for GROWTH.
Therefore, acknowledging our own ignorance is the starting point of creating a life that we truly want for ourselves.
Most of our limitations are caused by ignorance of programs installed unconsciously deep inside the operating system of our mind. And many of us aren’t very willing to admit we have limitations, because having an ego means we like to innocently pretend we know ourselves better than we do.
When we get closer to wisdom, there is a humbling that takes place.
So as we get closer to knowing ourselves, we more deeply realise what Aristotle said… \”The more you know, the more you know you don\’t know.\”
We can never fully know all of ourselves because the journey of knowing ourselves is an infinite journey into the deep void of infinite quantum intelligence that has no end.
Acknowledging our own IGNORANCE becomes the starting point of addressing our own lack of wisdom and is the beginning of the process of transforming IGNORANCE into KNOWLEDGE.
KNOWLEDGE only becomes VALUABLE when it is transferred into WISDOM.
Knowledge is limited to the domain of conceptual information.KNOWLEDGE without action is a borrowed fantasy.
KNOWLEDGE alone is Potential Not yet fully realised in the world.
WISDOM is only created via an application of KNOWLEDGE via an actual lived experience.
Without lived experience KNOWLEDGE is not yet translated into WISDOM.
Another way of describing ignorance is that is it the ABSENCE OF KNOWING.
IGNORANCE is caused by our blindness to what we can’t see.
It’s the information we haven’t attuned ourselves to be able to perceive yet.
We experience life through our filters which are invisible lenses that inform our perception.
If you understand the English language, then when someone else speaks we interpret the sound vibrations as meaningful information. If you don’t understand the English language then the words will just be sensed as random or confusing sounds perhaps even mistakes or not even be audible.
The trick to becoming masterful at life is recognising that we are filtering reality into a present moment experience via our unconscious invisible filters.
These filters are like invisible background software programs that convert random energy into useful information.
The major filters that govern how we experience life are; YOUR WAY OF BEING, BELIEFS, VALUES, ATTITUDES, MEMORIES & LANGUAGE.
These are all filters that exist deep in the unconscious mind that affect how you experience reality.
These are the deep programs that are like the software programming that has the intelligence to allow you to operate the interface that is yourself.
For a computer, you have an interface like a screen that you type and click the mouse, but the deeper intelligence that is animating the operations is far beneath the surface out of sight.
When we want to get better results in life, we need to look beyond the interface of our experience into the operating system of our consciousness.
The filters are like the operating system of our consciousness.
If you want to improve your life, you have two ways of doing it.
Get more efficient at using the existing interface (Maintain the same level of consciousness – e.g. get faster at typing.)
Update the default operating system software or hardware so its more powerful. (Upgrade the level of cponsciousness – e.g. eliminate the need for typing, by dictating to voice recognition software)
To turn IGNORANCE into WISDOM all that is needed is CURIOSITY.
In order to access CURIOSITY, you need to be willing to accept your own IGNORANCE, and even better, laugh at the absurdity of our IGNORANCE. And celebrate all of our IGNORANCE as being like walking the necessary stepping stones on the pathway to HIGHER KNOWLEDGE and ultimately WISDOM.
If you have read this far, by now you humbly will mostly likely realise that you also have some IGNORANCE that shows up a errors in the OPERATING SYSTEM of your consciousness somewhere, but you most likely won\’t know which part of the software needs debugging or reinstalling.
That’s where I come in handy… What I do is I help people exponentially upgrade their entire operating system by bringing someone into a higher understanding of what they are oblivious to and what is needed to get them to have an EXPONENTIAL shift in their consciousness.
My zone of genius is precisely eliciting the deep unconscious limitations, that are oblivious to most people.  These limitations act like invisible handbrakes stopping them or slowing them down, and they are left revving their engine harder and harder and are baffled as to why they aren’t moving forward like they know they SHOULD be.
I help people become aware of the INNOCENT IGNORANCE within the operating system of their consciousness so that these limitations can be resolved, so you can operate from a higher level of self-awareness, understanding, and mastery. I support your entire being to be transformed into a higher state of consciousness with more capability, and power to create what you want in the world.
If you resonate with exploring how I might be able to help you UPGRADE your consciousness and your life, I invite you to contact me here and I look forward to speaking with you personally.
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