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What Is The True Self

Back in 2014 when I started to figure out what was actually going on in my life, I realised I had quite a lot some disfunction in my mind that wasn’t helping me create what I wanted.

The time I was working hard in a meaningless job, I felt hopeless about finding true love, and I knew something was missing from my life but I couldn’t really describe the deeper essence of what was missing…

My relationship ending was the catalyst for finally realising the one thing every one of these dysfunctions had in common was they all involved myself.
I began to see that my experience of reality was an \’inside-job\” caused by myself and was directly correlated with the quality of the relationship I had with life.
I stopped blaming my boss for me hating my job and I started to get curious about how I continued to choose an unfulfilling career.
I started to become responsible for getting to the bottom of how my mind worked and I started learning about things like limiting beliefs, and fears and I went down the rabbit hole of learning more about myself.
I spent a lot of time, energy, and money in the self-help space \’doing work\’ on myself’.
But the ’self’ I was working on was not the true self, I was actually working on my false self (aka: the ego).
I\’ve since gone on the journey of a lifetime understanding the greater journey that our evolution fits inside of.
I learned there are 3 stages of awakening we tend go through on the growth journey…

1. Healing (Rehabilitation)

e.g. Releasing trauma and regaining basic normal emotional functioning.

2.  Personal Development (Improvement)

e.g. Improving performance, achievement, and working on changing your ego self to become ‘good enough\’. HINT: the ego by definition will never be enough… so this journey has no finishing line.

3. Spiritual Awakening (Self Realisation of our TRUE NATURE)
Realising we already are whole and complete true self that was already there before the ego came into being. This is the deepest dimension of ourselves beyond the accumulation of all the impressions of our mind that veiled our true identity (i.e. pure consciousness, god, soul, source).
At this level of consciousness, we realise there was nothing to improve, just an illusion to see through. It’s like realising that the clouds in the sky can’t limit or damage the true nature of the sky, clouds just veil our perception of the sky and cause innocent incorrect conclusions about something that is beyond the form.
I got stuck in Level 2…. And didn’t realise there was a Level 3.
Level 3 – Self Realisation of the true self is all about understanding WHAT there is before the ideas of WHO we come into existence.

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