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The universal purpose of this life is to

  • seek to live in alignment with our true self
  • honour our desires and live in accordance with who we truly are at our core
  • authentically honour our sovereignty
  • be the authentic expression of our spirit
  • live out our own unique individual purpose

This purpose is a universal truth meaning it is the same for all people. Your purpose in this life as a human is to honour your sovereignty and be the most authentic expression of self. Living your authentic expression means where you are aligned and connected to your spirit and allowing your unique signature vibration and frequency to be expressed.

Our Spirit is the life force of our signature frequency and vibration beyond the physical that stems from a place of universal love. Our Ego is a fear based survival program, that underpins our human identity. Our ego is the part of our experience that stems from fear, which takes the form of resistance and judgement.

The duality of the Spirit and the Ego is what creates the full spectrum of experiences in this reality. The ego is the ultimate opponent that provides the opposite end of the spectrum of Love, which is Fear. Life becomes a dance between Love and Fear, and a game between our Spirit and our Ego.


Alignment – “Arrangement in a straight line or correct relative positions.”


When we are in alignment we are on the correct relative path for what we want to experience. Alignment means our behaviour matches our desires, and our decisions support our intentions.

To live in alignment means to be living \’in the now\’, consciously aware of our choices from moment to moment, in a connected state of being following the inner guidance and intuition from our spirit, rather than the conditioned programming of our negative habits and limiting beliefs.

When we are in alignment we feel \”in the flow\”, on the right path, guided and inspired to create life on our own terms. When we are in alignment the universe starts to conspire in our favour. We experience a harmony between us, our relationships, our health, our work and our environment.


When we are out of alignment, we are not pursuing our purest and most authentic intentions. When we are out of alignment we sacrifice our true desires, for the artificial fear based needs of our ego. Serving our ego is outsourcing our sovereignty to the limitations of our unconscious human programs. Misalignment occurs when we let our ego guide our decisions instead of making choices from a heart centred, love orientated, consciously aware, authentic, and connected state of being truly living in the present now.

So how do you know you are out of alignment?
We have all experienced times in our life when we have felt out of alignment.

Here are the questions to ask to discover misalignment:

  • Am I working in the career that I was born to do?
  • Does the food I put in my body contribute to the intentions I wish to experience in life?
  • Are all my relationships stimulating and fulfilling?
  • Am I treating my mind and body with self care and love?
  • Am I taking responsibility for the areas of my life that are not working?
  • Am I making choices that are bringing me closer to my ideal life or taking me away from it?

You can also observe certain behaviour and situations that are out of alignment:

  • We might be working in a career or business doing something we know is not aligned with our purpose.
  • We might be in a relationship where we know the other person is not compatible with us.
  • We might feel obligated to spending time with old friends or family who we don’t really want to.
  • We might fall into old habits like drinking alcohol to fit in with friends or avoid our emotions.

If you’re anything like me, you have experienced misalignment in these areas and it does not produce a good feeling.

Living in alignment is:

  • knowing what the feeling is telling us about our choices
  • taking action based on that awareness.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How connected do I feel to my true self?
  • Am I making decisions and taking inspired action stemming from intuition and internal guidance?
  • What are my feelings revealing to me about my choices and my actions?

We must be responsible for honouring our authentic expression.

When we find that connection to our true self, we can evaluate if our choices are in alignment and authentic to our true self. Once we become AWARE of the misalignment and do nothing, means we are outsourcing our own power or sovereignty to the limited programs of our ego.

According to we make on average of 35,000 choices per day. That’s a lot influence we have every day on our destiny. How many of those are you consciously aware of?

We need to be able to evaluate the degree of alignment our choices have with our Spirit.

Are we making choices:

  • that are honouring ourselves?
  • from a place of taking responsibility for living our truth?
  • with authentic intentions and awareness of our true desires?

These types of Truth based questions empower us to gain new awareness and insights about our true nature. From this new awareness, we now must take responsibility for choosing to live a life true to ourselves.

Live a life true to yourself

In Bronnie Ware’s best selling book the “Top Five Regrets of the Dying” the most common regret amongst the terminally ill in the last 12 weeks of their life was; “I wish I\’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

Embracing a life of no regrets requires we take responsibility for honouring our true desires. This is realising living our truth is more important than living our desire to feeling comfortable.

Realising that living from a place of LOVE is superior to living from a place of FEAR.

It is our responsibility as conscious human being to do the ongoing work required to identify, understand and take action to move beyond the limitations that are present to our awareness.

To not take responsibility for overcoming our internal limitations is to deny the truth that exists within us. Not taking responsibility for working on releasing our internal limitations is NOT honouring our life’s purpose.

Claiming to want to change our life, but doing nothing about it, is living a lie.

Having an intention to do something different, and then taking no action, is delusional thinking that has negative consequences that will put you out of alignment and cause suffering.

Be the authentic expression of your Spirit

If you wish to honour yourself, which is to love and respect yourself then it is your responsibility to be connected to the true self and be the authentic expression of your Spirit.

Have the courage to follow your heart’s true desires and be steadfast in your commitment to living your authentic expression – this takes true courage.

And Yes, courage is required the most when live gets challenging. This process of authentic living is about shedding the layers of limitation and fear, and overriding the ego, so that we can be the most authentic version of us.

This requires the courage to acknowledge the misalignment and honour ourselves

Authenticity, therefore is true greatness.


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