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The Great Coronavirus Awakening of 2020

What a strange last few weeks it’s been in the world!!!

We\’ve had…

MASS HYSTERIA fuelled by antagonizing news reports of armageddon…

People stockpiling tinned food like we were among the world\’s worst famine…

People stealing hand sanitizer like it\’s the secret elixir to life…

When you see fistfights in the supermarket over toilet roll (and it has nothing to do with eating the hottest curry on the planet) society gets to see an unavoidable reflection in the mirror.

This all makes me laugh!

Realise, there is nothing wrong with this picture.

It\’s just a REFLECTION of where we are at.


And what inspires me amid the chaos, is some of the down time away from FRANTICALLY DOING is going towards learning how to PATIENTLY BE.

Here is a powerful new OPPORTUNITY for so many people to now have TIME, SPACE and ATTENTION to reflect on the bigger picture. To self reflect. To fully be with themselves.

As a Transformative Coach Trainer and mentor to people who are seeking vast and rapid self-improvement, I’m getting more and more excited about what’s happening in the world!


The world is starting to see much better ways of living.

I\’m seeing the early signs of a GREAT AWAKENING of humanity.

The confronting contemplation that is creeping in for people is something like this…





Our experience of life is simply made up of a collection of sensations, thoughts, feelings, ideas, imagined past memories, imagined future memories, and stories we write for ourselves.

Our experience of life is a bit dreamlike…

Sometimes it\’s wonderful.

Sometimes it\’s horrible.

Sometimes it makes sense.

Sometimes it\’s just f#*king crazy!

How much you understand the nature of your true self and how life actually works will determine whether you can wake yourself up from the nightmare and how much time and energy you spend getting swept up in the chaos of your own thinking.

It can be easy to get caught up inside our experience thinking that we are the experience itself… forgetting that we are actually the true self, pure consciousness, the great witnessing observer of the experience.

And when this happens, you\’ll be stuck feeling like you\’re the character imprisoned inside a film. Rather than the director sitting in the director\’s chair onlooking the film set.

ATTENTION is the most valuable currency we have.

How we use ATTENTION is like how you use the headlights to navigate your way along a dark road at night time.

You don’t see the valleys, rivers, animals, the sky or the scenery around you. You only see a thin patch of the illuminated road up ahead.

Our ATTENTION creates the ILLUSION we see.

What we place our attention on becomes our reality, at the exclusion of EVERYTHING else.

To go a level deeper…

We don’t see reality AS IT IS, we can ONLY see reality AS WE ARE.

\’Thought Creates The World And Then Says \”I didn\’t do it\” \’ – David Bohm

We create our reality by projecting an internal narrative onto a series of neutral facts and situations, to animate our own convincing story, complete with commentary and inner dialogue.

It\’s all self-generated.

You take an illness like coronavirus and inject FEAR onto it and you’ve got a pandemic almost like an end of the world zombie apocalypse movie.

You take an illness like the flu and ACCEPT it as being part of mothernature and you’ve got the ebs and flows of life unfolding, Darwinian evolution and life\’s natural intelligence in action.

I\’m not downplaying what\’s happening in the world. There are going to be people who die.

However, Death is a normal, natural part of life.

And a part of life we all can either choose to ACCEPT or choose to RESIST and live in FEAR.

Looking beyond the temporary situation right now…

I\’m pointing to the brilliant creative powers of the mind, capable of creating make-believe stories that look so convincing we end up mistaking our own imagination as fact.

We add a deeply unconscious, automatic, relentless, artificial commentary to life – made of thoughts, meanings, stories, and feelings that are so subtle and nearly invisible to us, which is overlayed across the landscape of our life that we fail to recognise the life experience we have is simply our own inner projection.

ATTENTION allows people the opportunity to directly question their current life path.

To REFLECT on the quality of their life, they have created for themselves.

Many people are now being confronted by their own MISALIGNMENT.

The coronavirus is just a mirror for the collective consciousness, allowing us to see own misalignment and misunderstandings for what they are…

Opportunities to awaken to our true nature.

The Self Realisation that we are so much more than just our temporary make-believe stories.

To wake up to the deeper truth that we are irreversibly and inextricably connected to the infinite, invisible, formless, vast, indestructible, creative intelligent force behind life.

The force that goes beyond time, space, matter and energy.

Some people call that Pure consciousness, Source, Universe, Quantum Energy, Life, God, Nature. It doesn\’t matter what label you choose to use. We are talking about the same formless energy that is the engine behind life.

We are before the world of form.

We are the space in which all existence is contained before creation even takes place.

This is a time to more deeply explore this truth.

And I\’m not talking about just knowing this intellectually.

The only way this can be known is experientially through our own authentic self-discovery.

This time is a powerful catalyst for the awakening of humanity to see how out of alignment our lives have become.

With more time given to ourselves, there is a deeper self-inquiry unfolding into what truly matters to us…

I am seeing so many people finally starting to be more curious about what they really want for their life and question things like

their relationships
their career/business
their health
their own needs and desires
their expectations
their choices
their freedoms
their habits
their fears
their condemnations
their limitations
their reliance on others
the avoidance of their own attention

People are beginning to wake up to the way they have been choosing to live!

I hope people deeply reflect on themselves not to specifically find pain or problems (although that most likely will also happen), but more importantly to discover their own TRUTH.

To discover their Highest expression! Not someone else\’s. Their very own treasure!

Here are the life-expanding questions I hope people are now FINALLY beginning to have the courage to explore…

Why am I so afraid of life?
Why does it feel like life is happening to me?
Do I really have control over my life?
What should I really be doing with my life?
Am I actually HAPPY with my life?
Do I feel like if I died today I’d leave this world satisfied knowing I followed my SOUL\’S CALLING?
Did I live my PURPOSE?
Did I live my life according to what was truly IMPORTANT to me?
Do I have the COURAGE to live a life true to myself?
Do I CONNECT deeply with the people who meant the most to me?
AM I CONTRIBUTING to something beyond just myself?
Am I LOVING fully?
Am I LIVING fully?
Am I focussing on creating something SPECIAL and worthwhile in my life?
Am I living my life in alignment with my HIGHEST EXPRESSION?

My very nature is that I am an eternal OPTIMIST and I believe this situation is here to help us wake up to a greater vision for our lives.

Every crisis brings OPPORTUNITIES for us to do things BETTER.

And our friend – the Coronavirus is no different.

This is a \’GLOBAL AWAKENING\’ packaged as a \’CRISIS\’.

Nice work Universe! I like your style!

I see this whole situation right now as exactly what the world needs.


We’ve created a civilisation that has been built on a major LIE.

The BIG LIE we’ve been taught to believe is that happiness is some kind of effect that is generated from ticking off some kind of checklist of accomplishments in your external world.

The LIE that much of what society has built it’s foundations on is the forever-doomed illusion that the accumulation of possessions, wealth, status and achievement leads to fulfillment and happiness.

The only place happiness comes from is from deep within your own being not on situations or circumstances outside you.

Entire countries and billions of people are being locked down, but that doesn’t mean your SOUL has to be locked down.

Now is the time to see new OPPORTUNITIES

Now is the time to invest in gaining new SKILLS

Now is the time to reinforce your Career or Business with superior KNOWLEDGE.

Now is the time to get really CREATIVE & INNOVATIVE and shift gears for yourself!

Now is the time to find true CLARITY on your heart\’s desires.

You can choose to shift from being PASSIVE to being ACTIVE.

You can choose to shift from REACTING to RESPONDING.

You can choose to shift from SURVIVING to THRIVING!





Here’s your opportunity to go deeper into understanding the true self… and being able to understand the true self in another. And gain powerful insights about creating transformation in your own life and the lives of others around you.


Over the last 12 months I\’ve been working with over 50 people taking them through Project Limitless and what I\’ve now built is a proven system for personal transformation.

Coming up is the next evolution of Deep Transformative teachings and understandings that show anyone how to learn to apply the principles of transformation regardless of your pre-existing level of knowledge.

Shortly in the coming days, I’ll be releasing more information about how I will be taking on a small group of purpose-driven transformation professionals who wish to develop advanced transformative coaching skills who are wanting to powerful skills, knowledge, and wisdom that means you can operate at deeper levels of impact and certainty in your ability to assist clients to create life-changing breakthroughs.

I’ll be running this COACH TRAINING COURSE for a small group of highly committed people looking to develop advanced, practical coaching skills, knowledge and in-field experience over 12 weeks of immersion.

I have synthesized practical ways to teach and apply awakening technologies and deep transformative frameworks that are simple and can be learned, understood and practiced by anyone.

I will be providing the most practical and powerful coaching training education I have ever delivered.

Keep an eye out in the coming days for more information…

Until then…

Stay curious.

Look for the opportunity.

And Remember your experience is all you get!

So stop wishing, waiting and hoping for things to change and decide to BE the change you wish to see in the world!

Much Love

Photo Credit: Russ Benning

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