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My Best Year Yet

This year has been the most incredible year of my life, so far!


There have been a series of mind bending, soul-lifting, life-transforming events, experiences, relationships, and philosophical breakthroughs that have deeply shifted my way of being, into a series of new, empowered perspectives about who and what I AM, how I choose to DO my life and the way to choose to BE.


I expect these types of magical transformational experiences to be a sustained ongoing part of my reality for the rest of my life. I have entered a new era of my “beingness” – now being far more deeply connected to my infinite self- where I have access to a magical vortex of love, empowerment and delight that is happening on a daily basis, where I am so incredibly aligned, present and connected to my spirit. The closest thing I can describe this to is my soul / life force / infinite self.


Not that many years ago, I used to be an atheist. I also used to diminish and scoff at concepts like our \”Soul”, “Spirituality”, “Emotional Expression”, “Heart space”, and “Self Love”. I used to say things like “suck it up princess and just hustle, work hard, and strive to create a successful business!”


My reality used to be very much based on external benchmarks like money, status, looks and surface level concepts, very much based around significance and ego.


My reality now is based on internal benchmarks that for much of my life, I had no awareness of such as internal connection to my spirit, presence, love, gratitude, how much I am “blissing out”, my degree of self-worth, self-trust, and self-love. Now I’m playing a different game, a game where the rules are written by me, setup in my favour, orientated around love, truth, empowerment and self-expression.


I have two major purposes



To live consciously in the moment, connected, aligned to my spirit and to be the expression of love.



To awaken greatness in myself and others, to empower self and others to activate their innate extraordinary potential and align them and their business to be the purest expression of their life’s true purpose.


The expression of who and what I truly am at my core is coming more and more to the forefront of my consciousness. I am changing and evolving at an ever increasing speed and degree of authenticity, stripping away layers of deeply unconscious, limiting programs, perspectives and belief systems. The moments of pure enlightenment, celebration of my infiniteness and the blissful blessings of this reality have become so intense that I break into tears of euphoria on a regular basis.


The primary focus of how I live my life is now about my “beingness”, my connection, presence, authenticity and love for myself, which is now being projected outward into my external reality more than even before.  And the results in my business and the relationships in my life are speaking for themselves.  My focus is NOT on outcome, it is on BEING, achieved through connection to authentic expression and knowing my experience is unfolding exactly as it is supposed to.  And my experience is that through this approach, the outcome gets taken care of better than I could ever have planned it.


What is unfolding within me is truly remarkable.  I have powerful insights, deep learnings, and life-shifting “aha moments” regularly and consistently throughout my day.  I am a learning machine, and life is the ultimate teacher. Whilst I am blessed to have many respected and powerful mentors and teachers in my life, I have learned we don\’t always need a mentor or teacher to help us reveal the lessons of life, because life is always teaching us what we need to move beyond our limitations when we are present to the gifts that are available to us in each moment.  A mentor sure can help accelerate the process though! Being personally mentored by some of the best transformational coaches in the world has accelerated my expansion and helped me access the shortcut to deepening my connection with who I truly am.


For me now, every day is a celebration of life. All parts of my external reality are transforming through my own inner transformation.


I have let go of the attachment to the external goals and aspirations that are of the ego, and I am being guided more and more from moment to moment, more by my connection and my intuition. This has occurred as a result of emptying my mind-based thoughts.  My heart spaced connection and beingness is now my driving force for how I choose to be in this world.


I have gained awareness of, and learnt how to let go of, so many of the unconscious, ego based programs, and habitual thought patterns that were taking me out of connection with my spirit. I have taken this a step further and I am now teaching my students and clients how to do the same. I have deepened my awareness of my calling, and stepped into being an even more powerful teacher, mentor and coach.  I have relinquished my need for my reliance on external sources of validation for me to choose to feel worthy of loving myself.  Instead, I choose to love myself in each and every moment that requires absolutely no justification at all. Just like you don’t need a reason to smile, you don\’t need a reason to love yourself.  Although, if we ever do need a reason to love self. there is no better reminder than reflecting on our infiniteness.


For me, life is no longer about achievement for the sake of achievement’s sake.  I have acknowledged a previously held deep, ingrained desire for significance from others, and I have let go of taking on the opinions of others, and detached from making this mean anything about the true nature of my being.  Life is about choosing my reality based on alignment and resonance with the signature expression of my spirit.


I have let go of attachment to what unfolds in this reality, and now have an unshakeable sense of knowing every element of my life that is unfolding is divine, purposeful and was \”meant to be”. This is a distinction that is outside of, and different to life being \”pre-determined\”, or “fate”.  Life is, and has always been, happening FOR me, and conspiring in my favour to produce a cosmically purposeful experience that in of itself is perfectly imperfect, and is my signature expression on this earth.


The inner world I have created for myself is tantamount to demolishing my existing building, excavating my foundations, and casting deeper foundations, so that I can now support a taller, wider, and more powerful structure. This new structure is the representation of the new vision for my life which is created through my “beingness”.


I have reconstructed an entirely new reality, which I continue to do on a daily basis.  It is empowering me with a grander view point about what life is truly about that is moving me beyond suffering, and towards a greater, more expansive reality more and more each day.


My pursuit of evolution is not specifically for the purpose of eliminating or avoiding suffering, although that was my original aim, but is now more based on embracing my “creator-ship” as an infinite spiritual being having a human experience.  My reconstruction and transformation of my reality is for the purpose of recognising truth, that this reality is unfolding in a divine way and this universe is my creation, my playground to experience and observe myself.


I used to feel weird claiming I am an infinite being.  I was concerned about what others might say or think about my claims of grandness.  I quickly realised embracing our infiniteness is not grandness, or arrogance or self-righteousness and that I am BETTER or MORE than anyone or anything, but rather I am an equally magnificent being.  I simply recognise that infiniteness in myself, as well as everything and everyone else.  I see that in you, even though you may not see it in yourself.


We are all droplets of the infinite ocean of consciousness that is the “isness” of the infinite reality we find ourselves within.  As Alan watts eloquently stated:- \”I am the aperture through which the universe is observing and experiencing itself\”. I am infinite, you are also infinite and we are all part of the collective consciousness; “isness observing isness.  We are all playing our roles in the divine purpose of the cosmic reality unfolding.  I am part of you, you are part of me. At the core of all there is, there is no separation.  We are all one.  Until we get to a place within ourselves where we experience that level of “experiencing oneness from a place of knowing” rather than theoretically, we know that we have not yet elevated our “beingness” beyond the limitations of our human programs. It is fine.  It is MORE than fine – it is DIVINE.


Everything, everyone and every part of our experience IS as it should be.  There is no such thing as “broken\”, “incorrect\”, or “invalid\” experiences, simply a collection of observations, perspectives, emotions, realities, and sub-realties existing that are the droplets of the ocean of consciousness.  They are all contributing to the cosmic purpose of self, experiencing self from every conceivable perspective and angle to produce an infinite array of distinctions, combinations and permutations of experiences, that is transmitting back the ultimate expansive consciousness to our source.


I have understood, to a far deeper degree, that suffering is simply a derivative and by-product of the programs of the ego doing their normal job.  Suffering is a by-product of the level of self-awareness of the programs and habits that we UNCONSCIOUSLY have subscribed to.  AS as Carl Jung says, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  This is a universal truth that cannot be denied. All suffering is created through the lack of conscious awareness of the programs of our ego.  Suffering, separation, judgement, fear and resistance to any part of our experience can only take place inside a consciousness that is not present to, or aware of, the perspective we are choosing to view our reality through in each moment.


I have much to celebrate about my reality.  Firstly, I am alive.  Secondly, I have awareness of how blessed my reality is.  Thirdly, I have arrived at a stage where life is no longer about the external.  It is about my internal reality.  This does not mean I have no concern for results or impact.  In fact, it has exponentially enhanced my ability to manifest and create.  Simply, I have no attachment to what occurs and how it occurs, which makes me even more powerful!  The most powerful person is the person who has nothing to lose!  I have nothing to lose, because the concept of loss no longer holds any resistance to me.  There is nothing you can take from me that I cannot reclaim.


I have created some major results in my life and business this year. I acknowledge the growth and success I have created is because of me.  I am grateful to me for these reasons.


I thank myself for working my arse off.

I thank myself for backing myself by investing more than twice my entire businesses revenue in personal mentoring and business development.

I thank myself for prioritising my health, my expansion and my connection to self.

I thank myself for attracting all the people and things into my life.

I thank myself for not going out on weeknights socialising, and instead working to build my empire.

I thank myself for hiring a team, and choosing to outsource non-core tasks so I can free myself up to focus in my zone of genius.

I thank myself for being my cheer squad, best friend and number one supporter.

I thank myself for believing in myself.

I thank myself for choosing to sacrifice short term gain for longer term prosperity.

I thank myself for everything I have and everything I don’t have.

I thank myself for my results and my non-results.

I thank myself for being the creator of my reality.


I have trained, spoken, facilitated and presented for a total of 20 days over 10 major events both interstate and internationally as well as completing some amazing personal travel experiences – Burning Man, Bali and Tasmania my home town!


To all my students and clients who give me so much joy, meaning and fulfilment by allowing me to contribute to your lives… I honour you, I love you and you will forever be a special part of my life!  Serving you and helping you activate your greatness gives me the highest level of bliss in this life.


I know that 2019 is going to be my most powerful and best year yet, so far! Why?   –   because with every passing moment, I become even more present, aligned, connected, skilful, wiser, knowledgeable, experienced, and empowered.  I have a healthy competition with myself to keep expanding beyond all limitations.  You can never beat the man who never gives up. I give my commitment to myself that I will never give up!


I know I can trust myself to continue to expand my consciousness and connect to the deepest truth that exists in this reality which is that I am an infinite spiritual being having a human experience.  When I am present, connected and aligned to the expression of my spirit, I am accessing the most profound inner guidance that is coming from a place of authentic, internal knowing and being, based on the universal fabric of reality which is unconditional love.


As a human in this life, I may never get access to pure, unconditional love; however, I know that outside of human consciousness, is an “otherworldly” vortex of infinite magic taking place on a multidimensional series of infinite realities, all coexisting simultaneously outside of space and time.  A world that goes beyond logic, beyond rational thought and beyond human experience, which is the infinite “isness” that we are tapping into through conscious awareness, presence and connection to our infinite selves.


Let 2019 bring all the magic that was ever meant to happen! May it enter my experience, and may you also bring into your reality what was also meant for you.


Here’s to life expanding into a whole new depth of alignment and empowerment. Things are only just beginning! WATCH THIS SPACE as the magic unfolds to a far more powerful and loving way.


Love and blessings!



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