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Hello and welcome to another episode of Transformation Tuesday. My name is your , my name is Chris Jackson, your host for this evening and tonight, we\’re talking about extreme responsibility. We\’re talking about how do you take 100% responsibility for your experience of life? This is an amazing topic when you truly embrace what it means to fully 100% take responsibility for your life, your results, your relationships, your finances, your career, everything inside your life has got the capacity to go to a whole another level, so tonight I\’m going to be sharing with you why this principle is one of the biggest success hacks, it\’s one of the master principles of consciousness. When you truly get this principle, then there\’s longer any excuses. There is no longer, there\’s no longer victimhood. There is no longer being at the mercy of life. You become an empowered creator, you become the one in the driver seat of your life, so this is a really powerful topic. When you get this and when you embody this at the deepest unconscious level, your life transforms. So I\’m going to share with you what is 100% responsibility, what is this concept of, you can call it extreme accountability, extreme ownership of your life and when we take on this extreme level of responsibility, your life goes to a whole new level and this is something that is, unfortunately, isn\’t really taught. This is a philosophy. This is an attitude, this is a belief system that needs to get infused at a very very deep unconscious level, and I\’m here to share with you how to do that. So first of all, let\’s unpack, well, what do we mean by responsibility, what is responsibility? Well, my good friend Google tells me, I\’ll give you the definition first of how it\’s defined is responsibility is the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or having control over someone. The state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or having control over someone. Well, another way of saying that is when we have responsibility, we have the ability to respond to a situation. We have the skill, the knowledge, the experience, the willingness, the attitude to show up in such a way, such that we care about the situation and we\’re wanting to take action to resolve it. So it\’s a philosophy, it is an attitude towards wanting to resolve something by being willing to completely let go of all blame, let go of all attachment, and just be willing to do whatever it takes in order to solve a problem. So responsibility sits outside of blame. Responsibility is not necessary blame. Blame is responsibility plus judgement . Blame is a negative judgement around someone that did something wrong, as opposed to responsibility is just acknowledging that something needs to get done, and let\’s do it, let\’s get it done. So this concept is really powerful when we understand that it sits outside of blame. It\’s got nothing to do with did someone do it right, did someone do something wrong, it\’s got nothing to do with it. It\’s just looking at, okay, something\’s happened, let\’s deal with it. So this is extreme responsibility. So what are some examples of this? Well, some examples of this are things like if we\’re in a situation and a classic example is for emotional triggers. This is one of the biggest myths that exist inside someone\’s consciousness is that anyone else can make you feel a particular way. No one can make you angry, no one can make you sad, no one can make you feel absolutely anything, no one can enter your consciousness and make you feel anything. You are choosing your experience, you are choosing your reality, you are choosing your emotional reality. You are the one doing it. And so this is a key concept here is realising that no one can enter your mind. No one can enter your consciousness, and infusing to you anything other than what you already inside your consciousness. This is a beautiful thing, \’cause what we now know is, no one can make you feel anything, no one can make you think anything. People can be there in your experience, and they can trigger you, but what are they triggering? They are triggering you running an internal strategy, an internal process that you were choosing to do. Now, you might be choosing to do that consciously or unconsciously, but ultimately, it\’s a choice point that\’s happening inside of you, and this is a very very empowered principle of philosophy to come to the awareness of, because what this now lets us come to the realisation of is that my emotional experience is mine. No one can make me feel anything, because you can look at two experiences, two identical, like two people observing the same experience, and each one of those people, they created different internal representation, they created a different thought, they created a different emotion for themselves. So what\’s going on there? How can two people be observing the same thing create two different experiences? Well, they are choosing their experience. And they are creating their experience. They are choosing what thought, they\’re choosing how to respond to that. They may not be consciously aware of how they are responding, they may be reacting, which is a skill. But ultimately, there are choices that are being made at the unconscious level. Now, this is a choice, so we can say, okay, I\’m making a choice. I\’m making a choice to either be in response or in reaction, so this is the first maxim, or principle that we need to accept about this is we are responsible for our thinking and our emotions and therefore, all of our behaviours, so we are responsible for us. Once we take responsibility that no one outside of us impacts our thinking or our emotional state, once we take on that perspective, we become empowered. We become empowered to recognise that we are in charge of our mind, and we need to stand guard at the door of our mind and master our mind and get our level of conscious awareness to such a degree such that we are aware of all the triggers and all the things that would unconsciously evoke a reaction in us, and then we got to do the work on ourselves such that we don\’t respond in a negative way, so we don\’t react. So what this points to is it all points inward. There is no one else here that needs to be in the conversation except for ourselves. If we are reacting, if we are in a negative state, if we are in a negative emotion, if we\’re not in control of our reality, if we are not getting the results that we want, there is no one else that you can point to in this reality other than yourself in order to create a resolution on that. We have to be willing to go 100% internally and take responsibility for our life, so that\’s what this concept\’s about, and some examples that a lot of people bring up are things like, they\’ll say, oh, I don\’t know how to do something. I don\’t know how to do it. Now, if you just put your hands up and say, oh, I don\’t know how to do it, I\’m just not going to bother, well, that\’s not really taking responsibility, is it? It\’s not choosing to identify, well, what\’s the resistance, what\’s the obstacle, what is the skill, the knowledge, the experience that I need to acquire in order to be able to do that? So anyone who ever says I don\’t know how to do it, well, that\’s a very low level of responsibility. A better response would be, well, I may be I don\’t know how to do it right now, and I\’m going to take responsibility, meaning I have the ability to respond to that situation by reaching out to a mentor, getting some skills and knowledge and some experience, focusing on, well, what is the resistance? What am I resisting in that moment? Why haven\’t I learnt it? What\’s preventing me from learning it? So we can take a deeper level of responsibility when we look into each of the areas of our life that\’s not working. Another example could be, people that are overweight, people that are smoking, right? Any behaviour, any undesirable behaviour, we can look at that and go, okay, well, there\’s choices that are happening there. There are choices that are taking place, and they might be unconscious choices or they might be conscious choices, but there\’s a choice point that\’s happening inside our mind. And we\’ve got to look at that and say, righto, well, these choices are being made, I\’m going to take responsibility for how I\’m making those choices, so even if you have a habit, if you have a habit, then to abrogate responsibility, we\’ll just say, well, I\’ve got a habit and that\’s just me, I can\’t change it. Well, we know that every single habit can be changed. Every single habit can be changed. We know enough from neuroscience in the realms of neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, we know that every single habit, every single neural pathway, every single facet of a human\’s neurological system can be changed. We\’ve shown it by science. We\’ve proven it. And so therefore we know that every habit can be changed, every thought can be changed, every function inside a human being\’s behaviour can be altered, so for us to say that we can\’t change or for us to say that I don\’t believe I can change, or for us to say it\’s too hard to change, well, that\’s simply just a choice. And it\’s usually a choice that\’s being chosen out of an attitude of low standards or mediocrity or a lack of self belief or a lack of expansiveness, lack of infinite possibility. So I\’ve spoken about this concept before, which is infinite possibility, which is, the truth of this reality is that there is anything that you can imagine, any thought that comes into your awareness, it is possible to actualize and to manifest that thought. Otherwise, the thought wouldn\’t exist. The thought is information, it\’s a form of energy, and the fact that thought exists or that concept exists means that it can be expressed, it can be manifested, it exists as a potentiality in this quantum soup of the universe of existing that all of those thoughts can be manifested. Now, if we haven\’t yet manifested one of our thoughts, then we take responsibility and ask the question, how am I generating my result right now? How am I not getting my desired result? How am I creating my result? What do I need to do differently to change that? What is the skill, the knowledge, and experience that I need to be doing differently in order to get a better result, so what we can now do is we can now look at our desired reality, and look at our current present reality, and say, okay, there\’s something that\’s not going right here, how do I take responsibility from getting where I am to where I need to be? What is it? Is it skill, knowledge, experience, mentoring, limiting beliefs, fears, resources, accountability, what is it? There will be some element of self, there will be some aspect within us that we can update, we can modify, we can elevate to take us from where we are to where we need to be, and the level of responsibility that we take on will determine how quickly we close that gap. That gap ultimately comes down to how much we care about changing our reality. If we truly desire about caring our reality, then we will be tenacious, we will be driven, we will be determined, we\’ll be committed to finding a solution, to finding a way, and so if we don\’t have responsibility, if we\’re not taking responsibility, we need to ask ourselves, well, why am I not taking responsibility? Why am I choosing to not care enough about my life or my reality to invest the time, the energy, the money, the resources in understanding this problem enough, so that I can create a different result? So it\’s about understanding, it\’s about awareness and understanding coming together, such that when we elevate our thinking around a part of our life that\’s not working, when we elevate our thinking, we can solve a problem. So a good example is I was at a workshop recently and someone said that their problem was not having enough money, and then I said, well, hang on, is it not having enough money or is it not have enough resourcefulness to find a way to raise the money, to find the money, to find the resources required to put a deal together to create the same outcome as the money, because money is just simply energy, money is simply an exchange of services, and the representation of that value is money. So it\’s not, it never comes, the problem is never the problem. The problem is never the problem. We need to understand that if we wanted to create better results, we need to outthink the problem. We need to elevate our level of consciousness, such that we can solve the problem, so the same thing goes with responsibility. Whenever we have a challenge that we can\’t close the gap on, well, we have to take responsibility for saying that we are now going to commit to elevating our awareness and elevating our level of understanding, such that we now understand the problem so well, we now find a solution for it. So you could also say, if we haven\’t yet solved our problem, then we haven\’t been committed enough to finding a solution to that problem, so another way of saying this would be, if you have anything in your life that\’s not going well, don\’t point outwards, don\’t point to anything other than to say, I haven\’t developed my awareness, my knowledge, my skill, my attributes, my character traits, my discipline, all of the functions of myself I just simply haven\’t developed myself to the level of understanding or awareness or competency to now close the gap to achieve that result. Now, I think that\’s a beautifully empowering statement, because it\’s true. It\’s true because we can now take ownership that the reason why I haven\’t created that result, well, it\’s because of me. It\’s not because of anyone else. So this concept really is about taking 100% responsibility for everything that we are experiencing in our reality and claiming it as creating it, and by creating it, we can actually change it. By claiming the ownership that I have created my reality, we\’re now empowered to course correct. We are empowered to totally shift the trajectory of our life because we now know that we\’re in the driver seat. We\’re the one controlling it, we\’re the one that is determining our reality completely. Now, to outsource the control of our reality to external forces and just say, not me, it\’s not me, it\’s someone else, something outside of my control, doesn\’t really give you a feeling of empowerment, does it? Doesn\’t really make you feel that good, doesn\’t really make me feel like there\’s anything that\’s in your control. So by choosing to take on this perspective of 100% responsibility, you\’re able to hack the limitations of your mind. You\’re able to completely override the excuses. You step outside of blame, and you step into this space of expansive manifestation of infinite possibility of, we can create it, and if it is to be, it\’s up to me, and so this always goes back to self. This always goes back to the empowerment of ourselves. Another example is someone saying that they can\’t do something. Well, if you say you can\’t do it, well, it\’s not actually true. It\’s you can do the process of not something. So, and this might sound like a little linguistic trick but it\’s never we can\’t do something. It\’s we can not do the process, so it\’s, again, bringing our awareness back to we can make a choice and that choice is either a successful choice or an unsuccessful choice. It\’s either in alignment or not in alignment, it\’s either a choice made out of a high degree of excellence or a low degree of excellence. So we can always do things, it\’s just a matter of to what degree are we following through on commitment, of tenacity, of courage, and of excellence, so we\’re always making choices. We have 35,000 choices that we\’re making every single day. 35,000 choices we\’re making and most of those choices are outside of our conscious awareness. Now, the problem with that is if we are making choices outside of conscious awareness, then it\’s like someone\’s in the driver seat of our car, that we don\’t know, and they could be taking us anywhere. So what we\’re going to be doing is we are recovering the choices. If we recover as many of those 35,000 choices as we possibly can, in a day, oh, we have just recovered our sovereign expression. We have recovered our sovereignty. We have now, we\’re now in the driver seat of our own life, because we\’ve now have awareness of all the choice points in our life. We could go left or go right. We could go left or we could go right, we could go up, we could go down. Every single one of those choice points that we recover is empowering, and for most people, they\’re not aware of all the choices that they have in their life. They\’ve been living their life being driven on autopilot, or by habit, or by unconscious programming for so long that they have completely forgotten or just let go of all the choices that are available to them in the moment. And we have an infinite number of choices that are available. There are infinite choice points. The number of places you could be living in the world right now, the number of things you could be watching, studying, learning, applying yourself to, the conversations, the people you could be meeting, infinite things you could be doing right now in this moment. And you got to ask yourself right now in this moment why are you doing what you are doing right now? Is it in alignment with yourself? Are you taking responsibility for all the areas and dimensions of your life that you want to be changing, for example. If we say that we want to change an aspect of our life, for example, say our health or our finances. And then you ask yourself, okay, well, what I\’m actually doing to change that? What am I doing about that? Now, if you have a great answer, which is like, well, I\’m learning, I\’m getting coaching, I\’m getting mentoring, I\’m learning, I\’m going to training courses, I\’m applying myself, I\’m journaling, I\’m reflecting, and I\’ve got a strategy and I\’ve got, I\’m attending meetup groups and I\’m doing everything I possibly can to close that gap. Well, if you can say that you\’re genuinely taking action to close that gap, you can say you are taking responsibility for closing the gap. Now, if you\’re not, right, if you\’re ignoring it, pretending like it\’s not there, or blaming or pointing the finger outside of self or saying that it\’s outside of my control, well, you\’re not really going to have a very good chance of closing the gap. You\’re not ready going to capitalise on the opportunities that are available to solve your problems, and the great thing about living in the year 2019, particularly with the Internet, particularly with videos like this, with YouTube, with Facebook, pretty much every solution, not pretty much, actually every solution to all of your problems exists and is currently out there. Look, there\’s no shortage of knowledge or wisdom or skill. All the information that exists on the planet is essentially already available in the public domain, and if it\’s not free, most of it is free, you look on YouTube and there\’s so much free information out there, and if it\’s not free, then it\’s also still available by actually paying money for it, and so either way, you can look and say, well, all the solutions that exist in this reality are available should you wish to locate them, to find them, to track them down, and to commit to energetically, energetically being committed to actually following through on finding a solution. So again, you can say that, well, if you have a problem in your life, well, I can take responsibility for it because I have created it. I have created this challenge, and there is a solution available, and I can also take responsibility for not having found the solution yet. So I haven\’t found the solution yet. I can own it. It\’s not that someone hasn\’t given me the solution or it\’s someone else\’s fault or it\’s the economy\’s fault or it\’s my parents\’ fault. It is simply a function of all the choices that I have made from the moment I was born to the moment I\’m alive now, all those choice points have led me to where I am right now, and I can own it. I have created my reality, and if I had taken a different set of choice points, different set of decisions, I\’d be in a different spot, and I\’d be responsible for that. I would have created that, so whatever decisions you make, you can own as your own. You can own as being your own sovereign creation, which puts you in a place of empowerment, because there is never any excuses. There is no excuse you can ever come up with any more once you take on this philosophy. There\’s no excuse you can possibly take on, because you now know, well, I\’m creating my reality. I am the one in the driver seat. I am the one making the choices. I can either choose to respond or react, and another good example of this is if you are in a community or if you are in a family or if you are in a friendship group, someone doesn\’t particularly agree with what you\’re doing, someone doesn\’t support you. Now, if someone, say for example, that you\’ve got a great business idea, and your best friend says, oh, you\’re not smart enough to do that, or it probably won\’t work out, well, you could either bind to that limitation, or you could go, you know what, I\’m not going to react to that, I\’m not going to buy into that, I\’m going to rise above that. I\’m not going to let that limit me. I\’m not going to let emotionally let that affect me. Now, that\’s a choice point. There\’s a drop-down menu that\’s appearing in your mind which says you can either react to it or respond to it. You can either let it diminish you and restrict you and demoralise you, or you can let it inspire you and you could go and search further for more information, more knowledge, more wisdom, and more inspiration to go on and pursue that. So that\’s an example of a choice point that happened, because a lot of people say, well, I\’m not supported, or there\’s people in my life that are triggering me. Well, it\’s your responsibility to understand how you are being treated, how you\’re being affected, how is this affecting your reality? There\’s no excuses. We have to take responsibility for absolutely everything. For every emotion, for every thought, for everything that we\’ve ever chosen to think in our mind, we\’ve got to take responsibility for it, because if we don\’t take responsibility for it, well, we\’re going to be in victimhood. We are going to be completely disempowered. So this concept is something that, you might be asking, well, how do you arrive at this level of responsibility? How do you arrive at extreme ownership? How do you arrive at 100% responsibility, \’cause I know that when I first saw this concept, I was asking questions like, well, can you actually prove that every experience, I created that, \’cause surely there\’s a co-creation mechanism. I was thinking, surely we\’re like co-creating this reality. Surely other people are influencing my reality. And the answer is, well, from a scientific point of view, maybe you can\’t prove that you\’ve created everything like created everything in your life, \’cause there can be certain things that are outside of your control, for example, like the moon and the sun and the weather, but ultimately, this is like a game. This really is like a game. Responsibility is like a game that you play. And it\’s like you playing pretend. Now, what you actually do is you play, you play, and you say, right, and let\’s just suppose I was 100% responsible for my reality. Okay, let\’s see, if we play that game, is that going to help me, or is it going to hinder me? If we play that game, does it elevate my consciousness to know that I can achieve and experience more and develop and grow and expand? Or does it limit me? Now, what you\’ll find is, if you resourcefully take on this concept of I am responsible in terms of I\’ve created my experience of reality, kind of this already says you\’ve created everything like the weather, or the moon, or the sun shining. However, even your sphere of influence, within your life, when you own everything that\’s happening in your experience, what you do by playing this game is you elevate your level of consciousness to complete empowerment. You elevate yourself to be more empowered, so in terms of playing this game, you could say, well, how do you know whether that\’s true that I\’ve created everything in my reality? Well, doesn\’t really matter whether it\’s true or not. By believing it, you become empowered. And it becomes true. The placebo effect kicks in. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You elevate your level of consciousness to now rewire and transform your whole entire neurology, your whole entire mindset, to now take 100% responsibility for your reality, which means if you don\’t like it, then it\’s like you are watching a TV. A lot of people here are watching the TV, and they are watching it, they\’ve turned the TV on and they\’re watching the TV, and they don\’t like it, but they are still watching the TV and they are complaining about it. Well, when you take 100% responsibility, you realise that you\’ve turned the TV on, and you\’ve chosen the station, so if you don\’t like it, change the station. If you don\’t like that one, change the station. If you don\’t like it, keep changing it until you find a station that you like, and if you don\’t like any of the stations, create your own station . So this is an extreme level of responsibility, this is an extreme level of sovereignty and empowerment that exists inside your reality, and when you take on this philosophy, there\’s no longer any excuses for any part of your life that\’s not working. You can take full responsibility. You have full accountability, and you now, you are responsible for your life. And it\’s saying that absolutely nothing that can happen in your reality is generated from outside of you, i.e., you are generating your experience inside your mind. Yes, there can be things that are happening outside of your control, like on the other side of the world right now, there\’s things going on that is outside of your control. However, your experience is within your control. What you think about that, how you feel about that, your perception of that reality, is 100% within your control, and that\’s where the deeper self of empowerment lies, which is a universal truth that we are in charge of our consciousness. We are the ones in our mind, therefore we can make our own choices, not to say that all those choices are going to be easy, there is a lot of conditioning, there is a lot of programming, there\’s a lot of habits, there\’s a lot of, sometimes there is a lot of work to be done to arrive at a place of complete conscious awareness of all that choices, all that thoughts, that\’s a journey, that\’s the work. However, it\’s a journey that\’s well worth the trip. So this journey to taking 100% responsibility, this is one of the most foundational principles any human being can ever arrive at. And when you get to the point of being taking complete 100% responsibility, you can now override the suffering, you can override all victimhood, you can override anything or any of the thoughts like life is happening to me. Instead you realise, well, life is actually happening through me. I am creating my reality. Yes, I am co-creating my reality, but fundamentally, I\’m in charge of my consciousness, I\’m in charge of my thinking. It\’s a very very powerful state of being. So that\’s it. I\’m going to keep this one short for tonight. That was how to take 100% responsibility for our reality. And it\’s a journey. It\’s a series of choices. It\’s a series of belief systems. It\’s a series of habits, attitudes, and conditioned thought patterns that lets us arrive at a place of I am my creator of my reality, and that\’s it. That\’s a beautiful place to be. It\’s a totally empowered place to be, and it gives us a competitive advantage of all the challenges that could ever come into our experience in life, so I trust that was useful, I trust that was beneficial, insightful, and I trust that gives you, a level, a deeper level of responsibility to be your own sovereign, sovereign king of your reality, your sovereign expression, your authentic expression, and to even more view and to create even more of what you want in your life. That was another episode of Transformation Tuesday. Thank you for tuning in. For those that are leaving it to the very very last minute, Project Limitless is closing tonight at midnight, so if you are wanting to take your level of mastery of self, boost your emotional intelligence, become an integrated powerful leader, if you want to be more productive, if you wanted to tap into awareness, sense of purpose and vision, this programme is going to help elevate you to access more of your limitless potential, so if it resonates, if you\’re wanting more of the advanced stuff, it\’s my 12-week online training, my inner circle, it\’s kicking off tomorrow, and it\’s going to be one of the most powerful trainings I\’ve ever done, actually it is going to be the most powerful training I have ever delivered with the most advanced content with some really powerful processes, practises, concepts, teachings, and important habit shifting modalities and activities in class for you to implement over 12 powerful weeks. So if it resonates, I would love to get your application, you\’ve got another couple of hours to get your applications in if this resonates with you and you\’re wanting the more advanced personal development, develop the good stuff that takes all of this to a whole deeper level of mastery. Anyway, thank you for joining me tonight. It\’s been a pleasure sharing with you how to take 100% responsibility for your reality. I look forward to seeing you guys again next week. As always, much love, we\’ll see you again soon, bye for now.

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