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Ep #17: How to be more productive and increase your impact

Good evening, everyone. Welcome to Transformation Tuesday. Hope you\’re having a fantastic day. I\’m going to be dropping deep today into impact. How do we make more impact, how do we be more productive, how do we get more shit done, how do we, how do we extract the greatest amount of productivity from our day? These are the common questions that I\’m getting from a lot of people more and more, and I just want to share the best of what I know with you guys tonight. Welcome aboard. Hey, Dora, how are you? Hope you\’re doing well. Hey, Paul. Hope you guys are doing well. I\’m diving deep into impact. How do we make more impact? Not the movie Deep Impact. How do we create, when I say impact, I\’m talking about productivity, I\’m talking about making a difference, talking about getting more done with our day, and at the same time, feeling more connected to it. I\’m going to share with you some strategies and tools, some mindset hacks and principles about how to get more impact, so let\’s dive into it. I\’m going to cover four major aspects of impact. Now, the first one I\’m going to give you guys is physiological, because, and what I mean by that is our physiology determines to a large part how productive we are from day to day. If we\’re not tuned in, if our bodies are not tuned, if we\’re not on point in terms of, we\’re not on our game in terms of looking after our health and our vitality, then we can\’t make the impact that we want. Now, I\’ve got here right behind me impact equals focus multiplied by energy. That\’s just something I\’ve created, and I\’ll explain a bit more about what that means. This aspect here, which is energy, this is a core component in terms of what can drive impact. When we are energised, when we have energy, when we have vitality, when our bodies are physically taken care of, that\’s when we\’re more able to access a greater level of impact, \’cause if we\’re not firing on all cylinders, we cannot possibly hope to make the impact that we want in the world to make the difference that we want, to be as productive as we want. To start your day off in the best way possible, I recommend, and I\’m not crazy, maybe I am a little bit crazy. I recommend a cold shower. Completely cold shower. I no longer have warm showers anymore. That\’s just, I just do not have warm showers. I have cold showers first thing in the morning. It wakes me up, and I just feel alive and vibrant. My whole body, every cell in my body is tingling. And yes, it\’s freezing. Yes, it\’s kind of like, brr, what am I doing, at the start. Then after a while, my body comes alive. Having that cold shower first thing in the morning, even in winter, yes, and particularly in winter, even in winter, just makes your body come alive. Since I\’ve been having cold showers, hey, Lauren, good to see you there. Ever since I\’ve been having cold showers, my energy levels and my enthusiasm, and just the amount of energy and the vitality I have to start my day has just gone through the roof. So, cold showers in the morning, even in winter, even for those of you that live in places like Melbourne or Tassie. I\’m in Perth, so the water\’s not too chilly, but it\’s still cold enough. So, cold shower first thing in the morning. Second aspect is breathing. Now, I\’ve been experimenting recently with Wim Hof breathing technique. Now, I\’ve known it for quite some time, but I\’ve been practising it for quite some time, but I\’ve just gotten back into practising it consistently, and it\’s changed my energy. It\’s completely upgraded my levels of energy. Now, for those of you that don\’t know the Wim Hof breathing technique, there\’s lots and lots of different breathing techniques, but this is one that\’s quite powerful, it\’s quite effective, and I recommend you guys checking it out on YouTube. There\’s some really cool YouTube videos. Wim Hof breahting, it\’s a fantastic breathing technique. It fires up every aspect of your body and just generates an incredible amount of energy. Again, these are the first things in your morning, \’cause how you start your day is how your day goes. Cold shower, Wim Hof breathing, that Wim Hof breathing technique. I might do another Facebook Live at some point talking more about breathing techniques and just how this is so beneficial. It increases your immune system, it obviously oxygenates all your blood and gets you pumping. So many other benefits to your body and to your physiology that comes from doing breath work, not to mention in the moment you\’re elevating your level of consciousness and stimulating a lot of your vital organs and that sort of stuff. You know, breath work is incredibly important. When you get your day off, when you start your day with cold shower and breathing, like, intense breathing, you are literally firing on all cylinders. You truly are firing on all cylinders. I would encourage you guys to incorporate that into your morning rituals, and if you don\’t have a morning ritual, design yourself a morning ritual. You\’ve got to have a morning ritual. You need some way that you start your day off. You need bookends to your day. Your morning ritual, I\’ll go this way. Your morning ritual is going to be the foundational element of your day. You also need an evening ritual, and then you need consistent daily practises throughout your day to also solidify all the practises and the ways of being, your energy levels. When you start your day with a ritual and with these elements, watch your energy levels and watch your impact go to a whole new level. Now, the other element that goes here with, I\’m going to reverse here, so my actions, I\’m going to move my hand to the wrong way, \’cause I\’ve got the video in mirror. Your focus is the other key core element here to impact. Your focus is simply your ability to focus, well, one way of thinking about focus is your ability to avoid distraction. Because there are so many distractions. Hey, Dave, how you doing? Good to see you here. There are so many distractions in day-to-day life that if you eliminate the distractions, what you are left with is you are left with focus, you are left with diverting your energy towards something that matters. If you can eliminate all your distractions, if you can turn off your notifications on your phone, if you can literally not just be reacting and responding to text messages, not just checking, not logging into your email first thing in the morning, like, that\’s just, do not do that. I\’m going to cover planning it a little bit more, but don\’t get sucked into social media, don\’t get sucked into email randomly throughout the day. That\’s going to kill your focus, it\’s going to distract you, and it\’s just going to take you off course. Your focus, which is this element here, your focus is your ability to sustain a concentrated effort of energy on a particular task, for a particular direction. That\’s what focus is. You\’ve probably heard of the analogy where we\’ve got a light bulb that\’s just diffusing light randomly in 360 degrees all the way around it. You can have a 100-watt light bulb, and you can actually touch the surface of it, like in this room right now, whereas if you take that same amount of energy, if you took a 100-watt light bulb and you direct it into a laser, like all that energy on the head of a pin, like, literally a microscopic little spot, you can cut through steel. The difference here in life is when we directionalize our energy and our efforts towards a pursuit, I.e., a goal, hey, Rod, good to see you here. When you directionalize all your energy towards a very, very specific goal or outcome, you create focus, you create steel-like focus. You\’re able to cut through steel, you\’re able to get so much more done, because you\’re directionalizing your energy towards a very, very small pursuit. Now, that\’s the key to success. The key to success is not necessarily, you don\’t even necessarily have to be any, you don\’t have to be world-class at what you do. You don\’t have to have the best strategies in the world. You don\’t have to have the next level of excellence or any of that. All you need to do is, you just need to be so directionalized and so focused on what you want that you say no to all the distractions, that all your energy goes to that so you can cut through steel, so you can achieve more in one year then someone who\’s distracted. Now, they\’ll take 10 years to do it. It\’ll take you one year to do it. That\’s one of the major keys to success. That\’s my little equation for impact, focus times energy, because you might be focused, you might just directionalize all your focus and energy onto a particular task. However, if you now also crank up your energy, and when I say energy, it\’s not obviously your physiological factors, your physical energy, but also your motivation, which is your care factor for why you\’re doing something. When you turn up your motivation, when you also turn up your physical energy, and when you focus, that\’s when you magnify your impact and that\’s when you create results and accelerate your success decades, by so many years. That\’s what I\’ve found, when I\’m truly focused, I get so much more done, and it\’s not necessarily that you\’re any more intelligent than anyone else. You don\’t necessarily even have to have more skill than anyone else. You are less distracted, so you will get more done. I think that\’s a key success principle that so many people, I think it will, I\’m not really speaking anything that\’s really complex, here. This is logical, isn\’t it? The other aspect about even before we start our work, and again, this is in the context of work, but it could be in the context of anything, but I\’m just going to talk about work for now, is when we\’re looking at being productive in our work, what we\’ve really got to look for is we got to plan our work. We\’ve got to be aware of why we\’re doing it, and we\’ve got to be aware of setting an intention around it. Far too many people, well, the first thing they\’ll do is when they start their work, what do they do? They open up their laptop and they just jump into their laptop, and they just get sucked into email, maybe sucked into social media on their phone. They just get sucked into whatever, whatever happens to be present on the screen. You know, some of you guys might resonate. Sometimes, you know, when you got Internet Explorer, internet browser open, and you got 20 tabs open, and it\’s almost like you\’re switching from one tab to the next. It\’s like, what\’s in that one, what\’s in that one, what\’s in that one? It\’s almost like you\’re just hopping from one thing to another, and there\’s no focus, there\’s no plan, there\’s no strategy. There is just chaos, and it\’s just like, I\’m just dealing with all this information. Well, the same thing goes when you start your day. You need to have a plan. Before you do anything, you need a ritual for how you want to start your working day. So, you need a plan. Ideally, you plan your work the night before. You plan all your tasks the night before based on your weekly outcomes, based on your goals for the week, for the year, for the month, for the decade, depending on if you\’ve got a big, hairy, audacious goal. You will end up with doing your planning the day before, the night before the day starts. That way, when you now get to your workstation, your desk, you now have a list, an ordered list, a sequence of prioritised actions and tasks that you\’re now looking at. That way, you never get sucked into social media and get sucked into the email. You\’re now working off a list, and you\’re now prioritising based on what\’s important so that you can make more impact. Just this principle alone, since I\’ve been implementing this principle, my productivity has gone through the roof because I\’m now saying no to the distractions, I\’m saying no to social media, I\’m saying I\’m not checking my email. I\’m just getting on with my task list. That\’s a powerful success principle that will change your productivity, it will multiply your productivity many orders of magnitude. You just do that and it will work. Now, the other aspect that I want you to overlay everything that we\’re just looking at right now with the reason why we\’re doing all this in the first place, which is we need a compelling vision for what we\’re actually creating in our life. Because without the vision, without the sense of motivation, without this reason why we\’re doing any of this, our impact is going to be minimised. It\’s going to be limited because we\’re not going to be approaching life with a zest, with a vibrance, with a vitality, with a really special resonance about why we\’re doing something. If you don\’t have a compelling vision for your future, which, what I mean by a compelling vision, well, we\’ve got to create, we\’ve got to imagine an ideal future for ourselves. We\’ve got to imagine, what is it going to be like in a year\’s time, or in six months\’ time, or at the end of the day, even, once I\’ve got this done? What we get to do is we get to feel the emotion, the emotional rewards ahead of time by creating a series of internal movies. We\’re projecting an internal movie inside our mind. What is it going to be like once I\’ve finished this task? What is it going to be like once I create this successful business? Once I\’ve got an extra million dollars in my bank account, what\’s it going to be like for me experientially? What\’s that going to feel like? Now, this is how we hack our neurology, this is how we hack motivation, this is how we create and generate motivation, because motivation is not just something that randomly happens out of the sky, and we wake up one day feeling motivated. It doesn\’t work like that. There\’s an internal strategy which is an unconscious strategy which we are playing out, which most people are unaware of, which is what\’s called our motivation strategy. This comes from NLP. Now, a motivation strategy is a series of internal representations in it, so, pictures, sounds, things we say to ourselves, internal dialogue, perhaps music, perhaps a particular, partacular, particular feeling. we basically fire off a series of these internal representations, which are internal flashes, internal movies in a particular sequence. What that generates is it generates the feeling or the sensation of what we label as motivation. Now, everyone has a motivation strategy. Again, this comes from NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, and everyone has their own unique motivation strategy. I would advise that you understand what your motivation strategy is, and you can elicit your motivation strategy, and I\’ll probably talk about that maybe in another Facebook Live. But you can actually, everyone has a strategy which is a unique sequence of these factors which drives and generates motivation. Motivation is no longer this big mystery. Motivation is not this elusive thing that sometimes we feel, sometimes we don\’t. We actually can recognise, well, I\’ll experience motivation when I fire off a picture or a sound or an internal dialogue or a particular, I\’m imagining a particular experience. When we do this in a certain sequence, we feel motivation. Now, this relates back to creating a compelling future for yourself, because you can hack your reality by creating those internal sequences of pictures in your internal representations so you feel motivation whenever you want. For me, I use this for anything. Doesn\’t matter whether it\’s, say, for example, it might be a cold morning, and I might be, my alarm\’s just going off, and I\’m like, \”Whoa, it\’s a little bit cold out there,\” and there\’s a little bit of hesitation, there. What I immediately can do is I can actually create a picture of myself doing something amazing once I\’ve got up and exercising, or I\’m imagining my day unfolding and doing something exciting or incredible. I can use that image to hack my reality so that it creates a short-term burst of energy, energy to then give me that little motivation to go, \”Hoo, I\’m now going to bust it out of bed, \”and I\’m going to go for it.\” Another really cool little hack as well you can use is you can use the five-second rule, which is you count down from five, four, three, two, one, and when you get to zero, you insert a command. You insert whatever it is that you want to do, whether it be get out of bed, it\’s going to be, let\’s go, let\’s do this, let\’s go exercise, whatever it is that you\’re hesitant at doing, you can insert that command. You fire it into your unconscious mind, and you then just go for it. That\’s another really cool hack. I definitely recommend everyone utilise this to their advantage. Again, it\’s all these little hacks that we, when we start to utilise all these consistently on a daily basis, whether it be understanding a motivation strategy, whether it be eliminating distractions by turning off all our notifications, or whether it simply be us deciding to do some breathing in the morning or having a cold shower. These are little 1% factors that translate to us living a life of high performance, living a life of striving to be at our best. I don\’t know about you guys, but for me, I\’ve always just had this innate drive to just want to be the best I can be. When we activate all those little one-percenters, that\’s when we maximise the amount of energy that we\’ve got, and we can realign all of that focus so we\’re focusing on what matters. Again, I believe that failure in life is just not knowing what\’s important, whereas success in life is knowing what\’s important and doing something about it. Again, this is all about focusing, focusing on what\’s important, and having the energy and the resolve and the commitment and the motivation to follow through. Again, impact is what it\’s about. Impact is the name of the game. When you\’re aware of these factors, when you\’re consistently executing these elements, you are helping create impact, which means you can get more done than anyone else, even when you\’re not necessarily as talented, even when you don\’t necessarily have the same skill or experience. You can get more done than anyone else simply because you\’ve mastered these elements, and you\’re now mastering these little 1% factors, which means you\’re more productive, you\’re more efficient, you\’re more effective, you\’re more energised, you\’ve got more vitality through your day. This is how you can hack your way into high performance. I just wanted to share those little nuggets of wisdom with you guys, and again, I don\’t want to share too much \’cause I don\’t overwhelm you guys. But really, it\’s just applying a couple of these things each day. I\’m just going to do a mini recap just remind you guys of how simple it is to apply these things. Going back to cold showers. Try it out. Try it, literally, maybe you might even start, and I used to do this, I started with a hot shower, and then I would turn the cold tap on at the end of the shower. Now, that\’s a good way, it\’s a mild way of starting out. Now I just go straight for the cold tap, and it\’s all just 100% cold water. Lots of breathing, lots of just feeling into it, and I walk out of the shower just completely pumped. Again, another really quick, another really cool hack is you can put on your favourite tunes in the morning. Favourite music, one of your most upbeat, well, basically, pick whatever emotion it is you want to experience in the morning. Put on that music. Play that music, dance around, move your body, breathe. Look up, just whenever we\’re finished from here, either write down Wim Hof or look up Wim Hof on YouTube. There\’s some great, really short videos that explain the Wim Hof breathing technique. I might even jump on here and explain it to you guys and show you my interpretation of the Wim Hof breathing technique and how it\’s benefited me, and how you do it. It\’s relatively simple to do. You can\’t really stuff it up, and there\’s nothing that can really go wrong. There\’s no risk to it. All it does is it just increases your vitality, increases your energy, and also boosts your immune system, and there\’s loads of other health benefits that have been scientifically proven through Wim Hof and his breathing technique. Again, eliminate distractions. Turn off notifications. Don\’t get sucked into social media. Don\’t get sucked into email. Create a plan every day before you\’re about to start working. Again, it\’s really important that before you do anything, you create a plan, you work off a prioritised list of what\’s important. What\’s important, what\’s urgent, what\’s the mission for today, and be very, very clear about working off a list of priorities, because if you\’re not working off a list, you\’re just working randomly off whatever\’s just going to come into your mind. It\’s important to have a structured, strategic approach where you have, again, it\’s about prioritisation, because when you have priorities, when you get your priorities clear, you are focused. You know exactly what I\’m focusing on. Again, when you have your priorities aligned and you have them set in place and you focus on them, you can actualize what takes someone 10 years, you can do in one year, or even faster. This is what this is really about. It\’s about creating impact, which is results, fast. I don\’t know about you guys, but we\’re not here for a long time. We maybe get 100 years to live a life. Doesn\’t it make sense to use all these hacks to our advantage to get more shit done in less time, and that way, there\’s more time for the stuff that matters, okay? I believe that success in life is knowing what\’s important and focusing on what\’s important. Again, the last aspect was creating a visualisation, creating a picture for your future, imagining your future, imagining your day, imagining your year ahead of time, going successfully, going to plan. That way, you fool your unconscious mind into thinking it\’s already happened, because studies have shown that your unconscious mind doesn\’t know the difference between an imagined experience and a real experience. It doesn\’t know the difference between an imagined experience or a real experience. The benefit of that is you can condition your nervous system, you can condition your unconscious mind for actually experiencing the benefits of that thing ahead of time, which creates a compelling future. It creates, essentially, it instals a reality. What it does is, if you imagine that something has happened, if that now hasn\’t happened, well, now, your brain is now scrambling to actually make that come to fruition. Your brain is now scrambling to say, \”Hang on, something\’s wrong. \”I\’ve been made to think that this has happened, \”but it\’s now actually hasn\’t happened. \”Something\’s wrong.\” Your unconscious mind is going to work unconsciously and strive to actually create that result, create that future for you, just simply because of the way that the brain is wired. These are some hacks, these are some really cool simple tools that you can use to, again, create motivation, to create a compelling future for yourself. When you create that compelling future yourself, you\’re more motivated. You\’re more tuned in to the future that\’s there waiting for you, so that way, this is another way of hacking motivation. If you\’ve visualised your future, if you\’ve visualised what it\’s like, if you\’ve seen it, you\’ve tasted it, you\’ve felt success, and you see, you\’re now lit up with enthusiasm and motivation. You can now use that to hack your motivation throughout the day, \’cause all you do is you bring back up the picture in your mind of what it\’s like to experience that, and you bring back that flood of emotion, which is the label we\’ll use for wanting to actually create our future, is motivation. We\’re actually firing off our motivation strategy. It\’s W-I-M, Rod. W-I-M Hof, And if you just search Wim Hof breathing, you\’ll see there\’s dozens and dozens of YouTube videos. My suggestion would be, find one that\’s a relatively short one. You\’ll find most people, there are long ones that go for about four hour. There\’s a Lewis Howes one that just goes for probably about half an hour to an hour. There\’s some other really short ones which give you a really condensed version of that. So, anyway, explore it. Another really cool hack is there is also a speed, there\’s also a plug-in you can use for Google Chrome which is called, I think it\’s called a speed accelerator, Video Speed Controller, so you can watch videos on 10% speed, 20% speed faster. You can accelerate all the videos that you watch up to 10 times faster, so, a huge hack there, again, if you want to watch/consume video content faster. Most people, we can listen a lot faster than, we can actually listen a lot faster then videos are presented at. Definitely download yourself the Video Speed Controller plugin for Google Chrome and watch all your videos, watch all your learning curriculum a hell of a lot faster. You can learn, you can absorb, and you can make more impact because you\’re learning quicker. I trust that serves, guys, they were just some little hacks, life hacks for tonight that I thought I\’d share with you that I have found have made a massive difference to my life. Without all these little hacks that I use, I\’d probably, I\’d only be operating at probably 50% of my productivity that I\’d be operating at, as a guess. These matter. These are little one-percenters that make all the difference. I trust that adds value, you guys. I\’m going to be sharing more of these little hacks which, as I said, when you add the 1%, 1%, they all add up and they make a massive difference. Don’t feel like you have to implement every single thing tomorrow. Just make a list of these things, implement maybe one per week, maybe one every couple of days. Test it out, and as we know, it takes a lot to build a habit. You\’ve got to consistently keep applying these things and doing these things before you build it up to a habit, because what you\’re doing is you\’re working against your unconscious mind, \’cause that\’s been conditioned for basically the moment you were born up to the moment of now of doing things a particular way. If you want to do something in a different way, you\’re going to have to take action to override the neurological pathways, the connections that have been cultivated, which is a habit. It\’s going to take energy to go in a different direction, but it\’s well worth the trip, because once you go through and take action, you update your neural pathways, you change the habit, and then it becomes easier and effortlessly, easier and effortless. Thanks, Rob, thanks, Lauren. Pleasure to share this info with you guys, Trust you\’re having a great week, and I\’ll be back next Transformation Tuesday with more life hacks, more business hacks, and more ways to get the most out of life. As always, lots of love. I\’ll see you guys again soon. Thanks, Dora, I have no idea what that means, but I\’m guessing it means thank you or something like that in Russian. Cool, Rod. Thank you guys, and I will see you guys again soon. Much love.

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