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Ep #18: How to overcome your limiting beliefs

Good evening everyone, happy Transformation Tuesday. Thanks for tuning in, tonight I\’m going to dive deep into how to hack your reality. And what I\’m covering tonight is one of the most powerful things that I wish I knew about when I was, as early as I possibly could have learned about, which is one of the biggest limitations that holds human beings back from actualizing, creating their full potential. What am I talking about? I\’m talking about limiting beliefs tonight and yes I\’ve mentioned this before but I\’m going to drop a level deeper into limiting beliefs, how they effect us, why they are the silent killer. These are the ultimate weeds in the garden of our mind but these are the hand brake that are on for every single human being and sometimes they don\’t even know it. So I\’m going to dissect and dive incredibly deep into limiting beliefs, what they are, how to identify, particularly how to identify them and then how to eradicate them. So the thing about limiting beliefs is first of all, I\’ll dive into well, what is a belief in the first place. Because beliefs control everything. Beliefs are the foundational principle of what we manifest in life, what we create in our life, they are the foundation through which we do everything. So, what is a belief? Well a belief is a feeling of certainty. It is a sense of knowing. A belief is what we believe to be true, it is what we trust and those convictions we trust as being true. So the thing about a belief is we look at our world and we go well, \”I think that\’s true\”, or \”I think that\’s not true\”. Now again, the thing about a belief is based on our experience, based on our knowledge, based on ourand all the experiences in our whole entire life have led us to the point where we are right now where we have a perspective on what we believe to be true that\’s simply a belief. Now, also another way of viewing a belief is it\’s simply a thought pattern that we\’ve had over and over and over and it\’s simply cemented in our mind, we\’ve created neural pathway which is now, we\’ve created a belief because having a thought so many times we\’ve created a belief. Hey Jackson, hey Rod, give us a shout out if you guys are there. Give us some love guys as you\’re logging on, let us know if you\’re there, give us a shout out. And a belief is like, you know when you\’re walking, if you\’ve ever gone through a walk through a forest or a walk through the bush. Hey Jackson, good to see you here brother. And when you walk through the bush, when you walk through it literally if you\’re following a new trail through the bush, when you walk a path a certain number of times and you\’re walking, following a path, that is like a belief. When you walk through a path so many times you tread down all the vegetation, you tread something down and it becomes a pathway that\’s easy to navigate through. Well we\’re doing that in our mind with neurological pathways, with thought processes. And we\’re doing it from the moment we\’re born. Because the moment we are born we don\’t have any beliefs. We are a blank canvas, we are just simply a human being that\’s born into the world with no perspective, no sense of identity, no beliefs, nothing, we\’re a blank canvas. And then everything we inherit from the moment we are born up until now, every single perspective, every opinion, everything that we believe to be true has been cultivated, created, curated, conditioned, and programmed into us. Yes, I use the word programmed. We are like a computer programme. Hey Rod, good to see you here mate, hope you\’re well. We are like a programme and we have been programmed be every event, all the events of every moment of our entire life right from the moment we were born, right from the moment when we were 3 years old when our parents got angry at us for the first time and we might have decided that geeze, maybe I\’m not good enough. That\’s a core limiting belief that gets created. So, beliefs are perspectives, they are, beliefs are simply a convening assumption of reality. Right? What you believe to be possible, what you believe to be likely. So beliefs are just a filter and they are a programme that we have inherited that we have been conditioned in. So, all of our beliefs are all made up. All our beliefs, they\’re these things that happened to us and the thoughts we\’ve had so many times just like the path when you walk through the bush. When you\’ve had that thought so many times it becomes a belief. It\’s like a habit. When you do something over and over and over it becomes a habit. Well, when you have a thought process like \’I\’m not good enough\’ or \’You can\’t do that\’, when you think something like that over and over and over it creates a limiting belief. It creates a perspective of what we believe to be true just simply because we\’ve thought it so many times. And that\’s just a habit, it\’s just a thought loop that\’s been on repeat. Now that is just thinking. We are not our thoughts, we are not our thoughts. Beyond all this we are powerful spiritual beings having this human experience and one of the paths of the human experience as well as the ego, as well as fear, as well as those other programmes, is limiting beliefs. So this is just a pattern, it\’s a programme, it\’s a thing that we get conditioned into believing. So that\’s the first aspect, that\’s what a belief is. Now, the next aspect is to say righteo, we\’ve formed all these beliefs, we\’ve formed all these perspectives, now we need to look at well which of those beliefs are actually working for us. Right? Now, tell me if you guys can relate, right. At sometimes in our life whether it be maybe the moment we were born, might have been 2 years old, 3 years old, four years, five years old, something traumatic happens. Maybe you get told off by your parents, maybe something traumatic happens in your experience, and as a little kid we make that event, we make that at the time that traumatic event, and it might only been our parents just kind of growling at us or maybe they might have given us a smack but in that moment we made that mean something. Now what happens is that now gets stuck with us for the rest of our life \’cause in that moment we might make it mean I\’m not loved, I\’m not good enough, I will never be successful, maybe if my parents didn\’t have money then I\’ll never have money, I\’m not smart enough. Maybe my forth grade teacher said \”You\’re never going to be successful, you\’re not smart enough\”. So, well the child now starts to believe, well you and I start to believe that we\’re not smart enough or we\’re not going to be successful. So, this all happens through conditioning so we\’re like a computer, we\’re literally like hardware, we get loaded on with software and we have experiences that cultivate belief systems. Now some of those beliefs work for us, some of them don\’t. I\’ll give you some examples of some limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are things like I\’m not smart enough, I\’m not attractive enough to find the partner of my dreams. I don\’t have a business education so I can\’t start my business. Well, I\’m not tall enough or I don\’t have a big enough, I don\’t have a good looking smile or I don\’t have enough facial hair or maybe I\’ve got, maybe I\’m bald, or all these limiting excuses, all these limiting beliefs come to the surface and they\’re just excuses why we can\’t be the best version of ourself. And they\’re all just made up, right. Because at the end of the day we\’ve all got incredible potential within us. Whatever anyone can do, someone like a Bill Gates, someone like a Gary Vaynerchuck, any of these guys that are out there creating stuff, they\’re no different than you and I. They\’ve got the same hardware the only difference is they have the belief, they have the skill, they\’ve gone through the effort, the hard work, the journey, they\’re building their business, getting mentored. All the other elements that go into becoming successful, they\’ve just gone through the journey and they\’re ticked all those boxes but it starts with self belief. And again, if we have limiting beliefs, which are beliefs like I\’m not smart enough, I\’m not good enough, which have just been conditioned through our experience in our life then those are the weeds in the garden of your mind, they\’re going to control your destiny, they\’re going to hold you back from creating the life that you want. So the first thing is to identify well, out of all the beliefs that I\’ve got, which ones are serving me and which ones are not serving me? Well, I\’m going to give you some tools here on how to determine how do we even find our limiting beliefs. Because beliefs are like, I got saying for example, fish is swimming in a gold fish bowl. If a fish is swimming around frequently that\’s it\’s reality, that\’s it\’s universe, it doesn\’t even know that there\’s water there, it just is, it just is is-ness, it just is it\’s reality. Well the same thing for us. We have beliefs an we have limiting beliefs, which are just our reality, which we just perceive our reality to be the way it is. But if we\’re not able to observe and become aware of our limiting beliefs then they are like weeds that our taking our garden but we have no idea and we have no awareness of the taking. So, the key question that you\’ve got to ask yourself to uncover your limiting beliefs is this. First of all you want to ask, righteo, well what do I want to create? Maybe, what\’s your life\’s biggest goal? So for those of you guys watching maybe go ahead and type it in. Right now, what\’s your life\’s biggest goal? What\’s the biggest achievement that you want to create in your life? Type it in. Alright, maybe it\’s to create a business, maybe it\’s to be in a successful relationship, maybe it\’s to retire in a house by the beach. Whatever your life\’s biggest goal is think about that now. And now the question you want to ask yourself is, what\’s the reason why I don\’t already have that? Yeah, what\’s the reason why I don\’t already have that? That\’s one question that will help you illicit the excuses, the reasons why you haven\’t already got that. Now some of them might be valid, alright, but a lot of them are going to be the unconscious fluff, the limiting belief that we\’ve chosen to believe at some point in our younger years and that are now still guiding us or controlling us. So that\’s one of the major questions you can ask. The other major question you can ask is ultimately, and you can actually phrase it like this. You would actually say word for word, \’I don\’t have that goal, in circle,\’ \’I don\’t have that goal because, blank\’. Go for it, whatever it is. And that\’ll give you another reason. Another way you could do that is, \’I want to achieve blank, my goal, but, what?\’ But what gives you the excuse. So this is a couple of great questions, really powerful questions that can help you illicit what the limiting belief is. Now those limiting beliefs are going to be things like I\’m not smart enough, I\’m too old, I\’m too young, I\’m not good looking enough, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Right, they\’re just excuses because for everything that we want to create, for every goal that we want to achieve you can actually find someone in the world who\’s actually created it with less resources, with less time, with less money, with all those things. So you can always find someone who\’s done it more efficiently, quicker with less resources. So, ultimately at the end of the day we just know that we\’ve just got a lot of, we\’ve just got a lot of excuses that come up. And these are just unconscious excuses. So what is unconscious made conscious? Right, is going, when you take the unconscious limitations that you\’ve got and you become conscious of them you can overpower them, you can transform them. So the hand brake that you\’re driving around in, in the car, your vehicle, you, which you\’re driving around in, when you uncover these limiting beliefs and when you eradicate them and that\’s the next step I\’ll talk about it when you eradicate them, you actually take off the hand brake that you\’re driving around with. And you actually get to your goal so much faster, right. So, identify what\’s that biggest goal in your life and then you want to identify the fastest way to achieve that goal is work out what are the limiting beliefs that I\’ve got that are preventing me from creating that goal, from achieving that goal. And if you go to work on first of all identifying the limiting beliefs then eradicating them, your goal is going to happen ten times faster. It\’s going to happen so much quicker because you\’re not going to be, you\’re not going to have the fears, you\’re not going to be second guessing yourself, you\’re not going to have the doubts. Because all doubts are, doubts are just limiting beliefs. Doubts are just a gap in your sense of certainty about what you can create. So a doubt is just a limiting belief, it\’s just a lack of certainty in self. Fear, all that fear is, the fear gets created because we have an aversion or we have a belief that something\’s going to be painful. We\’re predicting that something\’s going to be painful in the future. So all of that fears they get created from limiting beliefs as well. That\’s going to be too painful, that\’s not worth the risk. For example, it\’s not worth being in a relationship or it\’s going to be too hard to do this. What are the chances of that happening? So again, all these limiting beliefs they\’re creating a sense of fear, they create unease, and they create scepticism. So if you have doubts they\’re just limiting beliefs. Now the good news is you can change every single limiting belief. The good news is you can change every single limiting belief that you have. Because ultimately we know that a limiting belief is just simply a perspective, it\’s a thought we\’ve had so many times it\’s just become a habit in our mind. We\’ve thought of it so many times on repeat kind of like groundhog day, we\’ve thought it so many times it now becomes our reality, it becomes our truth. You can change it, you can shift it. Because that belief is an unconscious programme, the way to shift it is through also accessing the unconscious mind. Now there\’s various techniques from NLP, from therapy, from different behavioural psychology processes and techniques. Things like anchoring, things like timeline therapy. There\’s all sorts of great stuff in the courses that I write and the trainings that I run where I teach you how to eliminate limiting beliefs and it\’s actually really quite simple. It\’s bizarre how quickly some of these limiting beliefs can change in an instant. So, the thing about limiting beliefs is they can all be changed, they can all be eradicated. Some of them take 1 minute some of them take 10 minutes, some of the take a little bit longer. Hypnosis is another tool you can use to eliminate limiting beliefs. But the foundation is recognising that the limiting belief is not actually true. That\’s the foundation. The foundation is recognising if we have got a belief like, let\’s just give some examples. And I\’ll give some examples of limiting beliefs that I used to have, that I\’ve overcome. Some of the beliefs that I used to have were that I wasn\’t intelligent enough to start my own business. So I just thought I got unlucky when it came to gene pool. Chris, you\’re not smart enough to do that, no, no. So that was just a, that was a limiting belief. How do I know that was a limiting belief? Well obviously I\’ve started my business now so I know that\’s not true. But you can look at something like that and you can say \”well, is it actually true?\”. That\’s the first perspective that you actually say, \”well, is my truth, is it actually true?\”. And in most cases you don\’t know, you\’ve just made up that truth, you\’ve created it. Am I smart enough, am I not smart enough? But I can tell you right now if you believe you\’re smart enough to be an entrepreneur as an example, then what are the chances of, how the chances going to increase or decrease of being a successful entrepreneur. That\’s the way to think about it. So our beliefs create our reality, our beliefs create our reality. So anyway, I didn\’t believe that I could be a successful entrepreneur for some years of my life and then I shifted that belief and then it changed. So what shifted? Did the truth change? No, it was always possible. I could be and every single one here watching, every single person in the world I believe can be a successful entrepreneur, successful business owner. You learn a set of skills, get the experience, you get the knowledge, you apply it, you follow the strategy. It\’s not necessarily easy but everyone can do it. It\’s possible. So if you have a belief that I can\’t do that, well that\’s not actually correct, it\’s not actually factual. It\’s not actually a correct belief is it? It\’s just a limitation, it\’s a very sceptical, pessimistic perspective that it\’s just a thought that\’s been happening from somewhere between the moment you were born and now. Because as I said before none of us were born with bliss. We were all born with blank canvases. We were just born as babies. You\’ve all seen babies when they\’re born, a baby just has nothing. Right, they\’re just crying all day. There\’s still a bit of smile, they do a bit of crying, and they don\’t have beliefs. And then from all the conversations, from all the emotions they have, all the emotional experiences. Maybe they get bullied at school, maybe they grow up in a house that\’s maybe got violence, maybe they grow in a house that\’s got love, who knows. All these factors go into programming and conditioning our belief system which then determines our perspective. What\’s possible for our life? What\’s likely for my life? Am I smart enough? Am I good looking enough? Am I blah, blah, blah, blah, insert limitation or a thing that\’s going to empower you. So that\’s the whole conditioning that\’s going on from every moment of our lives. So I\’ve got news for you, every single perspective, every single thought, every single belief that you\’ve got it\’s all been programmed, it\’s all been conditioned. Right, which now is good and bad news. As I said, the bad news is that it\’s a weed in your garden, the garden of your mind and it\’s going to take your garden, it\’s going to control your destiny, it\’s going to limit you. The good news is you can change them all. Now, before you can change them you have to become aware of them. So here\’s the things so I want to give you as I said before I\’m just giving you those power questions to illicit your limiting beliefs. So, those power questions you want to ask yourself and you want to go through a process that I call belief hunting. So belief hunting is where you illicit your beliefs. Now beliefs are unconscious, most beliefs are unconscious because just like the gold fish that\’s swimming around its goldfish bowl, it doesn\’t know it\’s in water. Well the same thing applies for us with our perspectives and with our beliefs in life because we just think what we think is true. That\’s just one of the parameters of being a human being, being a conscious human being we just think that what we think is true. But in reality when we actually take a closer look we can find like as I shared with my example. Can I be a successful entrepreneur? I didn\’t believe that I could for a long period of time. Right, same thing is I\’m not good enough. And I just want to complete destroy this limiting belief right here right now. So, for anyone who has the belief that I\’m not good enough, I just want to completely destroy this belief for you. I\’ll show you how to destroy this, right. Because when we say I\’m not good enough, this is what it actually means. It actually means right now at this moment in time I have a lack of certainty in my ability to deliver the result however, and this is truth for most people about most things. If I was to invest the time, the energy, the resources, get the mentoring, get the training, have the drive, the determination, the discipline, the work ethic, connect myself with some amazing people, and work my ass off, learn what I need to learn, get the strategy and believe in myself I can friggen do that thing, right. So that\’s the difference. So anyone that says \’ah, I\’m not good enough\’ it\’s like well, \’are you actually not good enough?\’ \’or is it just right now in this moment you haven\’t\’ \’learned the skill, the knowledge, or the experience\’ \’to be able to implement or execute that thing?\’. Well actually, \’yeah you\’ve got a point\’, \’maybe I could be good enough to do it.\’. So the thing is right now you\’re just looking at things through a limited perspective right now for it to create that belief is I\’m not good enough. Then again, the whole belief that I\’m not good enough is just a thought that\’s been happening since age 1. So it\’s just been programmed into us and we just haven\’t eradicated that thought loop that\’s been imprinted in our neurology and our brain. So that\’s the first thing to recognise, well actually, that\’s not true. I\’m not good enough is not actually true. It\’s like I could be good enough, maybe right now I am good enough but I just haven\’t learned the skill. Maybe I haven\’t learned the knowledge, maybe I haven\’t got the strategy, maybe there\’s just a couple of components or maybe some resources missing from the implementing that but it\’s got nothing to do with whether I\’m good enough to do it. I am good enough to do it if and when I access and tap into various things. And self belief is one of the most important factors that\’s going to govern the fact, the determination whether you\’re going to achieve that goal. Whether you\’re going to do that thing. \’Cause if you believe that you\’re good enough to do it, you\’re probably going to do it. If you believe you\’re not good enough, well you\’re probably not even going to bother going for it. So there you go. There\’s this self actualizing placebo effect going on here. So this is, pardon me, this is a really important concept. You have, every single person in the world has to identify their limiting beliefs. If you do not identify all your limiting beliefs they are simply going to limit you, they\’re going to hold you back and they\’re going to prevent you from creating the life that you want. So, what\’s your home tasks? What\’s your home play? Your home play is to ask those power questions. Number one, what\’s your life\’s biggest goal? What\’s your life\’s most important goal? Not necessarily the greatest or the most magnificent. But what\’s the goal in life that\’s the most important for you? That\’s number one. Now the next question you want to ask is, righteo, what are my unconscious internal limitations? How am I sabotaging myself? How\’s my unconscious mind going to try and trip me up here? What are my limiting beliefs? Now the questions to ask here and you might want to write these down \’cause these are powerful questions so this will help you eliminate all your limiting beliefs. So, I don\’t have what I want, I don\’t have that, because of blank. Now yes you might find some things that are maybe accurate, maybe true, but you\’re also going to find a lot of stuff, a lot of excuses and reasons why you can\’t. So these are all going to be unconscious so you\’ll bring these to the surface. Now the next question I want to ask is, well I want to achieve blank, your massive big, beautiful goal, right, your life\’s biggest achievement, I want to achieve that but blank, insert excuse. Hey, good to see you here little nanny, little J-nanny, sorry if I\’m, sorry if I pronounce your name wrong. Good to see you here, how yah doing? Sending love back to you. We\’re talking about limiting beliefs. And the third question you\’ll ask to illicit your limiting beliefs is well, I want to create that goal but insert excuse. Your mind will come up with an excuse. Well I want to create that but. And when you say the word but it prompts your unconscious mind to give you the excuses of why you can\’t do that. Now, all of this again, it\’s all just made up. It\’s all just head trash. All the limitations that we\’ve got in our mind, it\’s all been programmed, it\’s all been conditioned from the moment we were born. Through all the conversations that we\’ve had, maybe through conversations with parents, maybe it\’s through parents telling us off, maybe it\’s through being bullied, maybe it\’s through being told by a parent or a child or a teacher that we weren\’t good enough or something like this. And it\’s all been programmed, it\’s all conditioned, it\’s all holding us back and it\’s all rubbish. It\’s all rubbish! So, once you come up with those limitations, once you come up with those limiting beliefs you now have a list. This process as I said is called belief hunting, you now create your list of all the things that are holding you back from creating that goal. And now you go through them and you ask the question. Is this true? Is it true? Is that true, is that true, is it true, is it true, is it true? Now when you inquire you also want to ask is it really true? And for example if you come back with well I\’m not, and again, I often get asked this question from a lot of people. Like well, what if you want to be an Olympic runner? What if you want to run 100 metres in 5 seconds? And it\’s like well, when you look at an example like that, you might say well, maybe based on the laws of physics and based on all the other people that are best in the world maybe it\’s not likely. Right, so again you can start to use your discerning. You can start to look at physics and you can start to look at logic but at the same time you also for example, where I was at when I said I don\’t believe I\’m smart enough or I don\’t believe I\’m good enough to be an entrepreneur. Right, well you could look at well hang on Chris, there\’s plenty of other people that I know smarter than you, that are younger than you, right, that don\’t have the work ethic like you, that haven\’t done the education, that have started businesses and earning millions and millions of dollars. So, where are you getting this perspective from? You\’re not accurate. So you can sort of check in and you can look at okay, is this actually true? You know, look at the data, look at the examples, but more importantly just decide to believe in yourself just simply because, because by believing in yourself, from by believing that it\’s possible and by believing that you are good enough, the placebo effect kicks in. You believe in it, you actualize it, you see it you go for it and you\’re going to do it. So this is the thing, this is one of the biggest hacks of reality that I know of is choosing to believe something not necessarily because you\’ve seen evidence of it but choosing to believe it because you feel in your heart that you want it. Choosing to believe something because you know that it\’s going to hack your reality. Choosing to believe something is almost like selectively brainwashing yourself, cleverly brainwashing yourself to believe something. Because the placebo effect you\’re going to actualize creating that result in your life by believing it. The power of belief is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. So by believing in something you\’re going to accelerate, you\’re going to hack, you\’re going to increase the probability, increase the chances of you achieving that goal. It\’s just the way that the universe, the way that human psychology works. By believing in it you\’re going to help create it. You\’re going to create it faster, that\’s just the way it works. Now, maybe you will never create it, who cares. You believe it, you go on for it, you\’ve increased the chances of creating that. Alright, particularly for something that\’s important to you. Right, if it\’s very, very important to you then it\’s your mission to believe that that\’s possible. It\’s your mission to decide to choose to have the courage to believe that. And this is the thing about belief. Belief, yet all of our beliefs are just made up so it makes sense to just create beliefs that serve us, that align us, and that guide us in the direction of things that we want. Thanks Dora, sending you love eyes back at you. So guys just to wrap up, illicit your limiting beliefs. Well first of all, pick your goal, illicit your limiting beliefs and then assess them and go hang on. Which of these are actually true? Alright, are there, is there any merit to them? Are there any facts? Is there any data to actually say, well is there any truth to any of those perspectives or opinions or beliefs that you\’ve got? And then you want to go to work on eradicating them. So the whole belief eradication thing, that\’s a whole other topic for a whole other Facebook live but ultimately you can start by eradicating beliefs by just consciously reflecting on a belief, see if it\’s true, and then what you do is you start to change your thinking patterns. You start to change your thought processes, you create new thinking habits and what that does is over time it creates new neural networks in your brain which creates a new truth. You then need to couple that with action, taking new action that aligns in a new direction so that you\’re up there in your neurology and so that you\’re changing the thought habits that you\’ve got and then that\’s going to have a profound impact on what you believe to be true on your beliefs. You can change your beliefs just by having new thoughts. Hey, how yah doing? I\’m just reading through the comments here. Thank you, yeah, thanks guys I appreciate your comments. And I\’m going to wrap it up very soon guys. I just want to touch, I just want to add a last few couple of nuggets of wisdom and it\’s this. Winners in life ask for help. Winners in life ask for help. Losers in life would prefer to do it alone because they think that asking for help is a sign of weakness. So they go it alone, they don\’t ask for help, they just think ah I\’m going to do it myself, I\’ll show them. Right, now, yes there is also merit for striving and having perseverance and determination and you know what there\’s also incredible courage and a beauty in reaching out and asking for help. And this is a beautiful thing. You know, if you\’re reaching out for, if you\’re wanting to connect with someone who\’s achieved what you\’re wanting to achieve then wouldn\’t it make sense to connect with someone who\’s already done what you want to do. And you get their strategy, you get their perspective, you get their belief system. And you can reach out and you can actually extract their knowledge and their wisdom. They\’ve already solved the problem, they\’ve already done it. So they can accelerate you, catapult your forward in life. So you can get there 10 times quicker. So this is intelligence and this is what\’s called, in NLP we call it modelling. You look at someone who\’s already got the result you\’re looking for whether it be baking a cake, whether it be starting a business, and you take all their knowledge and expertise. For example, someone who writes a book, they distil their whole life\’s knowledge and their wisdom and their experience into a book. You can then read that book and you\’re now empowered and you don\’t have to spend decades making the same mistake they have made. You can go ah, you get the nugget of wisdom and then you might accelerate your journey by 10 years. You might save yourself 10 years because you\’ve got that one little nugget, you don\’t have to make the mistake. So winners ask for help, losers think it\’s a sign of weakness asking for help. So that\’s a core principle I want to remind all you guys. \’Cause I\’m constantly asking for help. I\’ve got some many mentors. I\’ve got such a beautiful, amazing community of people supporting me behind the scenes here that I\’m accelerating where I\’m going by decades if I was to do it alone. And yes it costs money, yes it\’s an investment, yes it takes time, however, the fastest way to create success in our life is to find someone who\’s already been successful at it. Model their strategy, find out what they\’ve done, seek out some support, seek out strategy so we can accelerate it. Yes, you also want to be authentic, you also want to tune in, you also want to connect to yourself and also bounce ideas and get suggestions, get support and get feedback from other people and connect both your internal guidance with the support of other people and that\’s the best of both worlds. So I just wanted to share that with you guys. So, I trust that was helpful. I look forward to hearing you guys and your comments and your questions. Please if you guys have got specific questions, if you\’ve got other comments, please give me some feedback if you want to hear more different topics, less topics, if you\’ve got specific questions, please send then through. I\’m always looking to add the most amount of value and answer all the questions that I possibly can. So I trust that adds value guys. These limiting beliefs are one of these most powerful things to be aware of. When you identify them, when you eradicate them, you will transform your life and you\’ll get to your goals, you\’ll get to where you want to go so much quicker. So I trust that was useful guys. Thanks Rod, thanks Charmaine, I look forward to seeing you guys again next Tuesday on Transformation Tuesday. Thanks Dora, thank you for your comments. Thanks Asha and thanks to everyone. As always, lots of love, I wish you guys all the best for this coming week and I will see you again next Tuesday. Bye for now.

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