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Ep #16: Life lessons from Burning Man (and what I actually did about it)

Good evening. Welcome back to transformation Tuesday guys. I\’m back from Burning Man. And I had an incredible eight days in the middle of the desert in Nevada, and I got some amazing stories and learnings to share with you around business, around life, around self-expression, around hacking reality, around getting the most out of life. So spending eight days in the desert, in hot dusty cold conditions, is a pretty extreme environment where you learn a lot about yourself. So I\’m going to be sharing some realisations and learnings about myself, about life, about reality, and how to hack reality. So if you\’re, a business owner, or you\’re an entrepreneur, you\’re just someone who wants to give it your life, you\’re going to really like this episode, \’cause I\’m going to share with you some pretty cool aspects of how to hack our reality and the learnings that are presented to us when we have an experience like Burning Man. So I\’m just going to drop into explaining and sharing with you what Burning Man was like. Now, for a lot of you guys, you might be familiar with Burning Man. Burning Man is a gathering. It\’s an experience of 70,000 people. And it\’s a community that comes together for one week of the year and it\’s an amazing community. It\’s a community of dreamers and doers, truly connected people that are looking for something special, people that are a little bit different, people that are looking for something unique. And people that live a little bit on the edge, on the fringe, a little bit left of centre. And Burning Man, it really is a powerful community of people that are just coming together to celebrate life, to celebrate self-expression, to celebrate communal effort, to celebrate individuality. And it really is a melting pot of different elements of life. And when you spend eight days in the desert, you really get to learn a lot about yourself and learn a lot about other people. And just start to get to test and start to hack different parts of our reality. Hey Dora, good to see you here! How are you? And I\’m talking about Burning Man, so you\’re going to love this. So you get to explore, and get to experiment and you get to be a different personality. I\’ll start to explore a little bit more about what I mean by that in terms of our identity. You dress up in crazy costumes. You could walk around naked if you want, you can do nearly anything that you want at Burning Man. And it\’s a very tolerant, very loving, very compassionate society, if you like, it gets put together for a week. So there\’s 70,000 people that come together for this week. And the classic greeting that you experience when you\’re at Burning Man, you just don\’t walk up to someone and shake their hand and say hi nice to meet you. You walk up to them and you hug them. You walk up to just a complete stranger and you hug them, and it\’s like you\’re meeting a long-lost best friend that you haven\’t connected with for a couple of years and you\’re just kicking back off from where you left off. So that\’s what Burning Man is like. And it\’s founded on some pretty amazing principles. Principles of radical self-expression. Radical self-expression means being the most authentic, being the most authentic true version of yourself and putting that on show. So putting down the mask, not pretending to be something that you\’re not, just being your authentic true self. Burning Man is set up in such a way that there is no judgement there. There is a society where you get to be whoever you are and everyone\’s cool that no one cares, about what clothing you\’re wearing. No one cares what you\’re doing. If someone\’s walking around naked, it\’s like good for you, good on you, good on you! Congratulations, well done! Whatever you want to do you do it. So it really is an incredible expression or an incredible social experiment that really you get to test out a different way of being. It\’s totally different from this reality. So if you\’re a business owner, if you\’re an entrepreneur. if you\’re just anyone in life who is wanting to mess with your reality, if you\’re wanting to transform how you think, if you wanting to push past your boundaries, you want to push past your comfort zone, you wanted to transform your way of being, this is a fantastic, if you like, very safe space to test your limits, to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Because it\’s a very safe space, where no one judges you. No one will say anything to you. You could do, be whatever you want and you\’re in your element. Because there\’s some pretty wild and wacky people there. There\’s some people there, as I said, there are people walking around naked, there\’s people there taking all sorts of drugs. There\’s people there doing all sorts of crazy wild behaviours that they would probably never consider doing in normal reality. But at Burning Man, it\’s tolerated, it\’s celebrated. It is totally normal. So it gives you a perspective, and it gives you a contrast. And this is one of the topics that I want to bring up, is one of the big learnings that I brought back from Burning Man. Hey Jay. Hey,it\’s good to see you guys here. One of the greatest learnings that I brought back is the awareness of the contrast between how we feel like we can behave at somewhere like Burning Man, when there is no judgement , when there is no people staring at us, watching us, critiquing us, criticising us, versus when we feel like when we come back to the normal reality, which is when we feel like we have to wear a mask. In some cases we\’d feel like we have to wear a mask. We feel like we have to be a certain way. We feel like we have to toe the line. It feels like we have to dress a certain way. So it\’s a fantastic contrast that gives us an awareness of, hmm, well, if I\’m not being judged, or watched, or criticised, how would I be versus in my normal daily life? How am I choosing to be? Which gives us an awareness of hmm, what\’s going on internally within us, such that we give ourselves permission to be our true authentic selves over here when we set foot across this crazy experience called Burning Man, versus when we come back into normal life? So these are some ideas and concepts I wanted to discuss, because I think these are really powerful ideas. Well, there\’s a lot of learnings, there\’s a lot of wisdom in an experience like this, where we can learn from. So the first aspect I want to touch on is self-expression. And I think this is really important. This is something for everyone. The more self expressed that we are, I think, the more healthy and outlet we have for being our true selves. So, as I said before, the key distinction here is recognising, well, if there are certain situations where I feel like I\’m more comfortable being my true self versus not, the key here is an awareness of when am I deciding to do that? When am I deciding to be my true self, and where am I not? When am I putting on a mask? When am I letting my ego control me and limit me, and hold me back. And I think going to Burning Man is a classic example of us having an experience of where we are completely uninhibited because there is no pressure, there\’s no social pressure, there\’s no judgement . There\’s absolutely no criticism, or even observation, or commenting on who and what you are and what you do, because everyone is just tolerant. Everyone is just like you can do whatever you want. Good for you. So this is a really important principle, I think, that gets illustrated through Burning Man is when people exit Burning Man, they come back to society, and everyone else, when you greet someone, they\’re not hugging each other, there\’s not people walking around with crazy costumes, walking around naked. There\’s people toeing the line, being a certain way, because that\’s how they feel they should be to fit in. So again, it\’s a recognition of, if there\’s any part of our life, if there\’s any part of ourselves that we\’re withholding that we are not expressing, that we\’re not celebrating. if we\’re not celebrating that innate part of us, then we\’re going to check in and question well, hmm, what\’s the reason why I\’m not celebrating? What\’s the reason I\’m not presenting that to the world? Where am I holding myself back? Where am I not expressing and celebrating the essence of who I truly am, and if you like, the your vibration or your signature, of what you\’re truly here to experience? Because there\’s so many masks, there\’s so many conditioned behaviours that we learn as kids to shut down aspects of ourselves. To minimise the risk of judgement , minimise the risk of criticism. Wanting to fit in. Wanting to appear like we\’ve got our shit together. So this experience and this environment at Burning Man really is the ultimate testing, the ultimate experiment, to really fuck with reality and start to experiment and understand what\’s going on within us. So here are some of the things that I wanted to share with you from Burning Man. Before I give you anything, I just wanted to touch on just how wild and wacky Burning Man is, but also how amazing it is. Because it really is a place where you can celebrate your individuality. It\’s a place where you get to connect with other amazing people. And, as I said, you walk up to someone and you give them a big hug when you greet them for the first time. You\’ve never met this person before, you walk up to them and you just hug them. And it\’s like you\’re re-acquainting with a long-lost best friend. So this is the type of people that you meet at Burning Man. This is the conditions that have been cultivated in this society. And it\’s very tolerant, very loving, very compassionate. And everyone loves everyone. Everyone gets along, there\’s no animosity, there\’s no trouble, there\’s no need for police, there\’s no need for law and order because everyone there is just there to have a good time. So it\’s set up in such a way that it\’s this self-propelling, this beautiful self-organizing organism, where everyone is there to give, where everyone is there to contribute. And it really is founded on a principle of abundance. It\’s founded on this principle, where everyone has more than enough for themselves, so they have so much they can give to others. So it\’s a beautiful testrunner of a society where everyone has what they need. Everyone\’s overflowing. Everyone\’s cup is overflowing to actually give more to others. Which is another beautiful metaphor in life, is recognising and asking ourselves the question of where in our life are we coming from a place of scarcity? Whether it be giving away a smile, giving away eye contact, giving someone a compliment, saying hello to someone. So again it\’s a recognition of where are we on the spectrum of abundance versus scarcity? Are we going through life hoarding everything and just just focusing on ourselves, or actually going into life giving and contributing and we were overflowing and actually generating, and producing, and contributing to other people? So again, there\’s so many lessons from this experience. And for those of you that have been contemplating going to Burning Man, I highly recommend it. This is my third experience. And it\’s so powerful. Every year I\’ve learned so much more about myself, because it\’s the ultimate in pushing ourselves, beyond the comfort zone and going through some incredibly harsh conditions. And I\’ll touch on this \’cause there\’s so many lessons that apply to life that are cross-contextual. It\’s the key question here, is when you\’re in the desert at Burning Man, it gets really hot during the day it gets really cold during the night, and there is some crazy wild winds. We had what I called wild Wednesday, which was an incredible dust storm that just swept through. In fact, on the first day there, the whole day was just a dust storm. And on the way in we could literally couldn\’t see any further than a metre in front of the car on the way in. So when you\’re faced with these crazy wild conditions, it really tests your resilience. It tests you, pushes you out of your comfort zone. Wild winds, wild dust, heat, cold, extreme conditions. You\’ve got to take all of your food and supplies in for eight days. You can\’t buy anything here. There\’s no currency. So you have to be fully prepared. You have to be emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally prepared to go in for eight days of dealing with whatever happens out in the desert knowing that the only thing you can buy out there is coffee and bags of ice. So this really is a test of the human spirit, test of everything about yourself. And I\’ll give you some examples. So, for example, there was one evening on wild Wednesday, and this massive massive dust storm just swept through. It literally like just blew camps away. And there\’s just dust everywhere, and it\’s just absolute carnage, right? There\’s lots of bikes and people running everywhere and this is huge explosive dust storm, almost like a hurricane, just hits the whole city. And this was a moment where I had a moment of reflection. Which was, how am I going to respond to this? Do I batten down the hatches and do I just try and hide for cover and just try and survive, or do I run out in this dust storm and just smile, and dance it, and embrace it, and celebrate it? So that in itself is there\’s a little micro moments of challenge. These are the moments where we get tested. Because how we do one thing is how we do everything. How we respond to this challenge, is how we\’re going to respond to another challenge. So in that moment, I was like, I\’m going to celebrate this. I\’m going to rise to the challenge. So, even though it\’s dusty as fuck, and even though the winds are incredibly wild and I can\’t see more than two metres in front of me, I\’m just going to get ahead, I\’m just going to get out there and celebrate it and just embrace this experience right now. So, again in life, what\’s our philosophy? What\’s our approach when things get wild? When wild Wednesday hits and there\’s a massive dust storm? Do we duck for cover or do we actually embrace it and we stand strong and say, bring it on I can handle this. Is this all you\’ve got? And handle it with a smile and sort of wink at it and have a laugh. I guess this is an ideology that I\’m talking about in terms of life. When challenge strikes, when it\’s windy, when it\’s hot, when it\’s cold, when you\’re dehydrated, when you\’re out riding around in Burning Man. The place is huge. Like you can go out riding and it can be an hour away from getting back to your camp. So there\’s so many little challenges and micro moments of where you get tested to your limit. And things go wrong. Nothing ever goes to plan. And you\’ve just got to deal with life. And this is a beautiful, perfect, exciting experiment where you get to test and you get to feel into how do you handle different situations, and lots of crazy situations? As I said before, people are walking around naked. People are doing these all sorts of crazy games and experiments, and situations, and fun, and laughter and all sorts of things going on. It\’s the adults version of Disneyland, combined with a version of Mad Max and a post-apocalyptic gypsy camp wasteland adventure playground, it\’s just a wild experience. But there\’s so many learnings to be had in this place. So, that\’s why I love it so much and that\’s why I love going back there is because it tests our resilience, it tests attitude. And it\’s a great safe space for playing and exploring and expanding our sense of identity and a powerful way of learning more about ourselves. So that\’s the first best aspect. I touched a little bit on self-expression. Hey Charmaine, thanks for joining. I touched a little bit on self-expression. And self-expression is something that I didn\’t always appreciate until I uncovered Burning Man. And then I realised, I still had much, I was holding back my self-expression. Not just in terms of the crazy costumes that you\’ll see of Burning Man, but also in terms of vulnerability and also in terms of meeting new people. And the context of conversations that you have. Hey Charmaine, good to see you here. Thank you all. And so self-expression is something that\’s incredibly a very powerful outlet to know if we are being our true self. Because when we have truly self expressed, not in an egotistical way, I\’m talking about expressing our spirit, who we truly are at our core from a loving point of view, when we\’re truly self expressed in and celebrating our uniqueness, I think that\’s a very healthy, very powerful way of owning our energy and standing in our authority. Not just as a business owners and an entrepreneur, but also just as a human being, in even in the context of relationship, is learning to assert yourself. Learning to express and stand in your power, whether it be a masculine or feminine energy, and just be more of yourself. So I think self-expression is a true power that when we activate that self-expression, what comes with that, is true self-esteem. It\’s a sense of worthiness, it\’s a sense of self-love and it\’s a sense of acknowledging and celebrating who we truly are at our core. And again, we get snippets of where we may be more self expressed than others when we go to something like Burning Man. Hey Bella, good to see you here. So yeah, going to Burning Man is a great contrast to recognise, well, where am I not expressing myself as much as I could? When I go back to my reality, what am I hiding behind? Why am I suppressing myself? Who am I looking to impress? Why am I not being my true self right now? And I think a lot of you guys that are watching, tell me if this resonates with you, but sometimes in life we feel like we need to wear a mask. And tell me if you agree, sometimes we feel like we need to toe the line. Sometimes we feel like, oh, I need to say this, or be this certain way in order to get approval from others, or to get validation from others, or to fit in, or to be perceived a certain way, or I hope I\’m good enough. So all these things, all these aspects that I\’m describing, they\’re just patterns. They\’re patterns that we\’ve picked up from when we were born. And unless we offload these patterns through conditioning ourselves by taking new action and taking new behaviours that honour our true authenticity, those patterns will stay with us and they\’ll continue to play out. So we need to become aware of the pattern that\’s unfolding, recognising if it\’s serving us or not. Is it authentic to our spirit? Is it who we truly are at our core? Or is it some sort of pattern that we\’ve picked up, that our ego is playing out? And we\’re now living behind a mask and we don\’t feel like we can actually express ourselves, or be the person that we know we truly are at our core. I think another key distinction here is recognising who would we be if no one\’s watching? So, if you\’re alone in a room, and your favourite song comes on and you might be dancing around, like I do that all the time. I put on a song and I just like dance around the room. And I\’m just like, no one\’s watching. So when you\’re alone, when no one\’s watching you and you feel like you have permission to do whatever you want. Again, that\’s another contrasting experience of recognising well, why right now do I feel like I can do whatever I want, but then as soon as someone\’s watching me, hmm, it\’s a different set of rules that apply? Maybe I feel like I need to adjust or adapt my behaviour. Now that gap, that gap between how we naturally are when no one\’s watching, or at Burning Man, and how we are behaving, and how we are being when we come back into reality when someone\’s watching us, that gap there, that\’s the work that needs to be done. That\’s the gap in terms of what we\’re missing. In terms of accessing and being comfortable with being our true selves. Hey Charmaine, wearing a mask and playing our roles, yeah. So the the roles that we play, the identity that we feel like we need to live into, the identity that we feel like we need to play out. That\’s all been conditioned. That\’s all been playing out all the way from the moment we were born up until now. Because we weren\’t born with the role. That we weren\’t born with any expectations or any sense of identity. As soon as we were born, we were just this, we were literally a blank canvas. And then pick up the patterns. We pick up the ego. We pick up all these functions of a human being. Many of them dysfunctional, many of them outside of conscious awareness. And these are playing out until we become aware of them. So Burning Man is a great place to become aware of the patterns that you we\’re running because you now can create a contrast for being in such a safe space where you get to now be whoever you truly want. You get to you get to dress however you want. You get to dance however you want. You get to do whatever the hell you want. And you now create a contrasting experience to know, hmm, well, I\’ve got normal reality and Burning Man. And I\’ve got two different operating modes And there\’s now a spectrum in between. And so, hmm, what\’s going on inside me such that I give myself permission to be this way over here, but not over here? What am I doing? How am I creating that? How am I judging myself? How am I diminishing myself? What role am I playing? What are the limiting beliefs that I\’ve got? What\’s my sense of identity, where I feel like I\’ve got to do this and do that? So beautiful awareness is beautiful realisations and great learning experience, great transformational learning experience for any of you guys that are into expanding. And a lot of you guys that are we watching, the reason why you\’re watching this is \’cause you like the idea of expanding. You like the idea of moving beyond your limitations. You\’re wanting to grow and you\’re wanting to experience more. Well, Burning Man, beautiful, fantastic, empowering experience to be able to do that. So I\’d highly recommend getting along and experiencing Burning Man. Not only from an expansion point of view and a personal growth point of view, but also just from a fun and experiential or point of view. Another really interesting thing I wanted to add to that is I have spoken to a lot of people who\’ve always said, \”I\’ve always loved to go to Burning Man. \”Oh, I\’d love to go there, it sounds amazing. \”Oh, I\’d love to go.\” And here\’s the thing. A lot of people talk about going and just like in a lot of things in life, a lot of people talk a good talk. They say I\’d love to do that. So they\’re interested but they\’re not actually committed. So there\’s a distinction here between interested versus committed. Now this is an important distinction because so many people they give life lip service. They say they\’re they want to create change in their life. They want to earn more money, or they want to start a business, or they want to increase the profit of the business. Or they want to do this. Or they want to lose weight. Or they want to have more energy, duh duh duh, They say they want to change their life. And I\’ve been there before as well. I\’ve said I want to change my life. But a lot of people are just interested, they\’re not actually committed to doing anything about it. So here\’s the difference. Is if you\’re sitting on the fence, there\’s interested in one side and committed on the other. And you\’ve got to pick one or the other. You have to pick which one, what are you going to be? And so, for the people that have commented on wanting to go in a Burning Man, ask yourself, are you interested or you committed? And it\’s the same with life. You\’ve got it to pick which side you are on. It doesn\’t matter what you\’re doing. Whether you\’re starting a business, whether you\’re in a relationship, you\’ve got to actually have commitment, or else you\’re not going to create the results you want. You\’re not going to energetically invested in unlocking that aspect of your life, whatever is you\’re looking to create. So that\’s a really powerful distinction. It\’s just asking, am I interested or committed? And depending on what you are, that will give you the the degree of awareness. Hey Dora,I know you\’re committed. You\’re one of the most committed people I\’ve met. I love your commitment. So that commitment it\’s a decision. It really is a decision. But again, it\’s condition. It\’s a conditioned decision. Because if we go through life, just saying, \”I\’m interested in that, \”I\’m curious about that,\” but we never do anything, what we\’re actually doing is we\’re teaching our unconscious mind, which is the master operating system of our body, which is most of our decisions, of all the behaviours, our driver for our unconscious mind. If we operate from a place of just being interested, then what we do is we teach our unconscious mind well, I can\’t really be trusted. I might have a dabble in that, but then I might give up on it. All right, so the more that we just try something and then give up like too easily, that\’s just entertaining and re… what\’s the word I\’m searching for, it\’s conditioning ourselves and it\’s teaching our unconscious mind that we can\’t be trusted to follow through. So we need to be very, very clear on if we want something, we\’ve got to commit to it. If we\’re not interested, we decide to not commit to it. We don\’t just sort of dabble and sort of be curious and just sort of interested. And then sort of tiptoe in, and then tiptoe back out, we\’re got to decide and commit. And when we have that resilience and that resolve, and that determination of saying, yeah I want this, and I\’m going to go for it, I\’m going to get it. And even if we fail. At least just having that commitment to go for it, and knowing what look, I was committed and I would have followed through. Had I have succeeded then I would have gone for it. So there\’s so many lessons here. I\’m just going to touch on a couple of other really important ones. When I was at Burning Man, I had the pleasure of sitting in on a relationship workshop with a guy called Hepburn Pagan. And I forget his name of his wife. But they both presented an amazing workshop on relationship and an intimacy. And it was just amazing to see, even get up there and just present. And this guy is, I\’ve been a fan of him for a while. And he\’s a fantastically intelligent inspiring guy who\’s quite successful in his space of business. And he was just sitting up there in front of us just literally just sharing his amazing knowledge and wisdom, around relationship and life. And it was just phenomenal just to recognise that at a place like Burning Man, you can stumble across nearly anything. You can discover the most amazing things that are just so understated. And they\’re not even announced. There\’s not even a sign up. There\’s nothing even announcing it. And then you stumble into this place, I was like, wow this was incredible. This was one of the most amazing things I could ever have seen. And I didn\’t even know I was going to go there. So again, the lesson here is that sometimes in life, random things happen and you\’ve got to go with the flow sometimes. And sometimes when you least expect it, a surprise will happen. And you\’ll discover something when you least expected it. So I think this is a beautiful philosophy for living. Is to recognise that sometimes serendipitously accidentally, whether you call it accidentally, or luckily, things will happen. And things will prop up around us and we need to be prepared. We need to take to take the opportunity when it arises to embrace that experience. And just to run with it and just go, yeah awesome. So when I saw that workshop, it was literally, it seemed like a truly a two hour workshop. I just managed to stumble across it, I was like, okay, great. I\’m going to change all my plans for my day and I\’m going to sit on this workshop. Because it\’s one of the world\’s best thought leaders in business and life that\’s now doing a presentation, so I\’m in. So that was pretty powerful. And to add to that as well is, a lot of the comments and the questions I get from clients, is in and around the concept of FOMO, which is Fear Of Missing Out. And Fear Of Missing Out it can be quite toxic when people are afraid to do anything. People, they get stifled. They get restrained. They get hung up and they get stuck. Because they don\’t want to miss out or they don\’t want to make the wrong decision. So, as a consequence, they make no decision. So the key here is recognising well, am I afraid of making the wrong decision and as a result, I\’m actually sabotaging my life? Or I\’m actually genuinely actually waiting to get clarity and actually waiting to make the right decision? So this is a key concept. A lot of people they get stuck and they they they fall victim to the pattern of FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out. As a result, they make no decision. They just get stuck waiting, wishing, and hoping, and repeating the same pattern over and over and over again. And they justify by saying oh, I don\’t want to miss out which is another version of perfectionism. Perfectionists, they say, oh, I want to do it right. I want to get it right. I want to do it properly. So because they want to get it perfect, because they want to get it right, they do nothing, right? Because perfectionism is actually having no standards. Perfectionism is the lowest standard. Because perfectionist are too scared to actually get to the game, to actually jump in the pool and and figure it out. Because they would rather not make a mistake. Hey Grant, good to see you there mate. And so perfectionism is a lot of standards. There\’s a lot of people that want to get into business and say, oh, the time is not right. There\’s a lot of people that want to be in a relationship. There\’s a lot of people that want to go for that next thing, but they say,that\’s not quite right. I haven\’t quite perfected it yet. So they are still war-gaming it, they\’re still planning it. They\’re still getting stuck into it right? And then five years later, ten years later, you have the conversation, they\’re still having the same conversation in mind, nothing\’s changed. So this is the key distinction. Is recognising, where is FOMO? Where is Fear Of Missing Out playing out? Where is perfectionism playing out? Where are we afraid to get stuck into the game of life? Yeah Butler, that\’s it, just get in there and give it a crack. So I was listening to a quote the day by Brian Tracy. And he was speaking with the gentleman. And his advice was, if you wanted to double the rate of success in your life, ie, if you wanted to double the speed in which you\’re growing in business, if you wanted to double the speed of you learning something, the way to do that is to double the rate of, myjust went off. We\’ve got to double the rate of failure so that you can learn twice as quickly. So the key to success in life is actually failing as quickly and you possibly can, getting up learning. What are the learnings? What are the lessons? How do I implement? How do I update? How do I change tack? How do I undertake this and move forward? So having an attitude of being willing to have a crack, willing to fail, willing to fall over, willing to get it wrong, willing to just learn, will into experiment, that\’s the ultimate in being successful. So wanting to look good, wanting to appear like we\’ve got our shit together, just wanting to look good, isn\’t going to create the success that you want. Looking good is basically just feeding our ego and it\’s just creating a false, propping up our self-worth using a basically an unsustainable, really fickle way of doing that. So that is a key concept. And then to relate that back to Burning Man, there\’s a lot of people there that when they look at everything at Burning Man, because there\’s such a huge experience, there\’s like 70,000 people, there\’s so many different art cars and theme camps. And there\’s so much art on the property. There physically is not enough time, to actually go around and view it all. So if you\’re expecting to be able to see everything at Burning Man, you physically won\’t be able to see it. because there\’s not enough time. And this is analogous with life. This is the same as life. If you\’re expecting to be able to do everything, if you\’re expecting to travel to every country, to learn every language, to experiment with, test every idea that you\’ve got, you\’re never going to get in the game. You\’re never going to be able to experience and dive deep into life. So just like there\’s so much art and there\’s so many experiences in Burning Man, you physically can\’t see it all in the eight days that you\’re there, the same goes for life. Life is just so much. There\’s an abundance of opportunities. You just physically can\’t entertain the idea of doing everything. So you have to you have to surrender. You have to surrender to recognising, you know what look, I physically can\’t do all of it. In fact, let\’s completely abandon the idea of striving to do all of it. And let\’s just embrace doing what I love. Doing what I resonate with. Doing what I am aligned with. So this is the same with relationships. This is the same with health. This is the same with career and business. It\’s recognising that life is short. Let\’s focus on what\’s important. Let\’s focus on the most important, the thing that aligns, the thing that lights us up. The thing that we feel can most connected to. Let\’s focus on that and let\’s do that. And all the other stuff, look maybe we\’ll get to it maybe we won\’t. And it\’s a non attachment to, if I get to that, if I do that, non attachment to it. Focus on what we\’re aligned to, what are we connected to. Embrace that and just let go of any attachment to needing to tick off all the boxes, or to do stuff for feeling like what we need to have done it and just connect to what\’s important. So that\’s my lesson. That\’s my learning from Burning Man for particularly for anyone in their first year, who\’s going to go to Burning Man. Definitely let go of any attachment to needing to see it all, or do it all in a particular way. Your plans are going to get thrown out just like in life plans get thrown out. The way that you thought your life was going to go, it\’s not going to go that way, so let go of any attachment to that. Let go any need for your life to go a particular way. Connect to your true, authentic self. Have compassion for self. Have a degree of flexibility. Embrace the chaos of life. Life isn\’t going to go to plan. I think it\’s a convenient assumption or a very, very resourceful belief to have, which is, life is conspiring in our favour. Life is giving us the ultimate experience that we could, the best experience that we could ever have wanted. And it\’s teaching us and it\’s giving us all the lessons. And it\’s there and it will provide us whatever we want, whenever we\’re actually willing to connect to what\’s truly important. And actually connect to our true self and be the expression of our spirit, be our true self. And I think when we turn up as the greatest most purest, most truest version of us, that\’s when life gives us back so much and that\’s when life is more effortless. That\’s when life is even more vibrant and more exciting. Thanks, I Charmaine appreciate it. And on that note guys, I am going to wrap it up because I want to keep this short and sweet. I trust you guys have gotten some nuggets of wisdom there. And I trust I have also shared some of the insights as to what Burning Man is like. Maybe next week, I might share a little bit more about what Burning Man is like. It really is an incredible experience. And I highly recommend it for anyone who\’s looking to expand, who is looking to grow, is looking to just experience something magical and incredible and it\’s just expand themselves and experience a different way of being. It truly is an amazing experience. Thanks for tuning Dora. Thanks Charmaine. And I look forward to seeing you guys again for next transformation Tuesday. I took a couple of weeks off. And it was great to get away and spend some time in the US and in Tassie. And now I\’m back so keep tuning in for the regular to Tuesday time slot. And I look forward to sharing more life and business mastery, insights, hacks, wisdom and knowledge with you guys. Thanks for tuning in. As always lots of love. Thanks for tuning in Bird, good to see there mate. Love you guys. By the way, if you have any questions, if you have any insights, if you like any special, if you have any questions, if you have any comments, if you have any topics that you like me to answer and speak into, please send me a message, drop me a comment. I\’m always looking to add more value and make this more tangible, more specific, more relevant for you guys. So please send me messages. And I look forward to speak to you guys again next Tuesday. Chris actually Jackson signing out. Lots of love guys. I\’ll speak to you again soon, bye for now.

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