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Top 3 Non Negotiable’s for a Successful Business & Life

Good evening everyone. Welcome to Transformation Tuesday. While I wait for a few of you to jump on, I\’m going to introduce tonight\’s topic which is, how I manage my life, how I manage my business; give you some of a behind the scenes hacks, secrets from behind the scenes; and while I\’m waiting for a few guys to jump on, I\’m just going to crank bit of a song, Trevor Hall, Wish man Enjoy Enjoy this beautiful sunset behind me here in Scarborough, it\’s amazing. Hey Matty, how you\’re doing mate, good to see ya. Good to have you here joining me for Transformation Tuesday, hey Dedy, good to see you here brother. And, welcome Angela, good to see you guys here, and welcome to this beautiful Transformation Tuesday as the sun\’s setting here in Scarborough. Thought I\’d share with you some of the business hacks, life hacks, Hey, Monica, good to see you here. Thought I\’d share some of more of the new answers around how do I set up my life; hey Jared; how do I set up my life, how do I set my business up, how do I approach my day, how do I approach my life, how do I extract the most I could possibly can out of life. Hey John. So, good to see you here Monica. Hope you\’re doing well. Hope you had a decent weekend. Hey Angela. For those of you who don\’t know, that missed the boat missed the end of light, we had an incredible weekend on Saturday, Hey Dedy, good to see you brother. we had an incredible weekend on Saturday and Sunday, creating transformations for some beautiful humans. Hey Paul, good to see you here man. Thanks for joining us Monica, I trust you had an amazing weekend. Everyone had such an incredible weekend, and I wanted to share some of the nuances around here and how we take our mastery of life to another level. Hey Paul, good to see you there mate. So, I want to share with you some of my own personal tips, my own hacks, in terms of how do I set my day up, how do I set up my routines, how do I set my rituals up, how do I approach my life and my business; and I think the first thing I really want to share with you, which is super important, is Thanks, Monica. Enjoy the high. It really is, so creating a successful life starts with how to create a successful day; how do we extract the most of we possible can from that day. And it all starts with winning the first hour of the day to then, win the rest of the day. So, you really want to be, first of all, first thing is, you want to be aware of the very first waking thought that you have in the morning. Here\’s number one hack. You want to be fully tuned in and alert and aware of what is that first waking thought. Is it , ah bugger I\’ve got to go to work, is it , ah, I didn\’t get enough sleep, or is it something like, wow, I\’m alive, I\’m awake, I get to have another day alive above ground, this is amazing. So, whether you need to have a Post-It note next to your bedside table, whether you need to have a sign on your roof, whether you need to have an alarm that goes off with a big buzzer or something that reminds you about right to become aware of this, than that is one the most transformational things you can do in the morning; is you consciously choosing what\’s the thought, what\’s the intention, what\’s that first emotion you want to create when you wake up. So, that\’s a powerful thing. Secondly, you want to make sure that you\’re drinking lots of water straight away, you want to be breathing, cause straight when I wake up, straight away, I\’m thinking gratitude, I\’m thinking yes, I\’ve got another day; straight away I\’m also breathing I\’m actually taking massive big deep belly breaths; hey Dave, good to see you here mate; and then straight away I\’m splashing water on my face, I\’m drinking lots of water, and then straight away, I actually go into a meditation process, where I\’m actually connecting with my spirit, with my soul, I\’m actually connecting with the life force energy that is pouring through me. So that is the very first , that\’s my very first thing that I do at the beginning of the day. Now, you could do something else , you can check Facebook, you could log on to social media; Hi Kelly. Hi Steve, good to see you. Hi Dave, good to see you legend. You could check social media first thing, or you could log on to your email, or you could just lie there and think I\’m not ready to get up yet; or you could bounce out of bed, you can go \”right, let\’s go and do this\”. Now, there\’s certain structures that certainly help this. Firstly, having an alarm clock somewhere else on the other side of the room or having your phone in another room, certainly having an alarm going off is a structural way of getting you up and out of bed straight away; but you want to cultivate the ultimate start to you day, you start it up carefully. So, all these rituals, when you integrate these rituals throughout every single part of your day, that\’s how you turn success into a process, that\’s how you create reproducibility , that\’s how you create predictability in your day; because you now know that if I execute this protocol this is how my day is going to go. So, yes it\’s about hydration, it\’s about breathing it\’s about meditation, that\’s the foundational elements which if you introduce those into your life, you\’re going to create clarity, you\’re going to create energy, you\’re going to create a sense of momentum as a first thing when you get out of your bed. Now, another thing I recommend you to do as well, is start to just create some momentums; such as try to make you bed straight away, make your bed, like just get something done. If there\’s any clutter around, just declutter. So, kind of get a couple of things done, and make sure you have a very clean environment for you actually, when you first wake up. You don\’t want clutter, you don\’t want this environment that is filthy around you, you want something that\’s inspiring. So, this is a really important factor in your house, in your home, in your room everywhere; is declutter. Our internal world of clarity is a lot of so many cases, is depended upon our external environment; so if you have rubbish, you have clutter around you; how does that feel? I mean you\’re asking probably, well I\’ll let you know, just throw stuff at you, when you do a big clear out, when you clear your external environment, or when you just have a spring clean, how good does it feel inside? Let me know if you guys can relate to when you clean your environment, just how good you feel internally. So, this is just some of the really simple things you can do which makes a big difference. What else do I do? Well, I make sure every day I\’m doing some form of exercise; even if it\’s only 15 minutes, I\’ve got an app on my phone which just runs me through this, a couple of little exercises, rituals and routines. So, some days it\’s just a really simple exercise or routine in my bedroom. Other days I go for a run down at the beach, other days I go for a swim, other days I go for a gym session, other days I do yoga. You\’ve got to be doing something every day to move your body, you\’ve got to be doing something to get some blood flow, to get some movement, you have to, like every day, this has to be non-negotiable. So, what is also non-negotiable I recommend, is making sure you\’re drinking heaps of water. You\’ve got to be drinking heaps of water the whole day, you got to stay hydrated, you got to remember to stay hydrated, you got to remember to breathe lots; so again, you want to set up some triggers in your environment so that you\’re hydrating, you\’re breathing, you\’re meditating, you\’re doing mini yoga stretches all throughout your day, you want to set your day up with lots of triggers. I have an alarm set up on my phone, going off, every hour of the day, to remind me to stay present, connected and aligned. So, there\’s a lot of really powerful aspects of rituals and routines, when you set reminders, when you post notes all around the place, you turn mastering life into a process because you\’ve got reminders all around you in your environment. Hey Monica, I\’m just reading your message there. You moved not long ago and \”only bought what makes us feel good, such a difference without clutter\”; okay, I\’m just seeing if I can click your comment, I don\’t know if I can see your comment there, but might can see the last bit of that comment, Monica, which is such a difference without clutter. Yeah, so, just declutter. I got given a book on decluttering and I read it, and straight away, after probably about five minutes, okay great, I\’m decluttering; so I just went on a mission and I just decluttered everything in my house. So, as you can probably see here, I\’ve upgraded my office here, so other than the place looking like a bomb went off the other night, this office is really simple now. This is really simple. I\’ve literally have a table in this room, I\’ve got a bookshelf, and I\’ve got my whiteboard. And this is the transformation room, this is where my clients come to visit me when we\’re having sessions. This is so simple. I think simplicity is ultimately the most powerful ways of creating clarity, creating energy, just keeping things simple. So, really, simplify your life. If it\’s too complicated, simplify it. And to that extant as well, I would also recommend getting clear on, I\’m just attached on exercises, a lot of people view exercises, like, not that mind to do exercise. I haven\’t always been motivated to exercise, but what I\’ve done is I found what are the exercises that I love, what are the exercises that I resonate with. So therefore, you can ask yourself right, well how do you get fit and enjoy yourself; rather than to force you to do something that you don\’t particularly resonate with. So, these are really powerful principles. So, you\’ve got to put it on your agenda to prioritise health, you\’ve got to put it on your agenda to prioritise focusing on you. And another key question is you got to ask yourself where are you in the peaking order of priorities. You want to make sure that you are number one, you want to make sure that your mindset and your emotional well-being and your overall, I call it your internal world, is your number one priority. So, if you don\’t do that, then you\’ve going to let all sorts of other emergencies, you\’re going to let other people\’s priorities into your space, into your world, and you\’re going to get derailed, you\’re going to get sidetracked. So you\’ve got to be very clear on your priorities. So, I definitely recommend you actually do, what is called, a values elicitation. Now, a values elicitation is simply when you\’re going through a process, when you say, what is truly important. What are your highest priorities in your life, what is the most important thing for you to be focusing on. And for me, it\’s very clear. It is, my highest priority is my connection with myself. My highest priority is feeling connected, feeling truly heart centred, in a state of present state awareness, and really feeling truly aligned. That\’s my number one priority, my mission in my life is to feel connected. Now, as part of that, an equal and just as important attribute there as well is, caring about yourself, cultivating a sense of self love, self worth, and just flooding yourself with positive affirmations every single day. I love myself, I\’m awesome, I\’m amazing, we\’ve got this. So, again, it\’s being your own best friend, it\’s recognising there can\’t be a lot of internal negative dialogue, and we\’ve got to do our best to combat that. So, for me, my number one priority is making sure I feel connected, making sure I\’m loving myself, and what goes hand in hand with that is essentially staying mindful, staying present, stay healthy; and so, all of my core values in my life is set up so that I\’m prioritising me. And I don\’t check my phone for the first couple hours in the morning. I don\’t respond to anyone else\’s emergencies, I typically don\’t respond to text messages or phone calls in the first couple, typically, three hours of the day, because I want to make sure that I get my day off to the best possible start I possible can, and that involves me prioritising everything that I need to get sorted , not everyone else. So, this is a powerful concept. For a lot of people, they feel guilty if they do that, for some people, they just feel like they should be productive, or they should feel like they should be doing stuff. Well, I got news for you. There\’s nothing more productive you can experience other than working on yourself. So when you work on you, that\’s how you create the greatest way of impact in life, because you\’re present, you\’re connected, you\’re aligned, you\’ve released any of the negativity. So, again, meditation. If you\’re not currently meditating every single day, you\’re missing out on the benefits of clarity, of essentially feeling calm, feeling relaxed, eliminating stress, being aware of the thought patterns, being aware of self. If you\’re not regularly meditating, I ask you to really inquire why you\’re not cultivating that sense of, the ability to observe self, the ability to release the stress, the ability to be present, to be mindful. This is one of the most powerful skills that you simply got to be doing on a daily basis, if you wanted to stay on top of your game, if you wanted to be at a level of peak performance. So, I notice it; when I don\’t meditate, when I\’m not focusing on me, when I\’m not reflecting on myself, my performance isn\’t as high, I don\’t get as much done, I\’m not as connected, I\’m not as present in my relationships. So, this is one of the key factors for peak performances recognising when you\’re present, when you\’re connected, when you\’re taking care of yourself, you get more done. It\’s actually the opposite, which a lot of people think that if you just burn a candle on both ends, and if you just work 80, 90, 100 hours a week, you can get more done; well it can actually be the opposite; because you\’re working such long hours, your productivity can actually drop off, and you\’re no longer present. How can you be present to the people you care about? How can you be present to what\’s important to you, if you don\’t have enough energy and if you\’re just burning the candle at both ends, maybe you\’re not as productive. You feel like you\’re productive, but because you\’re putting in the hours, but are you actually getting necessarily the same amount done than you would if you worked less hours. Well, that\’s the thing you\’ve got to check in and be aware of. So, I certainly make sure that I am always cultivating these rituals and habits, things like meditation, things like breathing exercises, these are the basics. I got to tell you guys, by doing the basics consistently, that\’s how you activate high performance. And a lot of people, just simply for whatever reason, haven\’t cultivated that habit yet. Well, I got news for you, until you cultivate the habit, it doesn\’t become a habit. So you just have to put in the work at the early stages, and make it a priority, and you then rake the benefits of it. So, it\’s not necessarily easy, it\’s simple, right? It\’s simple but not necessarily easy because you have to cultivate the habit. What else do I do? Well, I make sure I\’m planning my day every single day, and ideally you do it the night before. Typically, I\’ll have a plan, most nights I have a plan the night before, I review my calendar, I review my diary and I know exactly what\’s coming up the next day. That way, when you wake up in the morning, you don\’t have to then to figure out what you\’re doing. So, it\’s one less decision, one less energetic action that you have to take. So, plan you day the night before; plan your week on a Sunday, before the week gets started, plan you shopping, plan all your meals, plan everything, plan your relationships, plan little things you want to be doing, plan all of you exercise. Start to get in the habit of planning your life and consciously creating your life, rather than randomly letting your life happen to you. Which is the same for goal setting. Know what your life\’s most important goals are, and write them out regularly; if you\’re not writing them out daily at least, write them out every week, and recognise what are the priorities here. Ultimately, what are the priorities; because when we get clear on our priorities, that\’s when the magic happens, that\’s when we get so much more done. So, you got to get super clear on what are your priorities in life. Now, yes there is some patterns there that you\’ve got to overcome, like for example, one that I had was people pleasing; I used to have that quite severe. And what that meant was, it meant that it thought that I was my number one priority but in reality I was actually I was at the bottom of the list, because I wasn\’t actually being authentic to myself, I wasn\’t actually prioritising what I truly wanted to do, I\’d be saying yes to far too many things that I really shouldn\’t be doing or didn\’t want to be doing, but I felt guilty if I didn\’t do them. So, really, that is a pattern which in any way we become people pleasing, means you actually genuinely had to prioritise yourself; Hey Ashley, good to see you here. So, really, we got know what is also understandable it\’s not just a simple matter of prioritising what we want to create, we then got to look at what are all the unconscious limiting factors like, what are the limiting beliefs that we\’ve got, what are the patterns that we\’ve got, what are the unresourceful habits we\’ve got, what are the parts of our personality, what are the things that we\’ve inherited from either our mom, or our dad, or our society or whatever it\’s come from, what are those things that aren\’t supporting us, what are those habits that aren\’t sustaining us. So, what I recommend you to do, is you write a list; what are the things you want to stop doing, right? What are the things you want to start doing; that\’s a very powerful list, what I want to stop doing, what I want to start doing, what do you want to do more of what do you want to do less of. So you want to start creating lists of what are the changes you want to make, because if it all stays up here, than it never gets implemented, it never actually, you never get action on it. So, we have to create action lists, and we have to have accountability to actually follow the action list. So, this is a really important thing, we have to document, and we actually write down what we\’re creating; so we get very specific. Now this doesn\’t matter when it happens, some of my life happens in very complex spreadsheets, some of it happens in very simple diary. It doesn\’t matter what tool or method you use to organise your life, you got to use something, you got to have some structure, you need to have some commitment to a consistent approach, so that you can take all the stuff in here, or in your life, and get clarity on it, put it down and create a plan. So, you got to be doing weekly planning, you got to be doing daily planning, you got to be doing monthly planning, three monthly planning, yearly planning, you\’ve got to start turning planning into a process; and it\’s going to be a consistent approach throughout your life. Then you also want to be reviewing every single dimension of your life. You want to be reviewing, and I have a review every Sunday; I review my life, I review all the different dimensions in my life. Fitness, health, food, relationships, finances, business, lifestyle, social life, romance, review all of that. Now, the thing about when you review it, is once you review that component in your life, it\’s like doing a blood test; you actually get a report, and evidently when you review your life, it\’s a self assessment report. When you do that report on yourself, you can\’t argue with it, because it\’s come from you. So, there\’s an opportunity to have accountability there because what we\’re now doing is now we are aware of this is where I am, here\’s where I want to be, now what\’s the gap. Now when you review what that gap is on daily and weekly basis, the results you can produce in your life, they go through the roof, they accelerate dramatically. So really, you\’ve got to document your life, you\’ve got to be very acutely aware of what are all the things you want to create, what are your goals, what are your dreams, what are you desires, what is the ideal version of you, what are the limiting beliefs you want to let go of, what are your fears, what are those habits that are no longer serving you. You got to get meticulous, you got to get serious about how you\’re approaching your life. Hey John, good to see you here mate. If you want to become a professional human being, you\’ve got to turn this into a science, you\’ve got to turn this into, not just this ad hoc approach, where I might just sit down and have a cup of tea and maybe do some journaling. You got to be doing this every day, you got to be doing this weekly, you got to be on top of this. So these structures and processes, this is what when you instal the structures and processes on a consistent basis. That\’s when you notice the results start to happen. So, the other example is my hourly meditation. I recommend every single person, if you\’re on this call right now, if you haven\’t already, followed my previous instructions, set an alarm on your phone to remind you every hour to stay present, to stay connected, to stay aligned, to stay mindful, to stay breathing, to remind yourself to drink water, all these kinds of things; but also it\’s a mini meditation process that reminds you that you\’re infinite, that you\’re powerful, that you wanted to stay connected, and ultimately breathe and feel alive, remind you so you won\’t get distracted with all the stuff you\’re doing. Hi John, good to have you here mate, hope you had a good weekend, you missed out on an amazing weekend; hope to see you next time. So, we really need to turn this into an art form , we need to turn it into a science, we need to get serious about transforming our life, it can\’t just be like a part time hobby, we need to get serious about it. And it doesn\’t mean you can\’t have fun with it, but when I say get serious about it, it means we got to put it on your agenda to make you and your personal growth your number one priority. So for me, and of all the dimensions of my life, my health and my personal development they\’re the biggest priorities that I\’ve got. It\’s staying connected, it\’s being present, it\’s being healthy, it\’s being energised, and it\’s doing all the work on the internal levels; and that\’s the biggest priority, and then I know, as a result of that, every other dimension of life gets taken care of. My business gets taken care of, my relationships get taken care of, my finances get taken care of, everything in life gets improved by working on those fundamental two core principles. It\’s the core pillars it\’s health and it\’s mindset. That\’s it. When you focus on those, that\’s the core, that\’s the foundation. If both of those go missing, well goodbye to the rest of your life. So, we need to make sure that we put it in our agenda to make sure we consistently creating results and prioritising and making it non-negotiable. So, recently I\’ve made the decision, and it\’s only been recently, but I wish I made the decision earlier than that, was that I was only ever going to buy organic veggies and fruits, right? So that was the decision I made, I want to now commit to investing in buying high quality fruit and veg. So I made that decision, that\’s like right, that\’s now happening. Done. I also made the decision is I don\’t check my phone the first couple of hours of the day. That\’s the decision I\’ve made. The other decision I\’ve made right? There\’s hundred of decisions that I\’ve made, but I just made a declaration that this now, is either eliminated or gets added to my life and becomes a non-negotiable. I made the decision to have an alarm set up and going every single hour of the day for the rest of my life, to remind me to stay connected, present and aligned. That\’s the decision I\’ve made. I made the decision to journal every single day, the end of every single day of my life; to reflect on my life learnings, the areas I want to improve on, what were the limitations I experience, what were the fears, what was anything that came up that was limiting me. Hey Tyler, yeah let\’s connect his week brother, hope you\’re well. So, it really comes down to commitment, it comes down to stands, it comes down to committing to yourself, such as you make these things non-negotiable. And, yes it\’s not necessarily easy, it\’s simple but it\’s not easy, it becomes easy once you create a habit out of all these things. So, really, you simply have to put in the work, you have to put in a consistent effort, daily, doing the internal work, is just like bathing. There we go, we\’re back. It just mean my internet was about to drop out. So, personal development is recommended daily, and it\’s the highest rank in your life, because everything in your life depends upon it. If you don\’t work on you, if you don\’t overcome all your internal limitations, then your external reality just simply doesn\’t work out for you. The access to changing all the results in your external world, starts with your internal world. So, it\’s kind of of simple. It\’s not easy, but it\’s kind of simple. So, what else have I started doing? I\’ve made a daily ritual of drinking tonic herbs, superfood tonic herbs. Now this is high energy, high nutrient drinks, the great, the legends the tale leaks that adhere my event sponsors, and I drink medicinal mushrooms every single day. And it\’s non-negotiable, every day, I\’m just drinking this stuff. I\’m also making fruit smoothies, again, organic fruits now. I\’m just drinking lots of fruits smoothies, so I\’m getting all of the things like blueberries and mangoes, and strawberries, and chia seeds and hemp seeds, coconut oil, we\’ve also go coconut milk, coconut water. You name it, just all the super food I can possibly think of, blending up into a smoothie; add lots of green veggies as well. So, we have to turn our life into a process of one ritual after another, bang bang bang bang bang, and we just light up our whole entire day with rituals. When I walk through a door in a building, that\’s a trigger for me to go, cool, what energy am I bringing into this building. So for me, when I walk through a door, I\’m like boom, cool, what\’s the vision of Chris I\’m bringing; and all the way through to the last thought that I have at the end. It\’s gratitude. Gratitude is the ultimate emotion; so every single night, before I go to bed, I\’m actually reflecting what were the three biggest things I\’m most grateful for today. So, I have the last waking thought, I have meditation processes in the beginning of the day. I also have a journaling process in the beginning of the day, I have a journaling process at the end of my day, I have regular breathing processes throughout the day as well, when I do breathing processes. I\’ve even… A stand up desk. And I\’ve got a stand up desk, I\’m spending less time sitting. I\’m making sure when my alarm goes off, I\’m actually drinking plenty of water as well. So, I\’ve got my essential oils around the house, so ritually I have essential oils, so I literally just set up my whole entire environment to be rituals, routines and practises consistently, and yes, it takes a while to get there, yes it has taken me a long time to kind of build this up eventually, but it\’s so worth it. So yes, it\’s going to take a bit of time to get there, yes it\’s not necessarily going to be straightforward, yes you want to chip away that one percent per day, you want to constantly just introduce one new habit per week, and if you just consistently do that, then, before you know it, after a couple of years,… part of your life. So, for me as well, I also have cold showers every day. pardon me, thanks Brad; so I have cold showers every day, I no longer have warm showers. Cold showers are the ultimate for me, because when I have a cold shower, even in winter, cold shower just makes me alive, and again, it\’s a breathing processes, when I\’m off breathing first thing in the morning, cold showers. That\’s the best way to get your energy pumping straight away, first in your day. Music as well. Music is another major trigger. You\’ve got to be incorporating music throughout your day, to say aligned, to stay energised, music is one of the best ways of staying, of remaining activated. When you put on a great tune, it\’s like boom, energy just kicks in. You put on a sad song, different emotion. You put on an upbeat song, different emotion. So, what are the song… Your life, that are going to help you extract the most amount of performance in your life, and introduce that all throughout your day. So music is a massive part of my life. What are some other things I do. Dancing, self expression for me is a really powerful tool, where I get to be more of my authentic self, I get to just feel into and be who I truly am at my core. So, I go , there\’s a beautiful event that the Liberators run down at Fremantle, ecstatic dancing I\’ve just started recently going to. There\’s one coming up in another two weeks time, and we just go there, and we just rock out, we have cacao first and then we just rock out, beautiful music, just dancing, moving around, moving our body, feels amazing. So, again, I\’ve introduced yoga, dancing, essential oils, hydration, cold water, meditation, exercise, it\’s all the stuff I\’ve been cultivating , it\’s been decades, but, it has to be a priority, I\’m not really sharing anything that\’s really new or outrageous or out there. It\’s all the stuff that we probably already know, and it\’s really turning it all into habits, it\’s really just creating habits from the moment you wake, to the moment you got to bed, process, rituals, protocols, from the moment you wake till the moment you\’re in bed; and you just fill your whole entire day with protocols, and processes, and you keep yourself accountable. So, this really is what my life has become, it\’s become one ritual after another; Hi Jane, good to see you, yeah , thanks Brad. Music is key. Music is one of the ultimate triggers that instantly transforms our state of being, our state of mind. So, same thing as breathing, same thing as exercise, music is in all of those triggers, ideally when you use them all at the same time, including dance, that\’s the ultimate. So, I\’m going to keep this one relatively short for tonight guys, because, I just want to remind everyone, that… Going to bed on time. Breath work, first waking thought, thought before you go to bed, all this stuff is not rocket science, it\’s relatively simple, is it easy; it\’s not necessarily easy , right, cause if it was easy , everyone will be mastering it, but it\’s simple in that, once you cultivate it as a habit, there you go, you life transforms. So I just want to keep it really simple tonight, to remind us, it doesn\’t have to be complex, it doesn\’t have to be complicated, it doesn\’t have to be super stressful or hard, it\’s just those little one percent habits consistently daily, that\’s where it adds up. So, I trust that makes sense. Thanks for your comments… Rituals, I can\’t wait to read the rest of your comment bro, but thank you. Wishing you guys all the best, and look, if you guys want specific suggestions, tools, insights, please send me some comments, I\’m always looking for ways to add even more value. Thanks Dave. And as I\’ve always said guys, I\’m always here to answer questions, always here to support, so, I trust this resonates with you tonight, I got to keep it short and sharp, as always, I love you guys heaps, wishing you a beautiful week, happy Transformation Tuesday, I\’ll see you again next Tuesday. Thanks for joining in Angela, Thanks Dave.

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