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Three steps to overcoming your limitations

How are going legends? While I\’m waiting for a few guys to tune in I\’m just going to to take you for a bit of a wander around my villa here in Bali. This is a special Transformation Tuesday coming to you from Bali, so I\’m here in Ubud. And check this out, check out my villa it\’s a pretty amazing space, look at this. Beautiful evening here, little bit balmy little bit wet and I\’ve got this beautiful place to call home for the next few days. So, hope you guys are doing well tonight I\’m going to be dropping in to a couple of topics that are close to my heart, that have been sort of resonating with me so I\’m just going to be sharing some insights, things I\’ve been pouring through from spending some time here in Bali. Let me know if you guys can see me, hear me. Hey Monica, hey Diddy, good to see you guys here. Can you see that? You guys might be able to see that. This is my villa, anyway, welcome to Transformation Tuesday guys, is a little bit of a different scene than usual. Here coming to you live in Ubud, in Bali and I\’m just going to hopefully, my internet is still descent as I wander around here giving you guys a bit of a tour. Hey Angela, good to see ya. And I just want to share some little insights that I\’ve been noticing about the Balinese people. About their presence, their way of being, their attitude, their philosophy to life that I think we can learn a lot from. As well, in the Western world, in Australia at least anyway. Hey Monica, good to see ya here. Yeah, life\’s hard, well it\’s funny it\’s… hey Mike, good to see ya. The thing about you know life is, the guys here in Bali, I was just driving along on a scooter just before and there was a guy, there was a man that was… hey Deb, good to see ya here. There was a man that was carting a big bag of grass and just looking at him thinking is this person any more happier any more fulfilled than anyone else in the world who has maybe a corporate job, who\’s rocking up to an office? And just got me thinking, well this person depending on how you view your reality depending on how you view your life will create the emotion, the meaning, the perspective, the resilience the sense of fulfilment that you\’ve got in life. So who\’s to say that this guy, hey Deb, hey Dora, who\’s to say this guy who\’s literally driving along on his bike carrying, just literally transporting grass for a job, I don\’t even know, maybe he\’s transporting it for food or whatever, but it just got me thinking that this person, the life isn\’t any more or less meaningful than anyone else. And our quality of our life is not determined by the stuff that we have, by the possessions that we own, it\’s ultimately determined by each and every moment our perspective that we are creating in the moment about what life means for us, so it really is an important concept I think for a lot of people to really relate to because there\’s plenty of people in life that have the money, there\’s plenty of people in life that have the stuff, they have the external success. There\’s plenty of my clients that I work with that have had all the money in the world, but are they necessarily fulfilled? No, not necessarily, if we have all the money in the world but don\’t have fulfilling relationships, if we don\’t have fulfilment, if our life doesn\’t have a sense of meaning, and contribution and purpose then, it\’s a very, very empty existence. So these are the types of concepts that I want to make sure everyone is really contemplating. You know we get long to live here in this life. Hey, cheers Ross, good to see ya buddy. We don\’t have long to live at all. And we\’ve got to make the best use of our time focusing on what gives us meaning, what is fulfilling to us. Even just asking that question, what is fulfilment? Because for a lot of people, they spend a lot of their life chasing it, I certainly did. I spent a large percentage of my life chasing fulfilment. But it wasn\’t actually fulfilment, it was just status, it was the ego wanting to seek validation, wanting to feel acknowledged, wanting to feel like I had amassed a particular amount of money, or I had a certain number of properties. And really what it comes down to is it\’s about none of that, it\’s about knowing that in each of every moment you are the purest and most authentic expression of you in each and every moment and you are being you. You are being the expression of your true and authentic self, and I think we\’ve got to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves to a degree, because if we\’re not constantly checking in and saying well, how am I doing? how fulfilled am I?, then life can get the better of us, life can certainly run away from us. And I\’ve certainly seen that in many of the clients I\’ve worked with and I\’ve experienced in my own life and it\’s just something that we\’ve got to stay on top of. I thought I\’d extend the conversation to begin to talk about some concepts in and around, just looking at our limitations. And I\’m just going to wander over here and see if you guys can see me a little bit better if there\’s a bit more light over this side, let me know if you guys can see me over here. Maybe not, okay here we go. I wanted to talk about limitation, the thing about limitation is… I don\’t think you guys can see me any better over here, I\’m going to go back this way. The thing about limitation is that we all have limitations, we all have things that are holding us back. Now they could be emotional limitations. They could be physical limitations. They could be things that are just holding us back. Things where we\’re not taking action where we know we should be taking action. So, really what this comes down to is we need to acknowledge, well, what is that limitation? What is, specifically, what\’s that limitation inside of us? And then once we are aware of that limitation… Can you guys see me? Here we go, here we go, here we go. Hey Faye, good to see ya. Once become aware of that limitation we can actually start to do something about it, we can actually start to move beyond it. Until we become aware of that limitation we can\’t do anything about it. So, the limitations I want to get you to inquire to see, to help you move beyond or become aware of are going to be things like, where do you feel like you\’re inauthentic? Where do you feel like you\’re not able to express your true self? Where do you feel like you\’re holding back? Where do you feel like you\’re wearing a mask? Where do you feel like you\’re needing validation from someone else? Where do you feel like you\’re wanting validation to gain significance, to gain worthiness? Where do you feel like you want to be taking action, but you\’re not taking action? Now that could be anything from the moment that you wake up in the morning and you\’re not actually getting up out of bed because you want to sleep in, well that\’s a limitation. So it\’s taking a look at well what is that limitation? Is it laziness? Is it health? Is it lack of sleep? Is it not having standards for yourself? What is it? is it not having goals? Is it not having aspirations? So same thing is if anyone is in a career or business and they don\’t particularly like it. Well, what\’s the limitation? Is it that you don\’t know what you want to move into? Is it that you want to earn more money? Is it that you want to travel? Is it you want to have a more fulfilling job? It\’s really starting to chunk down on well what\’s the specific elements of limitation? What are those elements of limitation because we can\’t confront it, we can\’t move beyond it unless we actually acknowledge what specifically it is. So, for example for me for a large part of my career, one of my limitations was I didn\’t know what my purpose was, I didn\’t know what my passions were, I didn\’t know what I wanted to do. So, I didn\’t actually recognise that, that was the limitation I needed to conquer. What I did was I was just very, very complacent, and I just said well I just don\’t know what my passion and purpose is so I\’m just going to wait it out. Now, the thing about this is, if I was to go back now and have an authentic conversation with myself the advice that I\’d give would be something like this, it would be: well if you don\’t know what your passion and purpose is, well your mission in life is to find out what your passion and purpose is, so that becomes your challenge. You don\’t have to figure out how to build a business or figure out the 20 steps after that, all you need is the first step which is well, what am I passionate about? what am I truly connected to? And then start to do the work. Thanks for the love Diddy, hope you\’re well brother. So, really it\’s just identifying what\’s the single biggest limitation that we\’re experiencing right now, and what are we doing about it? So at each and every moment of your life, you should have what is my life\’s biggest limitation? Now it might be fear of rejection, fear of criticism, might be lack of clarity, lack of sense of purpose, lack of motivation, fear of being found out, fear of being criticised, fear of being judged, maybe it\’s – who knows what? You could have a hundred different elements that are all limiting you, but you\’ve got to understand which of those has the biggest limitation on you? Which one of those is actually holding you back the most? So when you become aware of that limitation, only then can you break through it. So it\’s really creating a hit list of limitations. What are your limitations? Now that might be beliefs, they might be emotional experiences, they might be relationships that you\’re in that you need to either restrict the amount of time that you\’re spending with that person, or either eliminate or end the relationship completely. Maybe you\’re in a relationship that\’s not serving you. Maybe you\’re in a career that\’s not serving you. So you really have to look at what are all the all the limitations in each of the dimensions of life – career, business, health, finances, relationships, social life, lifestyle, what are all those limitations that you\’re experiencing? Not judging the limitation, but just acknowledging it because if you don\’t acknowledge it, you can\’t move beyond it. So a couple of episodes back, we looked at our vision for our life, now for those that haven\’t seen it I recommend going back at how to create a vision for your life. The next step after that, is to actually look at where you are now and where you want to to move to, there\’s an obstacle in the way, now that\’s your limitation. Now that might be a belief, it might be a fear, there might be some thing that\’s getting in the way of you creating that result for your life. So that is what you\’ve got to get clear on, what is the limitation? what is that? what specifically? when does it happen? how does it happen? when are you choosing to subscribe to that limitation? how long has it been there for? So really this conversation is around, it\’s not about pretending like we have no limitations because we do have limitations, but all of them are resolvable. We can move beyond all of our limitations. And the starting point is to first of all acknowledge the limitation, to become aware of it. Once you\’ve acknowledged it, you can then understand it. Once you can understand it, you can then be empowered to let that limitation go. Because if you don\’t understand it, you can\’t let it go because it remains in the domain of the fuzzy, ambiguous, just some general limitation. So really you\’ve got to get specific on understanding what is that limitation? how does it play out? Like for example, let\’s go back to one of my favourite examples which is maybe taking the plunge and going and starting your own business, because I know that\’s a hot topic that I know a lot of my clients are in the process of doing. You know, is the limitation? well what is it? is it fear of failure? is it fear of success? is it not having information? Maybe it\’s not that I haven\’t got enough information, maybe it\’s that I don\’t have the courage or the boldness to actually take action and get started. Again you\’ve got to ask is the limitation, in skill, knowledge or experience? is it in belief systems? is it in in fear? what is that limitation and what dimension does it sit in? And then we\’ve got to do that for each of the dimensions of our life, so I trust that resonates guys. Really it\’s not about pretending like we don\’t have limitations, in order move beyond our limitations we have to acknowledge them. First of all acknowledge, become aware of them, and then understand, and then take action to resolve and dissolve those limitations at the belief level, at the mindset level, at the behaviour level, at the action level, and sometimes we\’ve got to take drastic action to eliminate those limitations. Now I can tell you right now, there is someone in the world right now, whose number one specialisation in their life, in their career, in their business, their problem solving skill, is solving your life\’s biggest limitation right now. So that\’s a beautiful truth of reality. Isn\’t it great that we live in a reality where your biggest problem right now is already being handled by someone and even more than that, that\’s their niche that\’s their specialisation. So all you need to is get connected with that person who can solve your life\’s biggest problem and then bang, you then move on to the next person. For example for me, I help my clients overcome their fears, their limitations, their limiting beliefs, help them get clarity. So for example with my clients, I can help them pretty much with most of their internal mindset problems. I can help them overcome every single one of their internal problems because as soon as you can become aware of it, we understand it, we diagnose it, we then take action and move beyond it. So there is, I just wanted to share this as a message of hope, to let everyone know that when you do have a limitation it is simply a limitation until you understand it. Once you understand it and take action on it and get assistance with it, it\’s no longer a limitation, it now becomes the work, it now becomes embarking upon a journey to actually do the work to embody, resolving and dissolving that challenge. So this is one of the most important parts is, I recommend everyone has a list of challenges, a list of limitations, everyone has a list of fears, everyone has a list of limiting beliefs. You\’ve got to document and list all of these limitations so you can move beyond them. Because if you don\’t able to move beyond them well you\’re going to get stuck where you are. So this is a really powerful philosophy that I recommend everyone journals into. You should be journaling daily at the end of every day there\’s so many action steps, there\’s so many learnings and realisations that you gain from every single day. If you were to capture every single realisation, every learning from every day and you were to capture that and take action on that the following day, then you\’re going to create more results in one year than people can create in a lifetime because you\’re more conscious, because you\’re more reflective, you\’re observing the patterns and the habits and limitations and you\’re doing something about it. So I recommend you journal nightly, you journal every single day and you record those limitations and you commit to a plan to breaking through those. So that\’s it for tonight guys, it\’s getting a little bit late here, I\’m in Bali and I\’m excited because I\’m just about to go out for a dinner, I\’m about to go and have a massage, and yeah, it\’s great to be back in Bali. Running my business from abroad and overseas and that\’s one of the great things about my business is I can be anywhere in the world with an internet connection and I can still do business. So, again another message of hope for any aspiring entrepreneurs, coaches or just people that are wanting to have that freedom and wanting to have that financial viability, yes the technology that we\’ve got these days makes that not only possible, but it\’s becoming more and more standard. So, as always, thanks Monica, thanks Berto. Good to see ya guys. Yeah, as I said guys you\’ve got to create a hit list of all your limitations, your fears, your limiting beliefs, even elements where you\’re judging yourself. What are all those elements that are preventing you from expanding from where you are now to the ultimate vision of yourself. Once you get clear on specifically what those limitations are you can break through them. Get specific, that\’s where you\’ll find the magic happens. Thank you guys for tuning in – thanks Monica, thanks Angela, thanks Berto, Tyler, Diddy, Katy, all you guys for tuning in. Sending you guys lots of love. I\’ll be putting plenty of posts on my personal page on what it\’s like to be back here in Bali. Scooting around on a moped, going and eating lots of nice healthy food, getting lots of massages, life\’s pretty good, so very, very grateful to be able to do this, and life\’s pretty friggin amazing. Thanks Mike, good to see you here mate. Good to see you here Dora, thanks Angela. Sending you guys lots of love and as always wishing you guys a beautiful week until next Tuesday. I\’ll see you guys again soon, bye for now.

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