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Why your perspective is more important than you think

Hello. Happy Tuesday, greetings from Bali. Check this place out. This is my villa in Ubud that I\’ve had the privilege and please of staying in for the last four night. If you\’re watching Bailey, thanks mate. This is my friend Bailey\’s place, he\’s letting me stay here. So I\’m here in Ubud, and tonight\’s transformation Tuesday, is on perspective, Hey Mike, good to see you here mate. Here\’s my villa. I\’m in Ubud, this is the villa that backs onto the jungle. There\’s my pool. This place is amazing. And tonight is transformation Tuesday is on perspective. Now, I have a particularly unique perspective tonight. Great to see you mate. I\’ve got a particularly unique perspective because I\’m in a different part of the world. I\’m in a different location, different country, and so the lens through which I\’m viewing my experience, my reality, is different. Now, we all have our unique, lens, our perspective that we\’re viewing life. For example, now there\’s some big frames, big lenses that we wear, and one of the frames that we wear is, Hey Angela, how you doing? And one of the frames that we wear is what is our philosophy is for the way we approach life. So this is a a grand philosophy. Do we approach life like a game? Do we approach life like a dance? Or is it more like a battle or a war? So your overall perspective for how you see your life, in terms of your overall philosophy. To a large extent is going to determine how you approach everything down to the little, nitty, gritty tasks, like cleaning your house, all the way through to starting a business, or being in a relationship. So, perspective is one of these really powerful, grand awarenesses. When I say awarenesses, when we have the awareness of what is our perspective. What is the major lens that we\’re wearing. Is life a dance? Is it a game? Right, is it, are we playing life like it is a grand final. Like it\’s the World Cup final, or are we playing life it\’s a dress rehearsal? These are all perspectives and these are all attitudes that we have adopted or chosen, chosen our self perspective. But we are not necessarily aware of that perspective. Hey Angela, I\’m not sure your in there. It\’s hard to connect. Hey Charmaine. Let us know if my signal is coming through. I\’m trusting our internet connection is okay here in Bali. Just let us know and just give us a shout if you can hear and see me okay. If one of you guys just want to give us a shout out. So, yeah, so perspective is what it\’s about. Perspective is where, straight away we can radically hack our life, by just choosing our perspective. Another perceptive we can choose is things like gratitude. Thanks, John, appreciate it. Gratitude is another frame. Now the thing about gratitude is, for a lot of people. People find it easy to be grateful for things they enjoy. People find it really easy to be grateful for things that feel good. That are in alignment when what we want. When stuff Thanks, Charmaine. When stuff comes along that doesn\’t necessarily feel so good. Or isn\’t necessarily exactly what we want. We can then tend to find it difficult to be grateful for that. So, try this on as an idea, as a concept. When we have gratitude for every thing in our life, the good, the bad, the ugly, the stuff that we want, and the stuff that we don\’t want. When we have gratitude for that, the stuff that we don\’t like. That transforms our experience of life. Because you can\’t experience suffering and gratitude at the same time. Right? So you\’re using a major frame, like gratitude, to collapse any suffering or any negativity around it. So, powerful philosophies. This is, one of the most powerful ways of being or ways of looking at your world. Another framing that you can use, is wearing the perspective, or wearing the lens of compassion. Or love, or forgiveness. If you were to wear the lens of love and compassion, at all time during your day, through your, through every experience of the day. What you are doing is, you\’re now are viewing each experience, that\’s unfolding in front of you, through, in a particular way. So, again it\’s almost like we have a particular selector switch, like a mode, for how we want to interpret the experience around us. Now, if we are conscientiously now, choosing to project compassion and love, on to that experience. Then it doesn\’t matter what we are observing. We could be observing World War III kicking off, we could be observing a homeless person in the street, or we could be observing a newborn baby, right? When we are observing that through the lens of compassion and love, we construct a different conscious experience. We construct a different experience simply by the perspective that we are taking to that. So I invite you to explore, what is your lens that you are, your default lens, if you like, that you wake up with every day. What\’s that lens? Is it gratitude? Is it a lens of appreciation? Is it a lens of this is a challenge? Life is tough. Is it a lens of limited possibility? Is it a lens of infinite possibility? Hey Dave, good to see you here! So, we\’ve got to check in and say, \”What\’s our default perspective?\” Thanks, Legend. What\’s our default lens or perspective that we are viewing our reality through? And life is going to get challenging. Life is, there are going to be times in life where we get tested to the limit and that is the time when we want to be aware of. What is that lens that we are viewing our experience through? \”This is too tough, this sucks, this is horrible.\” Or are we viewing it through the lens of, \”Great, this is actually going to be and experience \”that is going to help me expand \”and become the greatest version of myself. \”because I\’ve become stronger through the evolution, through the growth of that experience\”. So there is so many different ways of seeing this. And another way that we can see moments, when we get tested by others, whether it be in a relationship, or in a business sense, or a particular, maybe it\’s your employer, maybe it\’s your boss, maybe it\’s clients. when someone tests you, right, when someone triggers you, someone evokes a particular negative experience, or emotion within you. That person, you can either see them as the villain, or you can see them as a hero. Now, I personally think.. Hey Ben, good to see you here mate. I personally think that, whenever I experience some kind of challenge, or some kind of trigger in my life, I see that person who has triggered me, where it be triggered some kind of negative emotion, I see that person as my hero. Because they have just reflected back at me an area when I am out of alignment, internally within me or externally in my environment. So, if I\’m experience some kind of negative emotion, that\’s on me and it\’s up to me to then rectify, well, what course of action do I need to take? Because emotions are simply action signals. If you experience, what we call, a negative emotion, which is an uncomfortable emotion, there is valuable data in that experience. There is valuable data in learning from that experience, that\’s unfolding. I\’ll tell you how. Because with every negative emotion, there is the wisdom that lies in that experience, to help us move beyond that limitation. To prevent that from happening again next time. So, when we fail to be present to the learning and the wisdom that exists with that emotion, we miss out on the wisdom. So, what we\’ve really got to do, is we\’ve got to take every experience, that is unfolding around us and go, \”Great, what\’s the learning from this. \”What\’s the empowered perspective I can take around this?\” Because life is going to throw curve balls. We are going to get challenged. 100 percent there is going to be stuff that triggers us and we are going to get tested. Now you can either see that as you being a victim or you can see that as an opportunity for you to be the hero. And I personally see anything in my environment, my experience, or people around me that test me, or trigger me, that is, my perspective. I choose to take on the perspective, of that experience being my hero. It\’s eliciting and supporting me to become the greatest version of myself, because it\’s reflecting back at me the work that I need to do on myself. So, if I ever indulge in things like anger, or frustration, or resentment, or guilt, then that\’s just information for me to help me become better, to avoid that experience next time. But to not actually take the learning, from that experience, that\’s disempowering, because if we don\’t take the learning from that emotional experience, it\’s going to repeat itself and it\’s going to keep happening until we take on the learning. And that they purpose of negative emotions. The purpose of emotions is to give us data. To give us feedback on our experience. What do we need to course correct? What do we need to adjust? What do we need to do differently? So this is a really powerful concept, and one that I recommend that everyone journals, and really takes a deeper look at, is all the negative emotional experience, that you are currently experiencing. There is so much data in that, to help you move beyond your limitations. So, again, I would recommend seeing any, what we\’ve labelled negative emotional experience, which is just an uncomfortable emotional experience, see that as an opportunity to get better. See that as getting valuable feedback from the environment, about what is it that we need to adjust, modify, update, realign internally within ourselves or externally in our environment or our behaviour, to the avoid, or transform that into a more empowering experience next time. So, I think that\’s really, really powerful way to approach it. And as I\’ve said before. You can either see the person in your environment, who triggers you, maybe that someone who makes you frustrated, or angry, now these are not resourceful emotions, these are reactionary emotions, that are derived out of the programme of our ego, and ultimately if we are being triggered with these experiences, its up to us to do the internal work to avoid that triggering experience from happening again next time. So, hey Monica, good to see you here. So that emotional experience that we are going through, it will continue to repeat itself, until we get the learning, until we get the wisdom. Yeah, I\’m still in Bali. I\’m loving it. I\’m still here until Saturday. And that emotional experience is going to keep repeating itself, so it\’s up to us to take the wisdom, to take the insights, from that experience and recognise, \”Okay, great, how did I create that emotion?\” That always the best question you can every ask, whenever you\’ve been triggered, whenever you are going through some kind of frustration, that\’s the most empowering question you can ask, is \”How did I choose to create this?\” Because what it does is, it gives you the perspective, or the lens of, okay, \”I created it. \”No one can enter my mind \”and make me experience any emotion. \”Only I can do that\”. Yes, things can be present, in our environment that evoke that, but ultimately, how we chose to react to that, or how we respond to that, it\’s our choice. So we could either choose to respond with love, gratitude, appreciation, peace, humour, laughter. Or we can choose to respond with resentment, fear, frustration, anger, guilt. So there\’s a drop down menu in our mind that appears, which is typically unconscious, which is \”How do we want to respond to this situation? \”How do we want to label this situation? \”How do we want to approach it?\” But what I want to give you is, when you have the awareness.. Hey John, good to see you here, mate. When you have the awareness, that we are actually creating our emotional experience in the moment, by what we are focusing on, what we are making something mean, how we are labelling it with our own internal dialogue, as well as the perspective that we are choosing to view that experience through. Alright, for example it could be choosing to view the perspective through the lens of a victim, or the lens of \”This is unfortunate, this is not right.\” Or you can view it through the lens of, \”Great, what is there to learn from this? \”How can I be empowered to not make this mistake again? \”Or, how to do this next time?\” So again, this lens that you are choosing to experience your reality through. I invite you to sit in intention. This is ultimately what an intention is, a daily intention, or an hourly intention, or just an intention in the moment, is where you are consciously choosing the frame, to which you\’re viewing your experience. So, for me for example, and for the guys who have done my training. You will be aware of when I, when we have the concept of blessing someone. So, after we\’ve just judged someone. After we\’ve just thrown some negative energy at someone. By choosing to bless that person, it\’s like the antidote to just throwing some negativity towards someone. It\’s like, \”Whoops, I just, my ego just did it\’s job there\”. My ego now just demeaning or criticising someone. I\’m going to correct that. So what I\’m going to do is, I\’m actually going to neutralise that, and I\’m going to actually just bless it with love. Bless that person, bless that thing, with love. And what that does, is it reminds you to take on the lens and the perspective of, \”A-ha, let\’s be compassionate, let\’s be loving, \”let\’s be, let\’s elevate our consciousness \”so that we\’re not diminishing, judging, or criticising someone.\” So, it\’s a lens of love and connection, as opposed to a lens of fear and ego. So, that\’s what that little process is doing. So, the things about this is we, at each and every moment, we are creating a perspective by the lens that we are viewing our experience, but we are unaware of it. Most of us are, it\’s something that happens outside of conscientious awareness. So what I invite you to do is, is to start to ask the questions, \”Well, what perspective, \”what lens are you wearing in this moment?\” Is it like, even right now, while you are watching this Facebook Live, are you viewing this through the lens of, the perspective of, \”How can I learn something from this?\” Maybe you are watching it from the perspective of, \”How can apply this in my life?\” Maybe it\’s just from the lens of, \”How can I waste half and hour just kind of indulging in intellectual entertainment?\” Whatever your perspective is, you get to choose the lens for what your experience is. And, I would suggest, some of the more empowering perspective lenses that you can wear are things like love, like compassion, like learning, like empowerment. And I think my internet might have just dropped out then. Anyway guys, I think you are back with me. This is the testing moments, when you\’re broadcasting from Bali. Sometimes things don\’t to quite as planned. But that\’s okay. My lens is, everything is fine, everything is okay. It\’s all good. So, I\’m going to keep this one nice, and short, and sweet for tonight, guys. But my awareness challenge for you, for this week, is every day, sit in intension. When I say intension, What is the lens, or the perspective, for which you are going to view most of your day through? I recommend that you have a reminder that comes up on your phone that reminds you and prompts you to what your intention is for that day. I would feel into it the being of the day. How do you decide on what that intention is? Maybe decide on what\’s missing from your life. Maybe decide on the areas of your life that you want to upgrade and that intention, that you actually select is going to support and facilitate your expansion in your awareness of experiencing more of what you want to experience. Gratitude for your ability to articulate awesome life lessons. Thanks, Mike. Man, it\’s my pleasure. That my purpose in this life. That\’s what I\’m here to do is to share my, share my wisdom, and help people. As is, I believe most, the purpose of most people. And most people\’s lives, generally is going to revolve around contributing, growing, expanding and making a difference. That\’s generally the most sourcy, the most enjoyable experience, that one can undertake in life, is to actually make contribution and make a difference to someone else. So, thanks buddy, I appreciate it. So, that\’s my recommendation for this week. Is your awareness exercise is sit in intention, every day and then see your reality through that lens and remind your self of seeing it through that lens. Because, for example, if you pick the lens of gratitude, and you saw, like literally through a conscience through every little moment through the day, every second, from moment to moment, aware of the lens of gratitude. Every word, every experience, everything that you were to witness, in your whole entire reality, would be viewed through the lens of gratitude. Which is kind of like when you are wearing sunglasses. If you are wearing red tinted sunglasses, everything, all the light, that is filtering through your eyes, it would be a shade of red. The same thing goes with an intention. The same thing goes with your perspective. When you filter things through the lens of gratitude, you transform the experience, right? Now, again, this might be a challenge, right? The first few times that you try this. But its like a skill. Once you cultivate this over and over and over again, when you sit in intention, you become far more powerful, you become more consciously aware of what, the meaning that you are creating through your life, your experiences. And ultimately what transpires, is a greater degree of emotionally mastery and emotional intelligence. So, these are some powerful concepts. Which, when applied, consistently, everyday, you\’ll notice your whole reality shifts around you. Now, the thing about it, is the people around you didn\’t change. So what changed? Your perspective changed, your lens changed. Whether you are viewing something as a victim, or whether you choose to be the victim, or you choose to be the hero, that is going to determine your experience with reality. So, I\’m going to leave that one with you guys. See yourself a challenge this week of having yourselves an intention, every single morning when you wake up. I recommend, do not leave your house without an intention. I also recommend a few other things you shouldn\’t leave your house without doing. Meditation is one, certainly having a really solid morning ritual, morning routine, including, like, breathing, mediation, drinking lots of water, and certainly sitting in intention, is a really powerful step. Anyway, I will do another Facebook Live at some point, where I will share with you more about my morning ritual, my evening ritual, more those practises. Because, when we turn our lives into a series of rituals, and practises, we start to live more consciously, because now we\’ve set up a structure in our life, to prompt us to be more consciously aware and to give us, like a recipe for consistency in how we approach our life. So, you can probably, barely, hear that in the background, it\’s just started raining. This is the jungle, you probably can\’t even see that. There\’s a jungle right here. It\’s really tropical, it\’s really beautiful, it\’s really misty and I\’m looking forward to going out into Ubud tonight and grabbing a massage and having a beautiful, healthy dinner. So, that\’s me from Bali, I\’m going to be back in Perth, on Saturday. So, I look forward to catching you guys back in Perth, soon. Thanks for tuning in guys. Thanks, Mike. Thanks, Jay, John, Monica. Thank you guys all for tuning in, and as always, love you guys. Wishing you a magical…

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