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How to overcome any challenge almost instantly

Happy Tuesday. How are you guys doing? Welcome to Transformation Tuesday, guys. We\’re all waiting for people to jump on and play some intro tunes. Welcome to Transformation Tuesday. Greetings from beautiful Perth. Mike\’s in Australia are back in Perth. I just got back from Bali on the weekend. It\’s good to be home. Hey, Mike, how you doing? This is my favourite song for the week. This is by Sol Rising. S-O-L Rising, song\’s called To The Sun. And while I\’m waiting for a few guys to jump on, the topic of tonight is how do I approach challenges? How do I approach, what\’s my perspective to life so that I can hack life to my will? So, if you got any questions on how you want to hack your reality, how you want to tap into the next level of you, shoot me a couple of questions guys, and I\’ll answer for them. Answer you for them. There we go. Welcome to Transformation Tuesday. Thanks, Mike, good to have you here mate. Thank you, I\’m feeling great. I\’m feeling nice and refreshed, energised. I just had a couple of weeks in Bali, relaxing, connecting, still working but taking some time out to focus on the most important thing in life which is ourself, our conscientiousness, our expansion, our presence, our connectiveness to our infinite self. That\’s what we\’re all here to do. So, thank you, Mike. Thank you, Angela, I\’m feeling great and I\’m here today to share with you my perspective, my opinions, my approach to how do we hack our consciousness from the perspective of how do I approach my challenges? Because before I stumbled across the world of personal development, whenever I saw a challenge or whenever life gives us challenges. Even just the language around this, I want to bring it to your awareness. We could either refer to our problems in life as problems or we could refer to those challenges. Just the language that we select around whether we have a problem or challenge in itself creates our reality of whether or not it\’s a good thing or a bad thing. So, I\’m going to suggest we call them challenges and it\’s just the viewpoint that I have is that every single experience that I have in my life that is testing me, that is pushing me to my limits, that is not necessarily comfortable is a challenge that is helping me expand, it\’s helping me evolve, to transform, to get better. So, I see absolutely every obstacle in my way as something that\’s contributing to my expansion. So, I see it as divine. Divine meaning this is the ultimate purpose of myself, the universe unfolding in each and every moment and if there\’s ever anything that gets in my way, it\’s there for a purpose. And the purpose I believe that it\’s there for and I could be deluded and I\’m happy to be deluded, but I believe that everything that\’s in our way, everything that tests us and challenges us is there to help us evolve. It\’s there to help us become the greatest version of ourself. And you can look at it a couple of different ways. You can look at it in life as though life is basically like lifting one big weight. Now, the more weight you put on the bar and the more that you lift it, the bigger muscles you\’re going to have. Well the same thing goes for our emotional intelligence. Goes for our emotional mastery, goes for our resilience, our tenacity, our emotional toughness. The more that we can withstand, the more pressure, the more challenge that we can tolerate, the stronger, the more powerful we become. So, my philosophy for living is bring on the challenges. I\’m just like bring it on. Like, what have you got? Life, is this the best you got? Bring it on, turn it up to an 11. Turn up to a 12, I can handle it. And not only will I handle it, I will thrive, I will get stronger and I will increase my ability to handle it. Thanks for the love, Mike. Hey, Bella. How are you? Good to see you here. So, that\’s my philosophy is seeing absolutely every single challenge through the lens of great, this is a game. I\’m being tested. How can I utilise this to my advantage? How can I expand and push beyond this limitation so that I can become the next best version of myself? So, just like when we\’re in the gym and we\’re adding weights to the bar and we\’re lifting the weight, all the emotional experiences in life, all the challenges we go through, illness, toughness, crisis in identity, maybe we\’re in a career that we don\’t like, relationship that\’s not serious, all these experiences that are not comfortable or nice or pleasant, these are the experiences that build our character. So, I want to invite every single one of you that\’s on the call today, to start to reconsider, change your perspective, change your viewpoint through every single thing in your life that\’s testing you, that\’s happening that\’s not necessarily comfortable, is happening for your greatness. It\’s unfolding for you to be the best version of you. Now, if you see your life that way through that lens, thanks, Mike, if you see your life through the lens of everything is happening to support you it\’s not happening to you, it\’s happening to support the evolution of your greatness, then you override the programme of the ego. You override our natural default programme to create suffering and we can actually have gratitude for that problem or that challenge. So, I think this is the ultimate perspective to have of everything that unfolds in our life is that this is the ultimate training ground. Everything that\’s happening in life is just testing us and inspiring us, empowering us, and building the muscle for who we\’re meant to be. So, I think that\’s a really good way of seeing everything in life. So, whenever a challenge presents itself to you you want to ask the question, great, how am I growing because of this? How is this challenge stretching me? How am I going to bounce back even stronger and better than ever? So, I really think that\’s a really empowering question to ask. Some of the other questions that I want to suggest or perspectives that we take on, gratitude for everything, not just gratitude for the things that we are enjoying, but gratitude for the things that we don\’t particularly enjoy. Hi, Cass, good to see you here mate. Yeah, so, again, if you choose to view your reality through the lens of I\’m grateful for everything, then there is no suffering. You cannot experience suffering and gratitude at the same time. So, if you are grateful for those things that are uncomfortable, you are grateful for absolutely everything that you experience, that\’s the ultimate way to hack your reality because all of a sudden you\’re now overriding the natural tendency, the human tendency to suffer which is suffering gets created by us feeling like something wrong is happening. Suffering gets created through our expectation, our expectation doesn\’t get met, we believe that life should be something else other than what it is and voila. There you go. You create suffering. You either create anger, sadness, regret, disappointment, frustration. That\’s the way to create suffering is to say that to have the perspective that life should be different than what it is, as opposed to life is the way that it is, great. It is the divine purpose of the universe unfolding and it\’s happening to support my expansion. Pretty cool perspective I think. Hi, Angela. Thank you. Hey, Charmaine, great to have you here again. So, I\’m wanting to give you some of these broad philosophical perspectives that I live my life through because I would like to think that what life is about is, life is about a lot of different things, but I\’d like to suggest that life is about empowerment. Life is about consciousness. Life is about us recognising that we are the creators of our destiny. We are the authors of our life. We are the director, the actor, the producer of our own movie, and in each and every moment in this life, we have the conscious ability to choose every single element of our life at every single moment. Now, this is a powerful concept, because if we can truly be present and connected and aligned and consciously choosing every single decision of our life in every single moment, we are 100% empowered. Now, the moment we stop making decisions that are based out of when we\’re disconnected, when we\’re not aligned, when we\’re not connected, when we\’re making decisions based out of ego and overthinking, as opposed to trusting ourself and really trusting that internal guidance is coming through. When we\’re able to identify when we are conscious and when we are not conscious, that\’s the starting point of this whole thing. So, if you probably haven\’t already gathered by now my philosophy of living is we want to be as empowered, and that\’s my ultimate word, is empowerment, we want to be empowered as we go through this life. We\’ve got to identify what are the patterns, what are the habits, what are the beliefs, what is the programming in this computational system that we\’ve grown up with, that we\’ve been conditioning to receiving to this moment in time through all the moments in our life, that is producing our results in life? Now, this is just a reality. This is just a universal truth. Our results in our life right now, our external results, the things that we\’re observing in our external reality, it\’s nothing more than a reflection of our internal state of being about internal perspectives, our knowledge, our skill, our ability. It\’s all the internal functions and facets of ourself that we are just simply embodying and then projecting into the world. If we have the particular result in our reality that we don\’t particularly like, the only person that we can actually look at to take responsibility for that is ourselves. So, if we have some facet our our life that we\’re not happy with, or that we\’re not satisfied with, there\’s only one person to look at and that\’s ourselves. So, again, this is another perspective that I\’ve got is that absolutely every single result and non result, every single scenario, every single thing in my reality that I\’m experiencing, is I\’ve created it. I\’ve created it. By me taking on that perspective and having that belief that I have manifested and created this, including the stuff that I love and including the stuff that I don\’t love, by me having the perspective of I\’ve created it, this is my reality, I\’m responsible for creating all of it, I\’m empowered because I can now say great, I\’ve created this. Now, that\’s empowering because it means if I don\’t like something, it means I\’ve created it. So, if I want to change it, it\’s up to me. If it is to be, it\’s up to me. It\’s up to no one else to change my reality other than me. Yes, there\’s a lot of other people that can come into my reality and there\’s a lot of other people that can come into my life and support that, and I certainly encourage that as one of the beautiful features of being part of this reality is seeking out mentors and people that can help you and support you in terms of creating that reality. Ultimately though, I believe it\’s a far more empowering perspective to say look, at the end of the day, whatever we\’ve created in life, we\’ve created it. And have gratitude for that. Have acceptance of that. Acknowledge that, and then say great, and I would like to change it. And I would like to move it from that, instead of making this decision, I would like to make a new decision. Instead of having this habit, I would like to now have this habit. Instead of having these beliefs over here, I would like to have these more empowering beliefs over here. So again, skill, knowledge, experience, habits, beliefs, values, actions, all these things we need to get very, very curious in terms of looking at whatever we\’ve created in our external reality, we are responsible. Now, I believe that\’s empowerment, and we can have gratitude for that, and then we can see that as actually a really positive thing. Great, I\’ve created my results. Excellent. If I want to create different results, great. What\’s the dial of my mind? What\’s the way in being that I don\’t need to shift so that I get better results? So, that\’s another perspective. Another perspective that I have which is in addition to gratitude is looking at absolutely everything that unfolds as being in the best interest of me. All right, so again, these are just perspectives, these are beliefs, these are the frames. Hey, Alcea. I\’m not sure how to pronounce your name, you might have to give me a phonetic pronunciation, but good to have you here. The perspective that I have of everything that unfolds in my life is it\’s meant to be. Now, that\’s not from a perspective of complacency like oh well, it just didn\’t happen, nevermind, I\’m just going to give up; it\’s a-ha, okay, that reality unfolding for a particular purpose and as a result of some expression or some experience that I was meant to gain from it. Great. I\’m going to celebrate that. I\’m going to acknowledge that. I\’m going to appreciate that. Have gratitude for that. Great. That was the way it was meant to go. And do I want that to continue? That\’s the ultimate question is when a result occurs, you can then reflect and go okay, am I satisfied with that? Or would I like to change it? And then you approach it again. Would I like to change it? Will I accept it or do I want to change it? And you keep going, you keep going until you create the reality that you desire. That\’s life. So, every single moment in my life I have the belief, and again I\’m happy to be deluded, but I have the convenient assumption, the belief, the perspective, the philosophy, that absolutely 100% of everything that\’s unfolding in my life is meant to be. Now, this doesn\’t necessarily mean that it\’s predetermined or that I don\’t have choice. This is simply that everything in my life that\’s happened, great. I have acceptance of that. I have no resistance to what just happened. I\’ve accepted what happened because it happened, it happened and I just believe that it happened because it was meant to happen, and I\’ve moved on. I don\’t hold onto regret, I don\’t hold on to resistance, to resentment, to what if, what could have happened. It\’s like, no, I have the belief, and again I\’ve brainwashed myself in having this belief that everything that\’s unfolding is divine. Everything that\’s happening is meant to be. Everything that is unfolding in my experience, I\’ve created it. So, these are all real, I believe, these are really empowering beliefs which override suffering. Me, I\’m all about hacking our consciousness. I\’m all about overriding suffering. I\’m all about transforming our thinking so that we can be the most empowered, the highest level of conscious being we possibly can. That\’s my perspective. I\’m just sharing my perspectives of how I view my reality. I\’ll give you another perspective of what I\’ve tuned into and what I\’ve chosen to belief. Hi, Bill, good to see you. Hey, Charmaine, thank you. Another perspective that I have, what\’s another one? It just came to me and it just flew out. The other perspective I\’ve got is that every single person in my reality who triggers me, who causes, when I say causes, who evokes, when I say evokes, who\’s present to reflecting within me, something that triggers me, something that makes me feel uncomfortable, something that evokes a part of my darkness that makes me feel not necessarily comfortable, whether it be fear or anger or frustration or resentment or guilt or any experience in my life where someone has triggered me, I see them as my hero. I go, awesome. I\’ve just been triggered. I\’m now having an emotionally challenging experience right now. That\’s fantastic. You have just assisted me to illuminate one of my gaps. One of the areas where I can now improve. Thank you, I honour you. Bless you. That\’s my approach to anyone who triggers me, and it doesn\’t matter whether it\’s a president of a particular country who tweets something that\’s kind of antagonistic, doesn\’t matter if it\’s someone who\’s violent or aggressive, or it doesn\’t matter anyone in reality. It could be my best friend. It could be my parents. It could be anyone in my life. I take responsibility for that person, has illuminated something that is present within me that I haven\’t quite got worked out yet, great. Thank you for illuminating and shedding light on and bringing to my awareness; I\’ve still got some work to do. The way to knowing that we still got some work to do is if anyone or anything can ever trigger you to experience a negative emotion; we\’ve got work to do. It means we haven\’t yet reached enlightenment. Which I think is a beautiful reflection. Life is going to keep reflecting and giving us opportunities to improve until we\’re done; until we\’re perfect. Now, I don\’t know that I\’ll ever get to perfection, but I\’m totally loving the idea of this is my journey of conscious expansion. I\’m always going to be capable, or this is you and me, when I say I\’m, I\’m talking about you as well. We\’re on this journey of expansion and life is going to keep giving us every single experience that we need, that we are destined to have to expand us, to help us elevate to that highest level of consciousness. Life is going to keep giving that to us ongoingly until we take the lesson, until we take the realisation, until we get those learnings. So, I am always a student in every single moment of my life, including right now. Look, in every single moment of my life I\’m a student of recognising, great, life is going to dish up some experiences that\’s going to help me grow. Great, I wonder what they\’re going to be. And then at the end of my day, what I do is I reflect and this is a process that I recommend every single one of you guys do, is that at the end of every single day, and I\’ve mentioned this before and I might be sounding like a broken record but I don\’t care, every single day, you want to be reflecting on your day. You want to be acknowledging what took place, what emotional challenges did you have? What limiting beliefs did you have? What fears did you have? What resistance? What judgement ? What are these limitations that we experience on a daily basis? Once we\’re able to have awareness of any of those limitations, we can put in our agenda to smash through those limitations. Completely smash through them. We cannot overcome what we have no awareness of. We cannot overcome what we have no awareness of. So, at the end of every day you simply got to be documenting what were the challenges. What were those experiences that were uncomfortable and where were you limited. Where were your limitations and as soon as you can acknowledge those and become aware of them, you are now empowered to become a master creator, because you now have an awareness of a-ha, that was the road block. A-ha, that was the hand brake. A-ha, that was that little fear. Ah, that was that belief that was holding you back. When you become aware of every single one of those and you document it and you now put on your agenda to break through you now become and absolute weapon. You become a super human because you\’re now on a daily basis; you are doing the work. You are, and it\’s just a function of time. It becomes a function of time. If you do that work, if you document this and if you then also come up with a plan of righty-o, these are my limitations, what are we going to do tomorrow to overcome them? If you consciously reflect on that process and you do that daily, you will make more progress in a year, than someone will make in a lifetime. I\’ll say that again, if you go through that process of constantly reflecting on all of your limitations every single day and I recommend you block out a half and hour period at the end of your day where you\’re reflecting on your day, how did you do, how did you perform, what were you grateful for, where are the areas that you can improve, right? What were your learnings, what were the realisations, what were the limits, what were the fears, what were the judgements. If you spend half an hour every single day documenting, becoming aware of and then creating a resolution for how are you going to approach your life differently every single day, you will achieve more, you\’ll grow, you\’ll expand, you\’ll achieve more empowerment in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime. And that\’s just a fact, that\’s a reality. That\’s in my experience, in my own personal experience, in my own life, in the clients that I work with, that\’s just a function of how life works. The more that you check in, the more you review your life, the more conscious thinking you have, the more reflection, the more self-assessment you do, the more empowered you become because you become aware of your limitations. Now, a lot of people, they only do their self reflection once a year. They might do it at New Year\’s Eve. They might go, oh great, how did I go this year? Did I achieve my goals? They might do a check-in on the 31st of December. How did you go? Now, if you do that check-in every single night of every single day for the rest of your life, you\’re on an exponential curve to achieving emotional, mental, emotional, spiritual mastery in this life. Simply because you\’re doing the work and you\’re reflecting to the highest degree that you can. So, these are some powerful approaches that I recommend that you adopt and have consistency in. Hey, Kate. Good to see you here. Thanks for the question, Monica. How do you list the things to reflect on? I\’ve got a few of those. Yeah, I do. I\’ve got an ongoing list. I use, the software that I actually use is called Evernote. Evernote is, you can get it on your phone, you can get it on your laptop. Evernote\’s great. So, what I do is I use Evernote and I have different notes folders. So, any time I have some sort of trigger, some sort of negative emotional experience, something that I become aware of that I need to work on, it goes in my Evernote, and it now goes in my agenda, it goes in my agenda to now, this is something I\’ve got to work on. I am fully consciously aware of all of, I\’m aware of the limitations that I\’m aware of, and I\’m constantly working on them. There isn\’t a week that goes by in my year where I\’m not reflecting back on all of my journaling for the week, and I reflect at the end of my week, and go, righty-o, how did I go? What were all my reflections, learnings, and then I\’ll go how was my week? So, that list of things for reflect on is always expanding. Now, some things I start, some things I uncover, I understand, and I deal with them. I resolve and dissolve them, and then once that\’s resolved and dissolved, I expand myself; I push myself even further. I start moving quicker. I start lifting bigger weights, and then all of a sudden life is going to present even bigger challenges. Life is going to present to you challenges only when you actually strive for something. So, you will find that limitations appear when you set a major goal or a major challenge for yourself. If you want, life can be really easy. If you just want to sit on the couch for the rest of your life and just watch Netflix and just live a really, really simple life, life can be really, really easy. If you want an easy life, do that. All right. If you want to evolve, and you want to become the greatest version of yourself, I recommend setting really tough challenges for yourself. I recommend that because you\’re going to expand and you\’re going to grow and you\’re going to become the ultimate, most empowered, most consciously aware version of you. The degree to which you set challenges for yourself is to the same degree that you are going to evolve and expand. I\’ll say that again. The degree to which you set really challenging, really complex tasks, goals, outcomes that are going to stretch you, that is what\’s going to accelerate your consciousness more than anything else because when you set a goal, the challenge appears. When you set a goal like I want to start a business or I want to earn an extra million dollars or I want to do this, when you set that goal in motion, what now comes up is the excuses. What now presents to you is limitation. You now become aware of the limitation when you\’re now stretching yourself for the goal. So, this is where, when you stretch yourself, this is when extra limitations will appear, and again as I said, if you don\’t want challenges, if you want an easy life, then sit on the couch and don\’t bother doing any work on yourself. Don\’t bother stretching yourself. Just plain easy, just opt for an easy life. But again, I would rather, and again, this is just my perspective on life, thank you, Monica, who wants easy, my perspective on life is the whole purpose of life is not necessarily to be easy, the purpose of life, right, is to be expansive. The purpose of life is to evolve. We\’re on this Earth, we\’re on this life for a reason which is to expand our consciousness. That\’s the journey. From the moment we\’re, here\’s the clue. From the moment we are born, we are born as a tiny little baby, and we grow. We\’re expanding. We\’re growing in our knowledge and our wisdom and our skill and experience. So, there\’s the clue. The purpose of life is to not just play it safe and just be easy, the purpose of life is to expand. The purpose of life is to elevate our conscious awareness and to be the most ultimate, purest, authentic expression of our spirit; it\’s pouring through in each and every moment. In order to get there, for some of you you might not like this news, but that\’s going to be a lifelong journey to get there. We never get to a place and we\’re done. So, this journey of expansion of consciousness, of elevating our consciousness, it\’s an ongoing journey, and it\’s one that you have to subscribe to daily just like bathing, it\’s recommended daily. This is just something that we have to accept. This is a universal truth. Is it rather growing or we\’re dying. So, you can either choose to expand and grow or you can choose to just not and just contract and just stay where you are. Now, I don\’t know about you but I like the idea of actually expanding my ability, my skill, my knowledge, my experience, and this isn\’t coming from the ego, this is coming from a place of pure contribution, of bliss, of if we get one crack at life, why wouldn\’t we want to expand and become the ultimate version of ourself. Now yes, what comes with that is a commitment to expansion. Yes, it\’s going to require courage. Yes, it requires effort. Yes, it requires pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone. Yes, it requires embracing the uncertainty that exists in this life, but you know what, the major rewards in life come to those who are willing to take a risk. Guys like Richard Branson, Elon Musk, these guys that are like playing at a whole nother level, they didn\’t get to where they got to by playing it safe. So, I would suggest life isn\’t about playing it safe, life isn\’t about necessarily feeling comfortable. Life is about expansion. Life is about growth. I would say that\’s probably a better benchmark in terms of creating fulfilment and just a greater quality of life in terms of expansion. It doesn\’t always necessarily feel good, right. So again, there is a balance here between stretching yourself but not stretching yourself too much that you\’re basically putting yourself way, way out of your comfort zone so that it\’s treacherous, so that it\’s horrifying and you\’re constantly in a state of stress, but I would say it\’s more of a, you know, you\’ve got to find that balance for, the amount that you want to stretch yourself so you\’re constantly growing, but also so it\’s an opportunity to reflect and enjoy and embrace the journey. So, there\’s a balance there about what\’s your level of comfort zone. What\’s that level of stretching of pushing yourself beyond your limitations so that you know you\’re living a life that\’s in alignment with you. So, that\’s my perspective around growth and expansion and contribution. Now, again, for me, my life is about expansion. So, I\’m always going to be pushing myself way, way out of my comfort zone. The funny thing about me is I love to be a little bit competitive. If I know that there\’s a fear, or if there\’s some kind of limitation that I\’ve got, then I\’m going to challenge myself in a very playful and very healthy way to go cool, Chris, we\’ve got a challenge here, let\’s do this. Let\’s knock this over. If I\’ve got some kind of fear, or some kind of limitation, I\’ll challenge myself to overcome that. I won\’t hide it or try and shove it under the carpet, I\’ll say, okay, I\’ve just now become aware of one of these challenges that I\’ve got, thanks, Mike. Yeah, it\’s been flowing freely. So, I\’m all about shining light into the dark areas. I\’m all about acknowledging there\’s no one\’s perfect, and we\’re never going to be perfect. I mean, geeze, if we\’re hoping to be perfect then that\’s a recipe for disaster because it\’s never going to be satisfied. Don\’t aim for perfection. I would just say aim for progress. Aim for just daily just making some progress towards becoming the most authentic expression of who and what you truly are. Now obviously, in order to keep expanding, we need to let go of what\’s not serving us. We need to let go of limiting beliefs, we need to let go of fears, we need to let go of judgement , we need to let go of limited thinking that says that we can\’t be what we\’re truly wanting to experience in this life. Hey, Monica, just got your question now. For the biggest achievement and happiness from the most challenging things after they have, let\’s see if I can click that. No, I don\’t think I can see your comment there. Sorry, Monica. I\’ll have to read that one afterwards. For me, my most, if you like, the moments where I\’ve grown the most, the moments where I\’ve had the most amount of fulfilment have always been when I\’m making a contribution. When I\’m making a difference. When I\’m running a training or a seminar and you reflect on just seeing the contribution about the gift that you can make to someone else\’s life, I believe that\’s the highest form of fulfilment. So again, you don\’t have to be a rocket surgeon to realise that there\’s a reason why the highest level of fulfilment comes from contribution, and that\’s because it\’s kind of the signature expression of what love is. To actually experience love and fulfilment is to serve, is to make a difference, is to make a contribution. It\’s to leave some kind of legacy. It\’s to make some kind of difference and to leave our mark on the world and express love and pull love into the world. Again, I would like to think that another perspective is how do we view our experience of life through the lens of love? I\’ve shared this concept before but I\’m going to drop a level deeper in terms of when you view a reality, if you\’re wearing your lenses of love, if you\’re wearing these lenses of love and you\’re viewing everything through the lens with love which is compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, all these types of values that are subsets of love, if you\’re viewing your reality through that lens you can\’t really do suffering. Same as gratitude. If you\’re viewing something through the lens of love which is bless you, I have acceptance for that, I have tolerance for that, I have forgiveness for that, I\’m connected to you, I understand you. I like to think that compassion is understanding plus love mixed together, that\’s what compassion is, understanding plus love. When we have compassion for everything that\’s unfolding we disarm, we defuse, we resolve and we dissolve all the suffering. So, if there\’s ever any suffering that\’s going on in your life, change the perspective. Look at it through the lens of love. Look at it through the lens of how is this helping me expand? What is the lesson here that I need to take on? What is the learning? What\’s the empowered learning? What\’s the new, what\’s the gift in this experience? And if you\’re asking that question in each and every moment, from moment to moment, through the rest of your life, you override suffering completely. This is the power of consciously choosing our perspective in life. So, I just want to give you a few of these perspectives through which I view my reality. I believe they\’re very, very empowering realities, and I think when we step into owning the perspective that we\’re viewing life through as I spoke about in last week\’s Facebook live, when we become conscious from moment to moment of the perspective that we\’re viewing our reality through, that is emotional mastery. That is mastery of our consciousness. That\’s how we take our life to a whole new level, because we can walk into any situation and we now choose the frame that we\’re viewing our scenario through. We now can choose love, we can choose gratitude. We can choose learning. We can choose appreciation. Or we could choose victim hood. We could choose suffering. We could choose resentment. We could choose judgement . We could choose any of those other things, right. So, we\’re going to be aware of what are we choosing. How are we choosing to view that situation in the moment. Thanks, Angela. It\’s all about the love. It\’s all about love. So, the funny thing about love is love is the universal language. Love is the, I like to do this visualisation when I\’m meditating. What I actually like to do is I like to imagine that love is this universal field of energy that\’s just pouring through space-time, this space-time continuum that we live in. I like to imagine that there\’s just literally beams of energy which is just love, just radiating and pouring through this whole reality. It\’s almost like rain that\’s pouring through. It\’s almost like radiation. You know how radiation kind of goes through us, well it\’s almost like imagine that love is actually radiating all through, and permeating through this universe. I do that meditation and I recommend that you guys do that as well. As you close your eyes, and imagine that love is just permeating through absolutely everything at all moments in time. And it always has been, and it always will continue to. And what you\’re able to then do is you\’re able to infuse love through absolutely every part of your experience. So, that way, the good, the bad, the ugly, you can now view it as the perspective of love. It is the fabric of that experience, the fabric of this reality is love. So, again, this is a little visualisation tool and a mindset hack and maybe a little spiritual perspective if you like, that helps us hack our reality, helps us transform whatever we\’re experiencing and seeing it as love unfolding. Having compassion for it, having awareness, having acceptance. All right, blessing it. Having gratitude for it. When you see everything unfolding through the lens of love, you become a master creator. You override suffering and you tap into something far more powerful than just the physical, because we\’re now accessing a deeper universal truth. That\’s my, I just want to share those perspectives with you guys. I think they\’re really, really empowering perspectives. I think they\’re great belief systems and they help us to step outside the limitations of the ego, of our natural human default programming, and they help us become more limitless. They help us become more empowered and remember the infinite power that we have behind all this. So, I\’m going to leave it at that guys. Thank you guys so much for tuning in tonight. Thanks, Angela. Thanks, Jay. Thanks, Monica. Thanks, Mike. Thanks all you guys for tuning in. And I look forward to seeing you guys again next Tuesday for more insights, more life hacks, business hacks. How do we elevate our consciousness? How do we take life to a whole new level? So, I\’m going to keep it short and sweet. As always, lots of love. Wishing you guys an amazing week. Next week, I\’ll be coming to you live from Tasmania so looking forward to seeing you guys then. As always, much love, and I\’ll see you guys again very soon. Ciao for now.

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