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How to achieve any goal!

Guys there is a science to achieving your goals. Here is a checklist I created that you can follow to achieve any goal!

How to achieve any goal!

  • Goal: What is the goal? Clearly defined and measureable in time, space and form.
  • Desire: What will the goal give you? Create a compelling vision, cultivate inspiration for what you want. Get clear on your “Why?”.
  • Obstacles: What are the obstacles in the way of achieving your goal?
  • Learning: Get Educated (by either a mentor, expert or coach) on the strategy and steps you don’t know about or how to get around the obstacles.
  • Strategy: Create a plan. What are the steps to achieve that goal? (Still don’t know the steps? Go back to step 4)
  • Talents: What talents do you need to cultivate, improve and master?
  • Association: What people, things and environment do you need to surround yourself with to support you achieving the goal?
  • Action: Take massive, consistent action towards the plan
  • Feedback: Am I getting the results I want? Modify the plan if the strategy is not producing the results by going back to step 4.
  • Celebrate: Acknowledge your small wins along the way by rewarding yourself.

Let’s work through an example:

  • Goal: to lose 20 kg’s to be at your ideal weight, to eliminate on junk food, alcohol and caffeine from my diet by the 31st Dec 2016.
  • Desire: This is will give me better health, greater vitality, a longer life, better sex drive, more stamina, more energy, better physique, more confidence, “I will feel more attractive”, “I will be a better role model to my friends/kids”, “I will feel like I am taking control of my life”, etc. Focus on what being unhealthy is costing me in quality of life and reduced life span.
  • Obstacles: Laziness, doubt, lack of self belief, negative associations to fitness, limiting beliefs around fitness and health being difficult and painful, inconsistency, delayed gratification effect.
  • Learning: Consult topics of health/fitness/nutrition/mindset on how to become inspired to lose weight, eat healthier food and be healthy. Learn how to master will power, inspiration, motivation, determination, and setting up a consistent routine. Look at documentaries, books, training, seminars, podcasts. Hire an expert such as coach, personal trainer, or mentor, who already has the results you are looking for.
  • Strategy: Develop a health plan, considering exercise, and nutrition, keep a food diary, join a gym/bootcamp, get an accountability fitness partner, find ways to make health and fitness fun and inspiring. Develop a schedule of expected actions and results. Allocate time in calendar each day to a specific task. Have target body weight and size to track progress against your schedule.
  • Talents: Create and cultivate a strong willpower and mindset around ritual/routine for staying fit and healthy, revisit the desire by visualizing the goal as if has already happened.
  • Association: Surround yourself with heathy inspiring, goal orientated, positive, upbeat people who will hold you accountable.
  • Action: Implement strategy and keep going until you reach your goal. And Hold yourself accountable to the highest standards.
  • Feedback: Track progress (body weight and dimensions), check health vital signs, energy levels, etc. If obstacles/roadblocks/challenges appear ask for help and go back to step 4 and redo process.
  • Celebrate: Celebrate progress by rewarding yourself with something special. F*‪#‎k‬ yeah!! You’ve smashed this! What’s the next goal?

Straightforward? Yes. Easy? No! It takes hard work, and you have to get off your arse!

Success is a science. Follow these success principles, and get the results.

It is incredibly simple, but it takes Action.

Go forth and make it happen!


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