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In life you get what you are willing to tolerate.

We teach others how we want to be treated. Therefore we create our relationships based on what we tolerate. If we want better results in our relationships we have to start taking responsibility for the part we have played in creating the dynamics of our relationships. It’s not about blaming anyone, it’s about getting real with where things are at and actually giving a f*#k‬ about our relationships. We need to put in the effort to develop our self-awareness, courage and compassion to do whatever it takes to upgrade our relationships so that become full love and affinity. The highest levels of joy, happiness and love in life are created through deep connection and fulfilling relationships with others.

Reflection exercise:

  1. In which relationships are you tolerating mediocrity by only having a surface level connection?
  2. Which important relationships in your life have you let deteriorate?
  3. What qualities do you need to bring to your relationships in order to re-establish depth and connection?
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